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Friday Five – November 14th – Cold Weather Running Tips

Its hard to believe how quickly its gotten cold outside!  Hearing about how much snow that areas of the country have gotten, and seeing images of sleet and snow on the DC area weather report last night makes me a … Continue reading

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Reflecting on My Past Half Marathon Training

As I’m working on finalizing the details of my Shamrock training plan, I’ve been thinking about what worked (and what didn’t work) when I trained for my past three half marathons.  Looking back on all three of my past half … Continue reading

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The Battle of Our Bodies vs. Our Minds

As runners, we’re often reminded that running is just as much mental as it is physical, that tackling those long runs and increasing our mileage is just as much an endurance test of our own mental stamina as it is … Continue reading

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Lessons Learned From Half Marathon Training

Since I made the decision back in March to start running and to train to run the Disney World Half Marathon, I have learned quite a bit about running and about myself.  Although attending graduate school while working full time … Continue reading

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Surviving Long Treadmill Runs

I’ll admit it – I hate being cold.  I’ll go as far as to say I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to winter.  You’d think that after living in Illinois and having to face cold and windy … Continue reading

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Finding The Perfect Glass Slipper (aka Why You Should Be Fit For Running Shoes)

About two months ago (yes, I know, this should have been written long ago!), Preston and I were fit for running shoes.  This is something that Preston and I had talked about doing for quite some time, but for one … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Runner’s Guide

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