Friday Updates – November 16th Edition

Wow, its been quite awhile since I last blogged, hasn’t it?  There has just been so much going on lately that its been near impossible to find time to sit down and write.  What’s been keeping me so busy and what’s been going on?

1.  I’ve been battling a chest cold since shortly after arriving home from the Chicago Marathon.  Yes, that was 5 weeks ago!  Being sick hasn’t interfered too much with my daily routine, minus the few occasions that the chest congestion has resulted in me losing my voice.  The one afternoon that I lost my voice in the middle of class was really fun….not!

2.  Being sick has meant that I haven’t run once since Chicago.  Not once.  I have been doing some exercise, mainly in the form of cross training and strength training, but I know that my lungs have been too filled and too heavy to be able to effectively run.  I feel like I’m finally on the mend, so hopefully a run will be in my near future.  Fingers crossed!

Super sweaty during a weight training session at the gym last month

3.  Because I haven’t been able to run, I’m nowhere close to halfway with my November mileage goal, despite the fact that its now the halfway point in the month.  Because I’m so far behind with my monthly goal, and consequently my yearly mileage goal, I’m starting to doubt whether I will be able to reach 1,200 miles this year.  I suppose anything can happen, but I’m also trying to be realistic.  That doesn’t mean that I’m giving up on my goal, but I’m also just trying to be honest with myself.

4.  Yesterday, on November 15th, I had my first snow day of the season.  We saw nearly every type of precipitation possible yesterday, starting with snow, then sleet, and lastly freezing rain.

I cannot believe that this was what my deck looked like yesterday!

5.  In addition to being sick, one of the other reasons why I’ve struggled to find the time to sit down and write has been because my side business, Kathryn’s Clearance Closet, has been keeping me super busy.  I participated in my first big consignment sale last Saturday, and my online presence has been growing much faster than I could have anticipated.  Its been a good busy, its also kept me away from my blog.

All set up for my first big sale!

QOTD: What’s been going on in your world lately?  Have you seen any snow yet this season?

I’m linking up with Fairytales and Fitness for the Friday Link Up.  Thanks Lacey and Meranda for hosting the link up!

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14 Responses to Friday Updates – November 16th Edition

  1. chaitali says:

    Oh wow, sorry you’ve been sick for so long! I hope you’re back to 100% soon 🙂 The weather yesterday really was surprising. I wasn’t expecting quite so much snow before Thanksgiving.

  2. Karen :0) says:

    Sorry you’ve been so sick! I’m in the same boat with you and am finally feeling better. This “gunk” has just dragged on and on! Congrats on your growing business! That’s so exciting!!

  3. Hope you are feeling better soon!
    I’ve barely been blogging and running as well. Though I just renewed my blog for another year, it’s going to take a different direction then in previous years of blogging all the time. Life happens!

  4. That stinks that you’ve been sick all that time. I love how you’ve ventured out into something new with that side business of yours! I’ve sold some things on Poshmark this Fall and hope to do more but no where near a business…haha. Thanks for linking up with us. It’s nice to catch up with you. And oh, we had a snow day today. I can’t believe the East Coast got his so hard so early in the season! -M

  5. Lesley says:

    I hope you feel better soon! I was following the storm yesterday since I have family in the DC area. We’ve gotten a couple snow storms in Denver, and then it melts. It takes a lot for schools to have a snow day here.

  6. Wow, that’s a lot of snow for so early in the year! We’ve had a couple days with snow in Chicago, but so far nothing has stuck (at least not in the city). Hope you start feeling 100% very soon!

  7. Getting sick this time of year (I think) is especially tricky. The weather gets real cold and damp, then there will be a few “warm” days…and then it gets freezing cold again. It’s hard to dress appropriately, and just when your body acclimates to one temp, everything changes LOL

  8. Cari says:

    Hope you’re starting to feel better. Seems like many have had a lingering bug this season.
    Congrats on the growth of your side business
    Mother NAture. Argh. We did too

  9. Coco says:

    Gosh I hope you feel better. That snow day was crazy. I got to work before it started and drove home in the rain.

  10. says:

    It seems like everyone has been sick! I hope you are feeling better soon, rest up and make sure to hydrate well!!

  11. Liz Dexter says:

    Sorry about the cold, how awful! I had a month-long one in the spring that really knocked me out. Hope you’re on the proper mend soon.

  12. Sorry to hear you have been dealing with illness! I hope it all goes away soon!
    The snow looks beautiful! We actually had tiny snow flurries in Houston on Tuesday, followed by a week of chilly weather!
    Glad to hear your business is going well!

  13. I’m always amazed at how race training can just give your immune system a major beating. I ended up with a cold a few days after my last half but thankfully fought it off pretty quickly. Hit up that green tea and honey!!

  14. Farrah says:

    I hope you feel completely better soon! I haven’t exactly been sick but just feeling exhausted all the time so I unfortunately haven’t been working out as much either. :[

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