Chicago Marathon Training Log – Week 14

On October 7th I will be running the Chicago Marathon as a member of Team Ronald McDonald House Charities.  Please consider visiting my fundraising page and supporting this worthy cause.  Thanks!

Life rarely goes as we’d like for it to, and overcoming obstacles will make us stronger in the long run.  Last week I faced just that, and although it meant that I was unable to run or otherwise train from Thursday-Sunday, and also meant that I had to skip my long run for the week, I’m trying to remain optimistic that it won’t set me back for Chicago in just under a month.

I constantly remind myself, and last week especially, that I’m running Chicago in memory of my friend Tammy who herself faced an uphill battle in her fight against cancer.  But she refused to give up, which is incredibly inspirational and a constant reminder for me in my marathon training.  Life isn’t perfect, and we’re all faced with challenges that we have to overcome, but its how we handle and respond to those challenges that is most important.

Last week my training was put to the test, but I refuse to let it stop me from doing what I need to do to get to the start line on October 7th.

Monday, September 3rd

Labor Day was an incredibly busy yet productive one at my house.  Little man and I started the day off with a 5 mile stroller run, followed by a 0.86 mile cool down walk.  That afternoon my husband and I spent a couple of hours cleaning up the garage and doing some yard work.  I was quite active during my day off from work.

I loved having my little coach yell “Go Mommy Go!” during Monday’s run. It helped distract me from the 100% humidity.

Tuesday, September 4th

After school I headed to the gym for a workout.  While there I spent 35 minutes on the elliptical and followed that up with 40 minutes of full body weight training.  I felt incredible strong as I walked out of the gym that day.

Wednesday, September 5th

Yet another afternoon with the heat index reaching over 100 degrees resulted in another afternoon run on the treadmill.  After running a strong 5 miles I completed another half mile cool down walk.  Just like I had felt on Tuesday, I felt great throughout my workout.  It had been a great confidence building run and I wish that every run could feel the way that my run on Wednesday did.

Feeling great at the end of my Wednesday evening run

Thursday, September 6th

Thursday was when my week turned completely around.  After an incredibly active three days, Thursday had been the start of not being able to work out for the rest of the week.  I wound up sick, and actually went home early from school on Thursday.  I’m usually somebody who tries to push through and tough it out when sick, so to admit that I needed to go home mid-day was a tough pill to swallow.  I spent the rest of my Thursday relaxing and napping on the couch.

Friday, September 7th-Sunday, September 9th

I was too tired and too weak the rest of the week to be able to work out.  Even though I hated the fact that I didn’t work out for four days in a row, including having to skip my long run, I know that it was the right decision.  While it means that I missed logging some critical miles just one month out from the marathon, my body was screaming for the rest, and I needed to listen to it.  Despite wanting to have pushed through working out during our recent heatwave, which included numerous days in a row of excessive heat warnings, its clear that my body was not up to that challenge.  I know that I’ll need to take it easy this week as I try to start running again, and that it will be important that I not push myself too hard too quickly if I’m going to run a marathon in a mere 28 days.

Total Weekly Mileage – 14.31 miles (4.19 miles less than week 13)

Total Chicago Mileage – 364.77 miles

QOTD: How do you overcome training setbacks?

I’m linking up with Holly from HoHo Runs and Wendy from Taking the Long Way Home for the Weekly Wrap link up.  Be sure to check out their posts as well.

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39 Responses to Chicago Marathon Training Log – Week 14

  1. kookyrunner says:

    You’ve been training so hard so definitely do not beat yourself up over having to miss a few days of workouts. It’s much better to rest and help your body fight off whatever illness it has. I hope that you are feeling better!

  2. Karen :0) says:

    I promise you’re going to be 100% ok for the marathon! You’ve done great so far and had a lot of training miles under your belt. I’m glad you made the smart and right choice to listen to your body and rest. Hope you are feeling better!! 🙂

  3. Chaitali says:

    It definitely sounds like your body needed some recovery time! I hope you’re feeling better this week 🙂 That’s funny the week started out with 100 degree days and ended up rainy and cool. The weather has been so variable this Summer.

  4. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets says:

    You did a great job this past week – try not to be so hard on yourself for missing a few workouts. You are very well trained and in the long run those missed miles won’t hurt you. Getting the rest and recovery you need is most important, and you made the right choice!

  5. Cari says:

    Hope you’re starting to feel better. The relentless heat & humidity seems to have zapped everyone. Your little coach is adorable!

  6. Lesley says:

    I don’t like admitting I’m sick either. I needed a sick day last week because I had no energy, and stuff is already starting to go around. It’s so important to take care of ourselves when we need it.

  7. Organic Runner Mom says:

    even when life gets in the way we can still meet our goals. Sometimes it ends up being a blessing in disguise.

  8. Allie Burdick says:

    New here! Found your blog through the link up and I have to agree with everyone else – you will be fine!! I’ve run enough marathons to know that missing a long run (or two) will not affect your training at this point. I’m really excited for you because I’ve always wanted to run Chicago AND you’re doing it for such a great cause. Nothing will stop you!

  9. Oh no! Such a bummer about getting sick 😦 You definitely made the right decision by taking the rest of the week off. I don’t know what kind of sick you got (sinus vs. stomach – no need to share details if you don’t want to!), but for what it’s worth, I got stomach sick during week 13 last year. I missed a seven mile run and an 18 mile run that week (oof), cut an eight mile run short to four miles the following week, AND cut my makeup 18 miler short to twelve (which was shorter than the 14 I was supposed to run that weekend). I never felt like I got back on track training-wise for the rest of the season, and I was definitely really panicked about it. I was much slower for the rest of training than I had been before I was sick (it also got really hot at the end of September, which didn’t help), and I was so discouraged and worried that the marathon was going to be a total bust. It ended up being the best marathon I’ve had! It wasn’t a PR, but I felt strong from the moment I crossed the start line until the moment I crossed the finish line. I never hit the wall and felt great the entire time. Obviously I don’t think I had the race of my life *because* I got sick, but I’m telling you about that to hopefully reassure you that getting sick, even late in the season, doesn’t have to *keep* you from having the race of your life. Your marathon is the culmination of ALL of your training, not the result of the days that didn’t go according to plan. Keep taking care of yourself, and don’t freak out if things feel a little harder this week than you expected them to – that’s totally normal while you’re recovering! Sending you lots of positive thoughts!

  10. runswithpugs says:

    Ugh. I hope you’re feeling better. Those back to school germs can be formidable enemies and I don’t blame you for going home to rest. I keep pumping us full of Vitamin C in the hopes of keeping our immune systems boosted. Fingers crossed.

    You are at a point in your training where you will be able to pick up right where you left off. Not to worry. You’ve totally got this.

  11. Coco says:

    I’m sorry you got sick. My husband has been sidelined since Friday and that’s very unusual for him. You’ve still got time to recover and ramp up for Chicago – hopefully by then the weather will settle down!

  12. Recovery time is SO much more important than pushing through when your body isn’t feeling great. I’m just tapering for my 7th marathon, and believe me it’s true! Every training cycle has bumps in the road.

  13. Wendy says:

    You have to listen to your body, first and foremost. I truly believe that marathon plans have built in insurance…if you can’t do a few runs, you are still going to be fine. I ran Big Sur on almost no running–it’s funny how it works. You got this!

  14. To echo what everyone else has said, a few extra rest days will not derail the entire training cycle you’ve had. The miles are paramount, no doubt, but even more important is your endurance…and you’ve built that up over the course of the past several months.

  15. so sorry that you were not feeling well. You are super consistent w your training and a few missed runs are not going to make a difference. You will bounce back this week and be just fine.

  16. Always smarter to listen to your body when you’re sick and give it the rest it needs. I’m sure you’ll be able to jump back into your training – you can do it!

  17. Liz Dexter says:

    Oh dear! You’ve got a good base you’ve been working from and have had some great runs, and that will get you through, you’ve definitely got this. I came back from falling over a dog and cracking a rib and from an operation to run comfortable marathons – both times I was a little undertrained, but that’s better than being overtrained and exhausted going into it.

    “I wish that every run could feel the way that my run on Wednesday did.” – hopefully writing that down will help you remember that feeling and tap into it when you need to in the race.

    Youv’e got this!

  18. debolton says:

    Sometimes we have to slow down so we can speed up. At least thats what I have to tell myself with rest takes precedence over work. Hope thes restvwas just what you needed to push forward.

  19. HoHo Runs says:

    Resting when your not feeling well is more important than logging miles. Echoing what everyone has said, you’ve had a great training cycle and have logged plenty of miles. Just move forward and don’t stress over it. You’ll have a great marathon. Thanks for linking!

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