Chicago Marathon Training Log – Week 4

On October 7th I will be running the Chicago Marathon as a member of Team Ronald McDonald House Charities.  Please consider visiting my fundraising page and supporting this worthy cause.  Thanks!

If I had to choose a theme song for this past week, it would be Buster Poindexter’s “Hot Hot Hot”.  I’ve lost count of how many days in a row we’ve been under a heat advisory, and the high heat and humidity is forecasted to continue this week.

Although the extremely hot weather made it more challenging to get all of my workouts in, I somehow managed to workout every single day last week.  I’m not sure that I’ve ever worked out seven days in a row before, but boy did it feel good to sweat everyday.

Monday, June 25th

After driving to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware that morning with little man and my sister, I decided that after sitting in the car for several hours to go for a powerwalk on the beach.  Exercising in the sand is anything but easy, but it felt good to walk just over two miles barefoot in the sand.

The beautiful Atlantic Ocean was my backdrop for a two mile powerwalk.

Tuesday, June 26th

Since my sister was willing to hang out at the hotel with little man and help him eat breakfast, I was able to escape for a run.  Despite having heavy legs as well as a huge blister on the bottom of one of my toes, there was no way that I could pass up the opportunity to run at the beach.  After my run I completed a 1.63 mile walk.

What isn’t there to love about running at the beach?!?

After my run we checked out of the hotel, spent the rest of the morning at the beach, and then started the drive home at lunchtime.  It was a short and sweet overnight trip to the beach, but any time with my toes in the sand is better than none at all.  Sadly, during the drive home we had to drop my sister off at the airport.  It was great to have her visit with us for a week and a half.

Wednesday, June 27th

Wednesday evening I met my husband in the parking lot at the gym after he was done with work for the day, where we passed off little man from one parent to the other so that I could get a gym workout in.  I spent 30 minutes on the elliptical and followed my cardio workout up with 30 minutes of full body weight training.

Thursday, June 28th

Little man joined me for a very hot Thursday evening run.  Nothing about running with the stroller in 91 degree heat was easy, but I felt quite accomplished after running five miles.

Its hard to smile after running 5 miles in the heat.

Friday, June 29th

Little man and I kicked off our Friday with an early morning walk to the grocery store.  Two and a half miles later we arrived back home with the bottom of the stroller filled with fresh food.

Saturday, June 30th

With a heat advisory in place, I knew that it would be essential to get out the door for my run as early as possible in order to avoid completing my long run on the treadmill.  Despite getting out earlier than usual on a Saturday morning, it was already 81 degrees when I finished my 10 miles.  I felt strong during the majority of my run, but the heat and hills definitely started taking their toll on me during the last three miles.  I’m quite proud of the fact that my average pace for my run was 11:03, especially given how hot and humid it was that morning and the fact that this was my first double digit run since April.  After my run I walked another mile to get back home.

One of the goals for last week’s long run: find as many shaded sidewalks as possible.

Sunday, July 1st

I wanted to kick off the new month on a strong note, and did so off with a gym workout, which consisted of 30 minutes on the elliptical followed by 30 minutes of weight training.

Total Weekly Mileage – 32.56 miles (6.12 miles more than week 3)

Total Chicago Marathon Mileage – 101.08 miles

QOTD: How hot is it in your area?

I’m linking up with Holly from HoHo Runs and Wendy from Taking the Long Way Home for the Weekly Wrap link up.  Be sure to check out their posts as well.

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47 Responses to Chicago Marathon Training Log – Week 4

  1. kookyrunner says:

    You had an awesome week of workouts! Kudos to you for getting in activity everyday despite the crazy heat last week. I really hope that the heatwave will end this week!

  2. Wendy says:

    What a summer to be training for a marathon! It was hot during one of my marathon trainings–I remember getting up before the sun to get my runs in. You’re doing amazing!

  3. runeatralph says:

    I LOVE running at the beach. I tried to run barefoot once and won’t do it again though. Foot chafing is real.

    Congrats on getting back to double digits!

  4. Lesley says:

    Even walking on the beach is hard! Sounds like a great week in the heat. It’s warmed up here, and though we were supposed to get a front Saturday, this weekend was toasty both days.

  5. That beach looks perfect! Right now we are hitting 90’s which doesn’t seem too bad to me, but I like the heat. We haven’t been hot as usual yet this summer.

  6. Stephanie says:

    It looks like you had an awesome week of running! It is hot here in Iowa, 90’s and very humid, yucky!

  7. Chaitali says:

    Sounds like a great week! The trip to the beach sounds like a nice break, even though it was hot there too. It seems like there’s no escape from the heat.

  8. Liz Dexter says:

    Excellent week: well done! The trip to the beach sounds lovely. It’s only in the 80s here in the UK but pretty humid and we are just not used to it!

  9. Busy week! I love all that sand walking…it’s not just a power walk,but a full-body workout!

  10. Darlene says:

    Congrats on your big run.

    Tough summer to train for a marathon. I am happy that I don’t even have a half until Sept.

    We currently have a heat wave. The hottest it’s been in years.

  11. Oh man, high five to you for getting five miles done with a stroller! That sounds like no joke! The weather was less-than-pleasant in Chicago all weekend (it was 80 when I woke up for my long run on Saturday…at 4:30 in the morning), but we have a little bit of relief today. Of course, it’s only for today before we go back into the 90s, but I’ll take what I can get at this point. Good work getting everything in despite the weather!

  12. I cannot believe you are doing 10 milers in this heat and with the stroller too?! I am really dying out there lately

  13. AJ says:

    Good for you! 7 Days in a row in heat is amazing!

  14. You had such a strong week! And congrats on returning to double digits!

  15. you did amazing Kathryn! the heat is just such a killer! we are WARM here but high 80’s. everyone is complaining and I”m like “meh, it’s ok” hahaha! anyway, well done, not only on that stroller run (definitely hard I can imagine) but your double digit run on Saturday! You are one week ahead of me on marathon training but your race is in October right? are you doing an18 week plan? 20? I’m on a 16 week plan and just starting week 4 with an amazing rest day haha!

  16. Coco says:

    I am so jealous of your escape to Rehoboth – that’s my favorite! I can’t imagine running with a stroller in this heat. Yikes. I hope it breaks soon.

  17. Denise says:

    Our weather has been pretty mild but it will be hot soon enough. Great job on the 10 miles! I love running at the beach!

  18. HoHo Runs says:

    Congrats on a strong double digit run, especially in this heat! I know you enjoyed your sister’s visit. Mine is visiting soon. We only get too see each other a couple of times a year so we always cram a lot of activity into a few days. Thanks for linking!

  19. rach says:

    It’s so hot everywhere – I’m not sad that I don’t have to do any real long runs for a little while. Nice job getting your miles in!

  20. Michelle says:

    You were in my old stomping grounds! I grew up in southern Delaware and Rehoboth was our beach. Looks like you had a great time!

  21. This heat has been nothing short of oppressive. I got out for a few runs this past week and they were brutal. Good for you getting your daily workouts in! You will do amazing at Chicago!

  22. Karen :0) says:

    Awesome job this week!! That beach run sounds so nice! Ugh the heat. It’s ridiculous down here too. Most days the temps are “fees like” 100+. I do love summer but it’s not fun to run in!

  23. I am so excited for this training cycle for you! I know you are going to crush it!

    It’s stupid hot here, too. I would love to have it ease up but I know that won’t be for a while. Keep getting after it!

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