Princess Half Marathon Training Log – Week 9

After finishing my last double digit training run last Sunday, it was nice to have a lower intensity training schedule this past week, especially since I started the week off not feeling well and needing to take some extra rest days.  As the week went on I started to put my packing list together, and yesterday afternoon starting putting the first couple of things aside to eventually put into my suitcase.

Monday, February 12th

Monday afternoon after school I had a chiropractor appointment, and by the time I arrived home just prior to dinner I was incredibly run down.  I was very worried that it was the start of me getting sick, but thankfully I felt a tad better the next morning.  I wasn’t feeling 100% better, but well enough to still go to work.

Tuesday, February 13th

Since I still wasn’t feeling completely myself by the time I arrived home from school I decided that spending another afternoon and evening resting was a better option than trying to push myself to exercise.  With me heading down to Disney Thursday evening for Princess weekend, I did not have time to risk getting sick.

Wednesday, February 14th

I felt much better by Wednesday morning, and after school on Wednesday headed straight to the gym.  I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears when I walked into the locker room around 4:30 to change my clothes.  The news was on the TV in the locker room, and the coverage of the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida was getting underway.  I was in shock, and decided to dedicate my workout that evening to all those affected by the shooting.  That evening I spent 35 minutes on the elliptical followed by 30 minutes of full body weight training.

Thursday, February 15th

I finally went for my first run of the week on Thursday.  My legs were very heavy after Wednesday’s workout.  Even though my run was very slow going, I was ecstatic that it was in the 70s and that I was able to run in shorts and short sleeves in mid-February.  I ended my run with a mile walk, which I ended at daycare.  Preston pulled into the parking lot there just before I arrived.  I was very excited to see my boys at the end of a physically challenging run.

I always love getting hugs and kisses from my little man. They are great anytime of the day, including as a post-run reward.

Friday, February 16th

Preston and I decided to go out for a belated Valentine’s Day dinner, and in order to celebrate I opted to take a rest day.  We had a very early sushi dinner before picking up little man from daycare.

Saturday, February 17th

On Saturday there was snow and sleet in the forecast for the afternoon, so I knew that in order to avoid running on the treadmill that I needed to push myself out the door in the morning for my long run.  We’ve had some very lazy weekend mornings at our house recently, so pushing myself to get out the door was much easier said than done.  Thankfully, I only had 6 miles on tap for my last long run before next weekend’s races, and I got to enjoy running in the beautiful sunshine before the weather turned only a couple of hours later.  After my run I walked another 1.19 miles.

6 cold miles for my last long run for Princess Half Marathon training

Sunday, February 18th

Sunday afternoon’s weather was the complete opposite of Saturday afternoon’s.  It was 50 degrees and the sun was shining brightly when little man woke up from his nap, so the entire family headed outside for a 2.75 mile walk.

All four of us enjoyed our family walk yesterday afternoon.

Total Weekly Mileage – 16.99 miles (14.58 miles less than week 8)

Total Princess Half Marathon Mileage – 192.30 miles

QOTD: Has the weather in your area been on just as much of a roller coaster ride as our weather here in Northern Virginia?

I’m linking up with Holly from HoHo Runs and Wendy from Taking the Long Way Home for the Weekly Wrap link up.  Be sure to check out their posts as well.

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36 Responses to Princess Half Marathon Training Log – Week 9

  1. kookyrunner says:

    I am glad that you are feeling better and that it wasn’t anything too serious!

  2. Wendy says:

    I”m glad you ended the week feeling better. Roller coaster weather? Who us?

    Enjoy your week!

  3. debolton says:

    I admire your packing list I am a big on list making. It was quite a rollercoaster week here too. Im glad you listened to your body and was able to finish the week strong.

  4. Coco says:

    I didn’t believe it really would snow Saturday but it did! I need you to make my packing lists! You are ready for sure.

  5. You are super organized with you packing list! I hope you have a fabulous time this week

  6. Weather roller coaster is typical for Iowa, especially this time of year. We had a little bit of everything on Saturday…

  7. Lesley says:

    Oh yes, February has moved in, and the random temps have too. It was 66 degrees yesterday, and I had the windows open to get the fresh air. I woke up to 14 degrees and snow this morning. Definitely not shorts weather.

  8. Darlene says:

    Glad you are feeling better. Nobody wants to sick before a race.

    Wow. That’s some packing list. I just throw things in a laundry basket as I think of them. I already have my race outfit for March 17.

  9. Glad you are feeling better and love your packing list! It’s time to start packing!! I can’t believe its already time to go!

  10. HoHo Runs says:

    I’m so glad you started feeling better toward the end of the week. I keep a list of travel items on my phone so when I pack for a racecation (or any trip) I just refer back to it. You will have so much fun at Princess! I’m sure the weather will be sunny and warm in Florida. Good luck. Thanks for linking!

  11. akepolito1 says:

    I’d say you had a great week! Your son is a cutie!! The weather has been a giant roller coaster here in Central NY. Yesterday I did my first outdoor run in months because I won’t run in the snow.

  12. Glad to hear you are feeling much better. This weather has been crazy, one day it snows, the next day it’s in the 60s. I hate packing for trips, I am always stressed thinking I forgot something to pack.

  13. Our weather has been horrible and all over the place. Packing for races is always fun!!!

  14. Your packing list looks just like mine do! Our weather in Louisiana is very much a roller coaster. Freezing temps early last week, rain off and on, and now this week the high is 80 every day. Ugh! At least it prepares us runners for any possible race day weather??

  15. What a relief that you started feeling better towards the end of the week! Let’s have no more scares before the big race!

  16. Weather here is nuts! Although I think we are settled in for the summer, now. I will miss those cold mornings.

    So excited for you this weekend! You are going to have a blast!

    I’m glad you are feeling a little better, too! Getting sick right before a big race, especially a Disney race, is no fun! You’re going to really benefit from a little break!

  17. says:

    So glad you are feeling better and made the most out of your week! The weather has been CRAZY here in Maine too!!

  18. jessicam1407 says:

    Wishing you the very best of luck this weekend! Have a great time!

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