Princess Half Marathon Training Log – Week 7

After dealing with the onset of my groin pain two weeks ago, and then taking it easy and not pushing my luck too much with lower body exercises a week ago, this past week was the first time since my pain first started when I felt like I was able to have a “normal” week of training.  It felt great to really focus on lower body weight and strength training again, especially since its my lower body where I’m carrying the majority of the extra weight that I’m trying to lose this year.

Monday, January 29th

Unfortunately, the week didn’t start off great when it came to my training.  I had a dentist appointment after work, after which I sat in absolutely horrible traffic during my drive home.  We’re talking standstill traffic on the interstate.  By the time I got home at almost 6:00 p.m. all I wanted to do was cuddle on the couch with my little man, which was what I elected to do instead of trying to force myself to do an at home strength training workout.

Tuesday, January 30th

When it came to my motivation, Tuesday was much better than Monday was.  After work I immediately headed to the gym, where I ran a 5k followed by doing 30 minutes of full body weight training.

After beautiful weather the previous week, I was disappointed to see the return of cold winter weather, which also meant a return to the treadmill for me.

Wednesday, January 31st

I closed out January with almost a complete repeat of Monday after work.  The only difference was that I went to the chiropractor instead of the dentist.

Thursday, February 1st

After not completely reaching all of my January goals I was very eager to get the new month started on a positive note.  I ran four mentally and physically strong miles that evening.

4 strong miles to kick off the new month!

Friday, February 2nd

My enthusiasm for getting the month off to a great start carried over into the second day of February.  After work I headed to the gym, where between the elliptical and weight training I spent 85 minutes working out.  I cannot remember the last time that I spent that long working out on a weekday!  It felt so good!

Saturday, February 3rd

Even though it was quite cold again on Saturday, and that would normally send me straight to the gym run on the treadmill, I couldn’t bear to do another long run inside.  So instead I bundled up and braved the 23 degree wind chill.  Between the cold, on an off strong winds, and my tired legs from the previous day’s workout, my long run was anything but easy.  But I didn’t give up, took a couple of extra walk breaks when needed, and still completed all 6.2 miles that were on my training plan.

Don’t let that sunny blue sky fool you, it was quite cold on Saturday. The wind chill was 23 degrees when I started my run. But since I couldn’t bear to do another long run on the treadmill, I braved the cold and refused to give up, even during the last two miles when my legs were super cold and stiff.

Sunday, February 4th

Although I didn’t work out, I was quite busy in the kitchen chopping veggies for both the Super Bowl party that we went to as well as a little meal prep for the week.

Total Weekly Mileage – 18.36 miles (8.34 miles less than week 6)

Total Princess Half Marathon Mileage – 143.74 miles

QOTD: Has the weather in your area been just as much of a roller coaster recently as ours in Northern Virginia has been?

I’m linking up with Holly from HoHo Runs and Wendy from Taking the Long Way Home for the Weekly Wrap link up.  Be sure to check out their posts as well.

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42 Responses to Princess Half Marathon Training Log – Week 7

  1. kookyrunner says:

    Great job on your motivation this week! I also do a majority of my workouts after work and it can be hard to find the motivation to run/workout after working a full day!

    The weather in CT has been a bit of a rollercoaster as well. It was brutally cold on Saturday and we had tons of rain yesterday.

  2. Wendy says:

    Yay for pushing yourself outside! But yes, I am over this cold weather. Since we have no choice but to deal with it, I’m trying to stay motivated as well.

  3. Chaitali says:

    Ugh, the traffic around here can really be a time killer. And it’s so stressful that it makes it hard to want to do other things after sitting in traffic for a while. But it looks like you really turned it around the later part of the week!

  4. Lesley says:

    The weather has been so random in Boulder. Sunny, then windy and snowy, then sunny and windy. Who knows what we’re going to have tomorrow. It was raining when I was driving in, but still sunny, and there was a double rainbow.

  5. Almost all of our snow had disappeared, but it returned this morning/afternoon. I got lucky with my long run on Saturday, and actually was over-dressed.

  6. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets says:

    We’ve definitely had that roller coaster weather in Philly – it’s so frustrating! You did a great job this past week – Saturday was so tough with the cold and wind! And that’s great that you’ve had such a great time in the gym.

  7. I wouldn’t have wanted to run after horrible traffic either. I’ve been traveling all weekend so I don’t have any concept of time or weather at the moment haha.

  8. Way to get in all those workouts!!! The weather has been all over the placenturies here…col and snow one day and then warm and rainy!

  9. tonee78 says:

    Great job this week! Cold sux….why I moved to Florida. I will take the cold over a treadmill.

  10. Coco says:

    Traffic sucks the life out of me! Great start to February – i braved the cold on Saturday too. It wasn’t windy here so I lucked out a bit.

  11. It was really cold this past week! Nice job on your training

  12. thefauxrunner says:

    WTG on getting everything in! And the Super Bowl prep looks very colorful!

  13. akepolito1 says:

    Keep up the great work! The weather has been crazy here. It snows, it melts, it rains, it’s snows!

  14. runswithpugs says:

    Traffic is the worst! I’m sorry it was such a factor in your week.

    Our weather is nuts. 30 one day, 80 the next. I have no idea what’s going on.

    Yay for Princess! I’m so excited for you!

  15. I’m in awe of anyone that can go out to exercise in cold weather. California has spoiled me. Good for you for making it happen because I can lose my motivation really quick between the weather and traffic.

  16. HoHo Runs says:

    I can barely do anything once I’m home from work. I’m usually physically and mentally exhausted and want to fall into bed. So, huge kudos to you for going to the gym or for a run after work! Thanks for linking.

  17. Clarinda says:

    Congrats on having a more “normal” week of training! Sometimes evening snuggles are just what you need. 🙂 Nice job on that very chilly long run!!

  18. Mondays are rarely motivating and effective. So everything you decide to start, start it from Tuesday, Kathryn! Keep up the awesome work! 🙂

  19. Montana Ross says:

    We got some chillier weather in the beginning few weeks of January here in Tampa, but now it’s back to being in the 70s during the day and only 50s in the mornings. I’m enjoying it while I can because soon it’ll hit the 90s!

  20. jessicam1407 says:

    We’ve had rollercoaster weather, but not quite in the same way. We’re swinging into the 70s and then down into the 30s-40s and back again from one day to the next. Great week of training for you, despite your traffic and appointment obstacles!

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