Princess Half Marathon Training Log – Week 4

What a week, especially when it came to the weather.  I started the week off with yet another snow day, after having had snow days on both Thursday and Friday the previous week.  When we finally returned to school on Tuesday, the day flew by both due to the two hour delay that we had due to ice ,as well as the result of trying to play catch up with my students after three snow days in a row.  Then by Thursday the temperature was 59 degrees!  And yesterday the temperature struggled to get out of the 20s.  This weather is just nuts!

I did my best to take advantage of the nicer weather, and managed to complete two of my runs outside.  I cannot wait for it to warm up again because running on the treadmill is getting a bit boring.  Despite the roller coaster weather, I managed to have a very productive week of training.

Monday, January 8th

I took advantage of the snow day and the fact that it was nowhere near as icy as school transportation officials had predicted.  After spending a couple of hours at school working on getting caught up in my empty and quiet classroom, I headed to the gym where I spent 30 minutes on the elliptical, did 30 minutes of full body weight training, and ended my workout with 5 minutes on the stair master.

Tuesday, January 9th

46 degrees felt incredibly warm after more than a week of freezing temperatures.  I took full advantage of the mild winter weather and ran outside for the first time since before Christmas.  The run was far from a great one, especially since I was almost hit by not one but two cars, but it was so nice to just enjoy being outside, and post run I walked an additional 1.40 miles.

Wednesday, January 10th

After an incredibly stressful day at work I opted for an unplanned rest day.  Relaxing on the couch with my little man was a much more appealing idea that evening than working out was.

Thursday, January 11th

Since it was 59 degrees outside I was able to run outside again.  My body struggled during this run with running outside as opposed to on the treadmill where I’ve been stuck running lately, but a slower run outside was definitely better than a faster run inside.

Friday, January 12th

Since I had back to back runs on my schedule for Saturday and Sunday in order to help prepared me for running the 10k and half marathon on back to back days next month at Disney, I took a full rest day on Friday.

Saturday, January 13th

I debated for a couple of hours whether to run outside or inside, but ultimately decided that because of the 20+ mph winds plus the temperature in the low 20s that running inside was the better decision.  After completing an easy but speedy 3 miles I did 30 minutes of full body weight training.

Sunday, January 14th

With the wind chill in the single digits Sunday afternoon it was back to the gym where I completed my long run on the treadmill.  Sometimes long runs on the treadmill can be a huge mental and physical challenge, but this run was far from that.  I really focused on pacing myself and took it extra slow during the first couple of miles of my run in order to help prevent physical burnout.  My conservative approach to my run really paid off, as I felt strong from start to finish and managed to run some speedy splits for a long run.  I finished up my time at the gym with a mile long cool down walk.

Total Weekly Mileage – 25.71 miles (7.09 miles more than week 3)

Total Princess Half Marathon Mileage – 80.97 miles

QOTD: How has the weather been in your neck of the woods?  Are you also experiencing roller coaster winter weather like we are here in Northern Virginia?

I’m linking up with Holly from HoHo Runs and Wendy from Taking the Long Way Home for the Weekly Wrap link up.  Be sure to check out their posts as well.

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46 Responses to Princess Half Marathon Training Log – Week 4

  1. kookyrunner says:

    Congrats on a great week of training, especially your awesome long run on the treadmill!

    I also tried to take advantage of the weather this week. I was able to get all my runs done outside, but my long run on Saturday was insane because of the wind and drop in temperature.

  2. Coco says:

    The weather was brutal this weekend – the treadmill was a smart option. What’s up with the cars almost hitting you?!

  3. Karen :0) says:

    Wow those temp fluctuations are crazy! I hope it starts to warm up for y’all soon! They are calling for possible snow here again this week which would be insane for us too! Glad you weren’t hit by any cars…what a crazy fun!

  4. Wendy says:

    The weather has been nuts here too. Mostly brutal cold. I’m glad to be done with the Lululemon challenge so I have the option of the treadmill. Note that I say option… :p

  5. Great week of training! The weather is all over the place here – super hot (summer temps) the other day and now it’s back to super cold winter! However, we’re getting snow tonight and Wednesday so I’m excited to be out in that !!!

  6. Our weather in Chicago has been all over the place as well. I forced myself outside for the Strava Lululemon challenge, but I am done running in the arctic blast for awhile. Scary about the near-misses by the cars. People just don’t pay attention.

  7. Can’t believe you had a near miss with two cars! Great week of training – especially your long run on the mill!

  8. Rachel says:

    Cars. Grrrrrr!!! I swear cell phones are gonna be the end of the human race. Glad you’re okay.

  9. We sure did have a crazy weather week! Looks like we are in for more fun this week. Great job keeping up your miles

  10. We had almost four days of pleasant spring-like temps (Sunday-Wednesday), then we were catapulted right back to the extreme cold of winter. I want my summer back.

  11. Lesley says:

    I chose the treadmill Saturday because of the wind and cold coming through. The sun made it look much more warm than it was, so it was disappointing to not run outside. I haven’t run outside since Vegas.

  12. Darlene says:

    Yes the weather has been crazy this winter. 40 degrees feels like a heat wave. I try to run outside unless there is ice or snow. I hate the treadmill

  13. Wow impressive long run on the treadmill!

  14. runswithpugs says:

    You guys have had some crazy ups and downs in terms of weather! It’s been cold, then hot, then freezing. No snow or ice, but so very cold!

  15. Chaitali says:

    That sounds like a great long run on the treadmill! And yikes to almost getting hit by cars, that sounds horrible 😦

  16. I always feel like I run so much faster outside than I do on the treadmill. But a treadmill beats a very windy outdoor run any day.

  17. runrunmomma says:

    I can’t believe you made it 10 miles on a treadmill!! Wow! I get stir crazy after 3! Great job!

  18. Elaine D says:

    I don’t think I can handle the temps fluctuations! And I would definitely opt for a treadmill run if it’s windy and freezing outside. Looks like you had a solid week despite the chilly weather!

  19. Great week of training for Princess!! I can’t believe it’s just a little over a month away! Yes, the weather has been crazy down south. I wore a tank two days last week and tights by the weekend!

  20. Great job on the treadmill! I am so jealous of everyone running Princess…I want that Snow White medal LOL

  21. jessicam1407 says:

    I saw your insta on your treadmill 10-miler! That’s so awesome and definitely helped you build some mental grit!!

  22. HoHo Runs says:

    I can only imagine how those on and off snow days wreak havoc on the students…and the teachers. Great job on the strong long treadmill run. They can be such a mental challenge but it looks like you had no problem with it! Thanks for linking.

  23. shootfiji says:

    Dedication! Super awesome! I admire your commitment 😊

  24. AJ says:

    I’m so impressed you’re doing runs on the treadmill. I’ll run in almost any weather to try and avoid the treadmill!

  25. Not used to freezing weather, mostly struggle with excessive heat and dehydration, one need a lot of spirit to get out of bed with those freezing temperatures

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