My Goals for This Weekend’s Races

This weekend I will be running not one, not two, but three races.  When I signed up for these races, I never intended to be running these with a PR attempt in mind.

On Saturday I will be running the Dulles Day 10k (I’ve previously run this race in 2013, 2014, and 2015).  My main motivations for signing up for this race were to complete my first post 20 miler long run on a flat route, and since strollers are allowed on the course I figured that little man would enjoy the experience as well.  Preston is signed up to run the 5k, and although we haven’t decided who is going to run with the stroller, that decision will certainly impact my pace on Saturday.

Running on the runway at Dulles Airport during the Dulles Day 10k in September 2014
Photo Credit: PR Races

My one and only goal on Saturday is to have fun.  Yesterday’s run, which was my first run since running 20 miles on Sunday, was incredibly difficult.  Not only did I run with the stroller, but it was also in the mid-80s when I started my run just after 5 p.m.  On top of that my legs were still very heavy from Sunday’s long run.  Overall, it was a very challenging run, so I know that trying to push myself to a new PR this coming Saturday is anything but a good idea.  Plus, if I am running with little man I know that I’ll want to take lots of pictures of him on the runway.

On Sunday I will be running the Clarendon Day Double (I’ve previously run the 10k in 2014 and 2015).  This year I decided to sign up for the double, which involves running the 5k first, followed by the 10k.  In between the two races I also have to make my way back up the “hill of death” in Rosslyn.  Since I have 12 miles on my training plan for this weekend’s long run, I thought that signing up for the double would be a fun way to complete my long run.  While the double is 9.3 miles and not 12, I figure that with also making my way back up the hill that I’ll get pretty close to the 12 miles, and afterwards I’ll run any of my remaining miles.  Just like with Dulles Day, I’m not looking to push my pace or push to a new PR, I’m simply looking to have fun during my long run.

At the Clarendon Day finish line in 2015

Another reason why I won’t be pushing myself during any of this weekend’s races is because I’m also starting to come down with a cold.  I woke up this morning with the scratchy throat that I usually get before I fully come down with cold symptoms.  My fingers are crossed that this cold won’t knock me out completely and that I’ll still be able to run all three races this weekend.

QOTD: Have you ever attempted to race while sick?

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30 Responses to My Goals for This Weekend’s Races

  1. kookyrunner says:

    I like your plan for running all 3 races. I think that having fun is most important. Great idea do to the double on Sunday as part of your long run!

    I’m sorry to hear that you are sick and hope you start to feel better soon!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Feel better! Ahhh Dulles and Clarendon Day – will be a fun weekend (hopefully will run those next year). I know you will take it easy and listen to you body. I remember spending some extra time on my foam roller after Clarendon Day last year. My quads were tired going down the hill 🙂

  3. AJ says:

    Those sound like great races! I know lots of people who have gone out with a goal of fun and have had great races! I like the creative way you’re taking to getting your miles in.

    • Running races as part of my marathon training helps keep me motivated, especially on days when the running is more difficult than I’d like for it to be.

      • AJ says:

        That’s a great idea! I haven’t run any timed races since my accident, but I need to get back into it! It’s a good way to gauge progress:)
        I want to do a trail race as I love trail running, but around here, it’s a summer only thing:(

  4. I think having fun is a great goal (instead of a fast finish)…after all, if this were a training run, you wouldn’t be attempting a fast pace either. You’re keeping your eye on the big picture (ahem, Chicago!), and that’s where your training should be as well. Smart girl! 😉

  5. Lesley says:

    I haven’t raced, but I’ve run and trained with a head cold. I’ve actually found drinking Airborne (3 times a day) all the way through the cold helps keep my symptoms to a minimum. My head colds are infamous, so anything to help lessen the severity is a plus.

  6. I did the double 2 years ago and yes the walk back up the hill is not really fun. I am doing the 10 K lets try to find each other before the start. I put my # on the MRTT race event page. Would love to run with you for a bit

  7. I was fighting a stomach bug during my last marathon but didn’t know it til just a few hours after the race (huge bummer for me)! But never ran a race with a cold or anything.

    Good luck and have fun this weekend! 3 races is a fun way to get in your mileage!

  8. Rachel says:

    Ugh. If I’m sick I’m out. I don’t mess around with that stuff. Lol!

  9. This sounds like so much fun! You are going to have a great time, and definitely take it easy and just enjoy the experience.

    I’ve run with sinus headaches and bad allergies. Maybe with a head cold. It wasn’t the most fun at the time, but it ended up working out ok. Good luck!

  10. gorunhussell says:

    A slight cold doesn’t seem to bother much with running. I actually feel like sometimes it helps clear me up, but if the cold starts moving into my chest then I’m out.. don’t need to end up with bronchitis or pneumonia 😬

  11. I always thought that race on the runway sounded like fun!
    Yes, unfortunately I’ve raced sick a few times.

  12. Wow! Get it, girl! 🙂 Ugh, racing sick is the worst. Have fun this weekend! –Jen

  13. Good luck with all three races!!

  14. PursuingMe says:

    Good luck, and I hope the races go well for you!

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