August 2017 Goals

I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit sad that its already August.  Although my big vacation for the summer is this month, I’m sad to see my summer at home with little man rapidly coming to an end.  Due to being in school until almost the end of June, and going back to school a week earlier than usual this coming school year, my summer break has felt especially short this year.  Little man and I have been having a blast together, and when you take out my upcoming vacation, we only have a handful of days left before I go back to work and he goes back to school, aka daycare.

We have had an absolute blast together this summer

July was a very active month, especially when it came to keeping up with my marathon training.  My July mileage was the highest monthly total ever, and for the first time I ran over 100 miles in a single month.

1.  Log at least 115 miles.

Grade: A

My July mileage total was 135.1 miles, 102.5 of which I ran.  To say that July was a productive month when it came to my running and cardio is an understatement.  I also made significant progress towards meeting my 2017 mileage goal.  My current mileage total for the year is 668.5 miles, which put me at 67% of the way towards meeting my goal of 1,000 miles.  Its clear that I need to reevaluate this goal for 2017.

July was quite a productive month, especially when it came to running and cross training

2.  Strength train at least three times per week.

Grade: B-

There were a couple of weeks in July when I only did strength training twice, not three times like my goal was.  The further into the month I got, the less time and focus I put into this goal.  I regret not having been more focused on my strength training.

3.  Cross train at least three times per week.

Grade: B-

Just like with my strength training, I lost energy and focus with my cross training, especially during the second half of the month.  Part of that was because of how hot and humid it was on many days last month, which resulted in little man and I doing a lot of indoor instead of outdoor activities together.

4.  Stop obsessing about my weight.

Grade: A

I stop weighing myself on an almost regular basis.  It feels good, and is a huge sigh of relief, to be going based on feel, not just what the number on the scale is.

5.  Enjoy the month’s social activities.

Grade: A

If you follow me on Instagram then you know that there was no shortage of enjoyment this past month.  From my friend’s wedding to celebrating my wedding anniversary to spending time with family, July was an absolutely amazing month.

Preston and I before the start of the wedding ceremony

Although July was a great month, I know that August will be an even better month, especially as I continue to progress with marathon training and reach new personal distance records.

1.  Log at least 145 miles.

I’m not going to lie, seeing my mileage goals increasing over the past couple of months is quite scary.  But now that I’m at the height of marathon training, and am running more miles per week than ever before, I know that setting these lofty goals is important.  After logging 135 miles last month, I’m slightly increasing the number for this month’s goal.

2.  Cross train and strength train at least two times per week.

Although this is a decrease from last month, I think that twice a week for cross training and strength training is more realistic, especially given that I will not only be out of town for part of the month, but that I am also going back to work later in the month.

3.  Stay active while on vacation.

There are so many things that I am looking forward to about going to Antigua with my husband next week, including running at the beach and taking walks on the beach.  We also plan to do some water sports, as well as to utilize the resort’s fitness center.  I’m also looking forward to giving pool aerobics a try, which is one of the many activities at the resort that we will be staying at.

Snorkeling in Hawaii during our honeymoon in 2011. We’re hoping that snorkeling will be one of the many ways that we can stay active while in Antigua.

4.  Don’t overindulge while on vacation.

Given that we are staying at an all inclusive resort, there will an abundance of food and alcohol available to us.  While I do intend to enjoy myself and have a good time, I also need to avoid the temptation to overdo it.  The last thing that I want to do is undo all of the hard work and effort that I have put into marathon training thus far.

QOTD: What are your goals for August?

I’m linking up with Ange and Carmy for the Monthly Goals linkup.  Be sure to check out their posts as well.

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43 Responses to August 2017 Goals

  1. Coco says:

    It is so hard to fit in longer runs, strength training, and cross-training. I’m sure you’ll do fine on vacation — splurge on the fresh fruit and burn off the rest. 😉

  2. Wendy says:

    Summer is really all about packing in the fun! I know i”m guilty of that–and I’m ok with it! It’s only hard to see it come to an end. This year my son starts school Aug 14 and that just seems too soon. Glad you got so much quality time with your little guy–making memories is what it is all about.

  3. kookyrunner says:

    Great job on your miles this month. The fact that you were traveling and still got in your runs just shows your dedication!

  4. We start school earlier this year too but we will be out before Memorial Day next year so I guess it’s a good trade off. When do you go back? Enjoy your vacation!

  5. Great job with your goals. I’m trying to enjoy my few last days of vacation but also have another week at the end of August to enjoy off. I need to do more strength training.

  6. I stopped weighing myself all together a few years back and I have never been happier. Enjoy your last few weeks with your little guy

  7. Elle says:

    Here is to a wonderful August. Hope you have a really fun vacation, and crush those 145 miles!

  8. Weight is such a heavy subject (pun intended). I’ve struggled with it so much in the past. Over 5 years ago, I threw out my scale completely. Granted, I gained weight from 2013-2016 when I found my fiance who is chef and opened my eyes to great-tasting food and shared my love of beer and margaritas. In January, after gaining another 10 pounds at the doctor’s office, I decided I needed a lifestyle change in terms of my diet. I haven’t weighed myself aside from when I’ve gone to doctor’s office, but I knew I’d lost 20 pounds easy from how my clothes fit, how felt, and how well I was running.

    Anyway, keep up the amazing work, listen to your body, and I know you’ll get those miles in this month! Go girl, go!

  9. Chaitali says:

    July sounds like a great month, look at those miles! Your upcoming vacation sounds like a lot of fun 🙂 All inclusive resorts are definitely hard to avoid overindulging but I try to keep in mind how bad I feel when I overindulge and how that would get in the way of me actually enjoying the vacation. It’s a delicate balance.

    • It most certainly is, and not only do I not want to undo all of my hard work with marathon training but I also don’t want to feel miserable while there. I definitely intend to have a good time, but need to stay active and not overdo it with the food and drinks.

  10. Your little one is adorable. I’m super impressed with your July goals! Well done.

  11. Great job on all those miles 😉 I need to assess my July (walking) miles…August will probably be interesting since I won’t be spending the first week in a hospital like in did for July. I need to add I more strength work as well now that I’m able to be more active.

  12. Lesley says:

    I need to get better at getting actual cross-training into my routine before training starts. I’ve really been skimping on that, and using strength training as an excuse. I’ve decided on biking at the gym, and now I have to make it happen.

  13. Rachel says:

    I’m sad summer is ending, too. Booooo!!!

    You had a really solid July. I look forward to watching you smash your August goals!!

  14. You had a great month and I am so excited for your trip! You are going to have the best time and I know you won’t overindulge. 🙂

    Your little guy is the cutest! Look at that happy face!

    I am looking forward to August just because school starts next week and we will all be back in a routine. I miss that.

  15. SuzLyfe says:

    I have no doubt that you will have a great August! Summer is so much fun, but it isn’t over yet!

  16. Wow, great job setting goals and crushing them! Running over 100 miles in one month is impressive.

  17. I love your August goals!! I definitely have some similar ones 🙂 not involving running at the moment because I’m dealing with a broken foot! Hope you have a great day.

  18. Great job on your goals! I just want to stick to my half training plan and not die from heat exhaustion.

  19. Karen :0) says:

    Great job with your mileage thus last month! I hope you guys have a great time on vacation – sounds like a pretty amazing trip!

  20. I try to do strength training at least three times per week. What exercise do you do during your strength training?

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  22. Abbie says:

    How is it already August??

  23. Pingback: September 2017 Goals | From Dancing to Running

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