Friday Five – Where I’m Looking Forward to Running this Summer

Running during the summer is far from easy, and I was very much reminded of that this past week.  On Monday, I had to cut my training run short because of the heat.  My body had a very difficult time adjusting while I was running, and at the 5k point I decided to listen to my body and stop running, and walk the rest of the way home.

Today’s Friday Five topic is Summer Running Tips, and I’ve shared a couple posts in the past on this topic (you can check them out here and here).  I’ve also shared tips on how to stay motivated to run during the summer.  So instead of repeating myself, I thought that I would instead share five places that I am looking forward to running this summer.

1.  While I am home with little man this summer, I am hoping that on at least a couple of occasions I will be able to take him running in the BOB stroller to see some of my favorite D.C. sights.  When we lived closer to the city, I loved being able to park at Gravelly Point near the airport and run along the Potomac River on the Mt. Vernon Trail.  Although that it is now almost a 45 minute drive from our house, I’m hoping to be able to make a run along that trail happen at least once this summer.

Views of the gorgeous D.C. Cherry Blossoms along the Mount Vernon Trail during a run back in 2013

2.  Next month we will be in State College, PA for a friend’s wedding.  The day of the wedding my marathon training plan calls for a 14 mile long run.  Although the bride isn’t a runner, one of her bridesmaids is, and she is also familiar with the area.  Her other friend has shared with me a couple of possible running routes, and I’m looking forward to exploring a brand new area while out on my run.

3.  Next month little man and I will also be headed up to northern New Jersey to meet my parents at my grandfather’s house.  He passed away back in January, and my parents are in the process of cleaning out his house and preparing it to go on the market.  I ran there last summer when we visited my grandfather, and am well aware of how hilly the neighborhood is.  Although I know that running there will be a challenge, I’m looking forward to a couple of last runs around his neighborhood.

The hilly view during a run in New Jersey last summer

4.  We will be headed to my parents’ house in Illinois later this summer.  I always look forward to our visits there for numerous reasons, including how flat the terrain in Illinois is.  I have a 16 mile long run planned for while we’re there, and I’m looking forward to completing it on the trail that runs through town.

5.  I am also looking forward to when Preston and I head to Antigua for a week long vacation in August.  I absolutely love anything and everything that has to do with running at the beach.  And although it doesn’t look like a lengthy run will be possible without completing it on the treadmill at the resort gym, I am looking forward to logging however many miles I can at the beach and running around the resort.

QOTD: Where are you looking forward to running this summer?

I’m linking up for the Friday Five 2.0 linkup.  Many thanks to the wonderful ladies at Fairytales and Fitness and Running on Happy for hosting!

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35 Responses to Friday Five – Where I’m Looking Forward to Running this Summer

  1. Wendy says:

    It’s always fun to take your runs to different places, isn’t it? I’m going to Door County Wis next weekend and I always love hitting my favorite running spots when I’m there! The hills, not so much.

  2. I do love running in new places. We have a trip to Nantucket planned in August and it’s a lot cooler there

  3. I love running in new places! I don’t really have any “new”places on my agenda for the summer, though I’m returning to Duluth this weekend and Chicago in July 😉

  4. Coco says:

    Oh the path is so sunny at Gravelly Point! I opt for Custis or the Capital Crescent in summer! Antigua sounds great though!

  5. kookyrunner says:

    You’ll love State College, PA! I’m a Penn State alum and have fond memories of the city 🙂

  6. Marcia says:

    You have a fun summer ahead of you! I’ll be in Las Vegas, Dubai and the Greek Islands this summer so I’ll be dealing with heat a lot.

  7. I don’t plan runs while on vacation. But I am looking forward to spending quality time on my favorite trail this summer.

  8. Rachel says:

    I love this list. Can I come run with you?

  9. What a bunch of fun places to run! I’m doing the Napa to Sonoma Half next month, and then the MCM in October, so I will have some adventurous runs there! I’ll also be in San Francisco on business in September and though I don’t like the hills, the scenery is absolutely beautiful!

  10. Sounds like you have some great running adventures ahead! 14 miles and a wedding – have fun!

  11. This summer is when I finally stop traveling, LOL! I’ve been traveling way more than usual the past year and I’m ready to be home. Sort of. My sympathies to your parents — that’s part of what I was doing for the first half of the year, with my parents’ home — they are still alive, but we finally “persuaded” them to move into a senior living apartment.

    Flat is always nice. Unless your race won’t be flat, of course!

    And I love beach running, too. A few years ago when I was in Kauia I was able to get an 8 (or was it 10?) mile run in. Not along the beach, obviously!

  12. I’m looking forward to exploring some new running routes here in Austin, and hope to get a run in when I visit my sister in your neck of the woods in August :).

  13. Lesley says:

    I don’t have a vacation planned this summer, but since I’ve only been in my neighborhood since early April, I would like to find more running paths in town. Right now I’ve stuck to my neighborhood, and I got bored last month.

  14. LeeAnn says:

    State College is great! I live 1.5 hours away, but go there often. I’ve stayed there for years for work conferences and have ran while I was there. Should your running plans fall through, I would recommend just heading to PSU campus and running there. Its really pretty and a good area for running, lots of ground to cover. I hope you enjoy it!

  15. MCM Mama says:

    My summer is all over the place at this point. I think at least one long run will be replaced by hiking at altitude LOL.

  16. MB Jackson says:

    Any time you can get a beach run in- take it! That is my favorite! Enjoy!

  17. Sounds like a busy summer! I will be running in San Francisco next month and i am super excited. Antigua sounds awesome.

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