Friday Five – Current Countdowns

May is always exciting for so many reasons.  Not only does it mean that the end of the school year is in sight, but it also means that summer is right around the corner.  As usual, our summer is going to be quite busy and filled with lots of activities.  Some of my current countdowns include:

1.  1 day until my dad arrives.  My dad will be here for a week, starting tomorrow.  We’re excited to have him stay with us while he’s here meeting with clients.  I have no doubt that he’ll be amazed by how much little man has grown since we last saw him.

2.  15 days until ZOOMA Annapolis.  I ran ZOOMA last June, and I cannot wait to run the half marathon again this year.  With marathon training right around the corner, I will be running this race “for fun” and will be focused on enjoying the course and the race itself instead of obsessing about my pace and crossing the finish line in a certain time.  (Want to join myself and many other wonderful ladies at ZOOMA Annapolis this year?  There’s still time to register, and you can save 10% by using discount code KATHRYN2017.)

After crossing the finish line at ZOOMA Annapolis last June

3.  17 days until marathon training starts.  Although I’ve been enjoying my break from training, I’m eagerly anticipating the start of marathon training.  I’m excited, nervous, and scared about training for my first marathon, which I am told are all normal feelings to have just before starting training.  I am more than ready to start my journey towards running the Chicago Marathon!

4.  38 days until the last day of school.  Yes, we don’t end our school year until the last week of June.  I am quite jealous of those of you in other areas of the country that are about to start summer break.

5.  72 days until Preston and I celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary.  Its hard to believe that its already been six years since we said “I do” to each other!

Photo Credit: Mark Romine Photography

QOTD: What are you looking forward to this summer?

I’m linking up for the Friday Five 2.0 linkup.  Many thanks to the wonderful ladies at Fairytales and Fitness and Running on Happy for hosting!

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40 Responses to Friday Five – Current Countdowns

  1. What a beautiful wedding photo! This summer I’m just looking forward to spending time with my little family…vacationing with them and just being outside with them.

  2. kookyrunner says:

    Awesome countdowns – I have a feeling that you are especially looking forward to #4!

  3. Lacey says:

    Such a cute wedding pic! Man does time fly, six years already.Have a fantastic week with your dad!

  4. Wendy says:

    I love summer–the warmer weather is the main thing I’m looking forward to!

    Enjoy your time with your dad!

  5. One day I’ll run Zooma 🙂 This year will be the Baltimore 10 instead. Excited for your marathon training to begin! A summer full of PDRs 🙂

  6. Sounds like lots of great things coming up for you! Good luck with your marathon training. I’ll be doing Chicago this year and am hoping for great weather all summer long!

  7. My kids last day of school was yesterday! I am so happy! We have a dance recital Sunday and Tball tournament Monday and that’s about it! I am looking forward to getting some rest and try to keep running 3-4 days a week. I will take a break from teaching classes at the gym too. Summer break goes by way too fast. Good luck at Zooma and training for Chicago!!

  8. I’m looking forward to work slowing down a bit over the summer and training for my goal fall half marathon (Navy-Air Force Half)!

  9. Lesley says:

    High school graduations are going on here, but I remember being done with my senior year a good month before the rest of my high school. Seniors graduate the first Friday in June, and the high school goes until mid-June.

  10. I’ll be starting up my Chicago marathon training soon too! I’m really nervous about it. Haha. Also, happy anniversary to you and your husband. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  11. I’m looking forward to a care-free summer with ZERO “training” on my roster. After Grandma’s (June 17), I plan to scale back for a few weeks to recover, then just run for fun. Of course, there will be some short races here & there, but nothing major 😉 (I say that now….but I have a history of finding other big events to add-on LOL)

  12. Rachel says:

    Aw what a beautiful picture! Love it.

  13. MB Jackson says:

    I love the wedding photo- beautiful! I love the longer summer days, they are hot but the sun is hot!

  14. Marcia says:

    What a great wedding pic! Love it! I have a triathlon Sunday and it just so happens that training for the Berlin marathon starts on that day. I’ve got some crazy travel plans this summer: Utah, Vegas, Dubai, Greek Islands, ending in Berlin in September.

  15. You have a lot of great things coming up!

    We are out of school on Wednesday. That’s right. Little man just had his last Friday of 3rd grade. This year is harder because he will be going to a new school next year (boo for re-zoning). The school is brand new, but that doesn’t make it easy to leave our elementary “home.”

    I’m pretty excited for some day trips and some time off and an end to scheduling and routines for a few months. It’s going to be a good summer.

  16. Elle says:

    How nice that your Dad is comming to visit. Have a terrific time.In Canada most of the schools are in till the end of June I think.

  17. Coco says:

    Lots of fun things coming up! schools do go late around here.

  18. Mary says:

    Yes, Happy Anniversary! Training for your first marathon ought to be an exciting challenge. This summer I’m looking forward to our trip to Sun Valley, Idaho. It’s “the” place for summer skating and has a beautiful outdoor rink with a view of mountains.

  19. tonee78 says:

    Sounds like you have a lot to look forward too This summer. I am looking forward to running The San Francisco half marathon in July!

  20. Karen :0) says:

    So many exciting days ahead for you and your family! Hope you had a great weekend!

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