Friday Five – Yay for RnRDC Weekend!

Thank goodness Friday is finally here!  Its been a bit of a long week at our house.  I didn’t share this until now for safety reasons, but Preston was in Florida for a business trip starting last Thursday.  It was hard to have him gone for a week, including over a weekend.  Although both my dad and father-in-law were here at different times in the week to help out with little man, nothing can replace having your husband and the father of your child at home.  We’re so glad that he is home!

At dinner last Saturday night with the grandfathers

Not only am I glad to have my husband back home, but I’m excited that it is Rock ‘n’ Roll DC weekend!

1.  I will be headed to the expo this afternoon to pick up my bib.  Although I don’t have any plans to meet up with anybody there, it will be a nice surprise if I do run into somebody.

2.  I am looking forward to seeing several familiar faces at the race tomorrow, including Cynthia, Janelle, Steff, and Chelsea.  I’m hoping to finally meet Chaitali in person.  And I’m very excited to see Courtney and Jenny cheering along the course.

With Cynthia and Mar before the start of last year’s race
Photo Credit: Cynthia from You Signed Up for What

3.  Due to Metro not opening until 7:00 a.m., the half marathon doesn’t start until 8:30.  It will be nice to not have to wake up as early as I usually do in order to make it to a race downtown.

4.  Since sharing my race goals on Wednesday, I’ve been questioning whether or not any of them will be achievable.  Although the chance of rain has disappeared from the forecast, it is looking like it will be an incredibly cold morning for a half marathon.  I don’t handle cold weather well, so I am assuming that I will be slowed down a bit tomorrow during the race.  I’m crossing my fingers that somehow the weathermen are wrong and that it won’t be as cold as they’re predicting, as I debate how many layers I should wear for the race.

It is going to be a cold morning for a half marathon!

5.  Despite how cold it is looking like it will be tomorrow morning for the race, I’m excited to kick off my 2017 racing year by running a hometown race.  I always love running in DC!

QOTD: Who else is running Rock ‘n’ Roll DC this weekend?

I’m linking up for the Friday Five 2.0 linkup.  Many thanks to the wonderful ladies at Fairytales and Fitness and Running on Happy for hosting!

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18 Responses to Friday Five – Yay for RnRDC Weekend!

  1. Steffany R. says:

    Same here about race goals. I’m going to give it a shot but won’t be upset if thugs don’t go my way. Excited to see you tomorrow!

  2. kookyrunner says:

    It’s so exciting when race weekend finally arrives! Have fun out there and enjoy the experience!

  3. I’m usually pretty mum when my husband is gone — he used to travel a lot, but not any more. It has its good & bad points.

    Good luck this weekend! Hope you get to meet up with lots of people!

    It’s not always fun running in the cold, but I’ll take that over the humidity I’m likely to face in NOLA any day. I can be faster sometime in the cold, but heat & humidity do a real number on me.

  4. Have a fantastic race! Wish I could be there to run it too with all of you super fun ladies!!

  5. Ana says:

    I’m meeting Chaitali tonight and I’m really excited for it! Maybe we will find you tomorrow at the race! I’m nervous for the cold too, but excited to race DC again! Have an awesome race tomorrow!!

  6. Lesley says:

    I feel like this weekend in March really kicks off the spring races. There’s a number of races around the country, then daylight savings starts on Sunday. That really makes it feel like spring, even if the temps are still swinging from winter to spring back to winter.

  7. Chaitali says:

    I’m trying to figure out layers too. The “feels like” numbers are in the teens so it’s definitely going to be a tough one.

  8. I don’t do well running in the cold either. It’s like my bones freeze up and don’t want to move! Good luck!

  9. MB Jackson says:

    good luck and stay warm!!! I did not realize it was that cold there- holy smokes!

  10. I’m doing the marathon – SOOOOO many layers planned! Not sure how the race’ll go but the WDW Marathon was cold and that turned out great, so – here’s hoping!

  11. joteach5 says:

    Sounds like a super fun race! The weather does look really cool. Stay warm and have a an awesome race!

  12. Karen :0) says:

    Hope you have a great race this weekend! That’s super cold!!

  13. I hope they are wrong about the temps! You are ready for this go get it girl

  14. RnR DC is such a fun race! Hope the weatherman got it wrong. Good luck!

  15. Lisa says:

    Hope you have a great race! Ive done RNR DC twice and its always so much fun!

  16. I think I could handle the cold–it’s the wind that would get me! Good luck tomorrow and have fun!

  17. Rachel says:

    I totally commented but I think my comment must be lost in ‘space somewhere… but I’m wondering why the metro doesn’t open earlier anymore? They had this issue for MCM last year. Is it still under construction?

    Have a super awesome weekend!!

  18. Good luck tomorrow! I’m running a 10K and we have a very similar weather forecast #brrrrr

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