Rock ‘n’ Roll DC Half Marathon Training Log – Week 8

Unfortunately, illness continued to be the theme this past week.  And when you’re sick, everything else in life is unfortunately affected.

Monday, February 20th

After struggling to complete Sunday’s 10k, my body was screaming for rest on Monday.  I felt miserable, and was so tired that I had to take a midday nap.  There was no working out for me on Monday.

Tuesday, February 21st

I was still coughing, and my congestion was also in full force.  It was another rest day for me.

Wednesday, February 22nd

I finally felt well enough to get outside for a walk.  Since the weather was incredibly unseasonable (the high was in the mid-60s), it would have been a crime to not get outside and enjoy the weather.  Preston and I took both little man and Riley for a family walk.  We all needed, and enjoyed, the fresh air.

Thursday, February 23rd

It was in the mid-70s when I left work.  Between the sunshine and the warm air, my body was screaming for a run, even though I still wasn’t feeling 100%.  Preston and I took little man out in the BOB stroller, and took turns pushing him during our run.  Since I was still fighting my cough, it was slow going, but boy did it feel good to get out and run in a tank top and shorts.  Our splits were: 10:37, 10:18, 10:35, 10:43, 2:54 (last 0.29 miles).

One happy mama and one happy little man on a 75 degree afternoon in February

One happy mama and one happy little man on a 75 degree afternoon in February

Friday, February 24th

Another 75 degree afternoon called for a walking commute to pick up little man from daycare.  Enjoying a 2.5 mile walk in the sunshine and warm air was just what I needed at the end of a long week of being sick.

Saturday, February 25th

I had 14 miles on tap for my last double digit training run before Rock ‘n’ Roll DC.  I headed out the door just before 9 a.m. knowing that I needed to beat an incoming thunderstorm.  Even though I was still dealing with my cough, and ran on a fairly hilly route, I felt strong during the first four miles of my run and ran strong splits: 10:29, 10:14, 10:24, 10:23.

Unfortunately, the wind really started to pick up around mile 4.5.  The wind, coupled with the hills, started to slow me down and I started to have a lot of difficulty the further that I ran.  I was able to maintain my 4:15/0:45 run/walk intervals until around 6.75 miles when I had to take a longer walk break.  My splits for miles 5-7 were 10:32, 10:53, 11:26.

I was never able to recover after that longer walk break, and found myself needing to walk more and more frequently.  At one point the wind started blowing at about 20 mph (according to The Weather Channel app) and I have no idea what some of the gusts were.  Between my chest congestion, the hills, and the wind, I became more and more defeated the further that I ran.  I texted my friend Kathleen on and off during the run, and while her texts were initially helping me to stay motivated to keep going, I decided at 12 miles that I just couldn’t fight anymore.  The further that I ran, the slower that I ran, and I just couldn’t fight anymore.  My splits for the last five miles were: 11:22, 11:07, 11:01, 12:34, 12:23.

I was so glad to be done with Saturday's run, even though I was disappointed that I cut it two miles short

I was so glad to be done with Saturday’s run, even though I was disappointed that I cut it two miles short

I’m so disappointed that I couldn’t finish the last two miles that I had planned.  I’m trying to not be too hard on myself, since I know that I’m prepared to run a half marathon in two weeks.  But its not like me to not finish my planned mileage.  What I do know is that I did the best that I could.

Sunday, February 26th

I finished out the week with a 15 minute strength training session, focusing on abs and lower body.

Total Weekly Mileage – 22.21 miles (3.18 miles more than week 7)

Total RnRDC Mileage – 146.65 miles

QOTD: How do you rebound from a physically and mentally challenging run?

I’m linking up with Holly from HoHo Runs and Tricia from MissSippiPiddlin for the Weekly Wrap link up.  I’m also linking up with Courtney for the Training Recap link up.  Be sure to check out their posts as well.


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49 Responses to Rock ‘n’ Roll DC Half Marathon Training Log – Week 8

  1. Sounds like a tough week. I think it’s great that you got out there and did the best you could. Mentally, that will pay off well in the tough miles of your race. Hang in there.

  2. laurenweiner says:

    Sometimes we have bad runs (and sometimes a week of them!) especially when sick. A combination of getting better and the nice weather will help you rebound. I’m sure you will be more than ready for your half!

    I had a half marathon that I forgot my gels…it was also a pretty warm day – and I HATE racing when its warm. I crashed around mile 7 and was texting my husband that I couldn’t finish and that he needed to come find me on the course. I did finish – and it was a huge learning experience and just motivated me for my next half. After a bad run I reflect on what made it bad, accept it, and move forward.

  3. Rachel says:

    You got 22+ miles in during a week you were sick! That’s incredible. Please don’t be hard on yourself. I hope you’re feeling 100% by now!

  4. Angela says:

    WOW thats a high mileage week for being sick!! WELL DONE! I had a poor week of training but its encouraged me to do better this week!

  5. Chaitali says:

    Ugh, it sounds like a hard week with the continued illness 😦 I love the warmer days we’ve had but it seems like it’s also hard on everyone’s sinuses. I had a long time with the wind on my long run on Sunday as well.

  6. Marcia says:

    Blah! Sorry you were sick. Coming back to running after that is always hard. Put the run you cut short behind you. 12 was enough. You were fighting the wind. You wouldn’t have gained anything by struggling through 2 more miles.

  7. Lesley says:

    12 miles still great after being sick all week. You’ve done very well in training, and you’ll do great with your half. I can’t believe spring races are starting to pick up.

  8. Jenny says:

    It sounds like you listened to your body well this week which is more important than those two miles! 😉

  9. Like a couple folks have already said, you weren’t going to gain any fitness from completing those last two miles. In fact, since you weren’t feeling great, your form was probably suffering and you could’ve done damage by continuing to run. So you definitely made the right choice. Enjoy the taper!

  10. Chin up 😉 You know you’re ready for your 13.1, so those extra two miles were just gravy anyways. As you probably know, there’s nothing to be gained by pushing through extra miles sometimes, and you run the risk of doing more damage than good if your form is compromised or you’re extremely fatigued. Like you said, you did your best…and that’s enough 😉

  11. You had a tough week indeed! As a few others said above, you run the risk of injury or staying sick longer by over doing it at that point. You are well trained for race and the best thing to do is just get better. Hope you are feeling better today

  12. Sounds like you’ve had a tough week of illness. I hope you’re on the mend! But great job on getting out there and attempting the runs! Don’t be too hard on yourself.

    We all have bad runs(I’ve had many!) but they almost always make us come back stronger!

  13. milebymileblog1 says:

    Its so tough to train while also fighting off being sick. It looks like you did great staying active while also allowing yourself time to recover. Sorry your long run didnt go well, but you had SO many things working against you! You put in plenty of hard work to prepare you for your race.

  14. Elaine says:

    Being sick is no fun. My daughter was battling a congestion last week. The worst part was she couldn’t figure out how to blow her nose and wouldn’t let me be anywhere near her nose.
    Looks like you did the right thing by listening to your body. I’m quite amazed you handled 12 miles after a week of being sick. Hope you’re already fully recovered and having a better week.

  15. :hug: I know that must have been so frustrating for you 😦 You made the right decision in calling it.

    I will spend a little time feeling sorry for myself, and then try to go get some redemption at the next available opportunity. Onward and upward.

  16. pondernwonder says:

    Being a newbie runner, I have more bad runs than good runs. Haha! But the best things about bad runs is that they motivate you to try harder next time. I am sure you’ll do really well at RnR DC. Hoping to run it one day!

  17. We been sick for 2 weeks and just now starting to really feel better. I had a great run Sunday night which I am hoping had kicked started the running bug in me again 🙂

  18. MCM Mama says:

    Cut yourself some slack – those last miles won’t make a difference. FWIW, I’ve never run more than 13 miles before a half marathon. I’ve been running long enough that I’ve learned that sometimes runs suck – some days there’s a reason (certainly you had plenty) and some days there’s not. But a good run always comes along before too long, so the sucky ones are just there to help you with your mental strength.

  19. I am so sorry you’ve still felt bad this week. It sure does take a toll on your body and training. Great job on your 12 mile long run! I sure hope you are feeling better this week! I have been walking a couple days a week with my friend and really enjoying it.

  20. Do NOT beat yourself up over your long run. You were sick ALL week and weather is a HUGE factor – wind resistance is no joke! You are a strong runner and prepared for DC!

  21. MB Jackson says:

    Tough week! I hope when you read this you are feeling even better! I hate it too when you have a set number in your head and on the plan and it just doesn’t work, you still did a great job with those conditions! 🙂 Keep resting!

  22. HoHo Runs says:

    Little Man looks so happy during that run! You definitely made the right call with cutting your long run short. You’ve done the training and you’re well prepared. Concentrate on getting rest and kick the last little bit of that cold/cough/congestion to the curb! Thanks for linking, Kathryn!

  23. Such a smart decision to cut back, I hope you can get over this quickly. I try to get in my 4 times a week runs and I have ideas what I need to complete but dang there is always something to adjust for. Some runs are not as long and others I have to tack miles on.

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