Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend – Day 3 – Little Man’s Diaper Dash!

After arriving back at the hotel after the 10k and quickly showering, we headed over to Wide World of Sports, where the kids’ races were held.  We decided for ease to arrive early and eat an early lunch at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Grill.  During lunch, Preston, my father-in-law, and I all took turns pushing little man around in the stroller, hoping that he’d fall asleep.  He never did, which had me worried about him being super fussy during the dash.

Little man’s diaper dash was at 12 noon, and about 15 minutes before it started we headed out towards the track, which is where the races were held.  When I ordered his Halloween costume earlier in the fall, I had thought that if the weather had cooperated that he might be able to wear his tiger costume for the dash and get another use out of it.  I didn’t expect it to be in the low 80s in November in Orlando though, so even though I had packed the costume I decided instead to dress him in a Mickey t-shirt and shorts.  While I know that he would have looked cute in his costume (there were lots of little kids dressed up for the races), I also know that he was much more comfortable in a t-shirt and shorts.

Each baby raced in a heat with three or four other babies.  For the dash, gym mats had been laid out on the track, which helped protect the babies’ knees.  I loved that there were PhotoPass photographers out on the track to take pictures during the race.  It definitely helped in making it feel like a “real” race!

I initially tried to help little man “walk” his race, but after only a couple of steps he dropped to his knees.  I thought that he was going to start crawling, but instead he just sat there.  Since I was wearing my 10k medal, I decided to take it off and drag it across the mat towards the finish line to see if that might help motivate him.  And it was just the motivation that he needed, because he quickly took off and crawled straight to the finish line.

"Walking" at the beginning of the race before he sat down and watched the other babies Photo Credit: Disney PhotoPass

“Walking” at the beginning of the race before he sat down and watched the other babies
Photo Credit: Disney PhotoPass

Crawling towards the finish line Photo Credit: Disney PhotoPass

Crawling towards the finish line
Photo Credit: Disney PhotoPass

After he crossed the finish line, he received his medal (a rubber medallion).  He also had the choice of water or a juice pouch, as well as a kid’s Clif Bar and applesauce pouch.  It was a nice touch that he received post race treats just like runners after a race do.

As we made our way from the track area back towards the parking lot, we stopped and tried to have little man’s finisher photo taken.  But he was super fussy and just wasn’t having it.  Less than five minutes after putting him back in his stroller he was fast asleep.  The runDisney race magic had worn him out!

He did it!

He did it!

Its exhausting to race!

Its exhausting to race!

After his race, we spent a couple of hours at Animal Kingdom, the highlight of which was seeing The Lion King show.  Later in the afternoon, we park hopped to Epcot, as we had a dinner reservation that evening at Rose and Crown.  Before dinner, we treated ourselves to Canadian cheese soup and a pretzel roll, and then at dinner I fueled myself with a delicious steak.

Celebrating little man's first race at Epcot

Celebrating little man’s first race at Epcot

The soup and pretzel roll was so delicious!

The soup and pretzel roll was so delicious!

Since my father-in-law and I had gotten up early for the 10k, and Preston and I had the half marathon the next morning, we decided to call it a night shortly after we finished up dinner.  We headed back to the hotel, Preston and I laid our race clothes out, and we went to bed full of excitement about the half marathon the next day!

QOTD: At what age did you complete your first race?

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35 Responses to Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend – Day 3 – Little Man’s Diaper Dash!

  1. Too cute! I love the whole concept of the diaper dash, medal, food and all. My kids ran their first races at 3 years old.

  2. Aww, this is so cute! I know he won’t remember this but it will be a great story to tell as he gets older! Fun memories!

  3. Very cute and how fun that he got a medal he can chew on! Just like us…

  4. Karen :0) says:

    Oh my goodness how CUTE! I love the picture with the medal in his mouth! Too funny! This makes me even more excited for Brayden’s Diaper Dash in February!

  5. total cuteness! We took our kids to Disney many times when they were small…but never any Disney races for them (we weren’t really into the race/running scene back then either…so the Disney races weren’t even on our radar).

  6. kitstanwood says:

    I absolutely love that your starting him out young to a healthy lifestyle!!!! (: your an awesome parent!!

  7. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets says:

    Aw, congrats to the little guy! He is too cute. I never did any races as a baby or a kid, not really until track in high school…and I never got a medal haha!

    I’m getting more excited about Disney Princess weekend, my sister and I still need to finalize our plans!

  8. OMG HE IS TOO CUTE!!! I love that he was motivated by bling- just like all the best runners :).

  9. Lesley says:

    He’s already going after the bling!

  10. Oh my goodness – he’s getting so big and still so precious! Love this 🙂

  11. So that’s about the cutest thing I ever did see! Congratulations, Preston!

    I completed my first race at the age of 36.

  12. John @ run. geek. run(disney) says:

    That’s so cute. I’m super excited because my daughter and son will both get to do their first runDisney kid races at WDW Marathon Weekend in January. They done short dashes here at home (big sister a bunch, little bro just 1) but this will be the first time in Disney. I like that they get their own post run food too.

    We weren’t down race weekend but later in November and was surprised how hot it was some days. I only wore jeans once, the rest was all shorts. My daughter’s first race was at 3, inspired by dad’s first race was at the young age of 29.

  13. OMG that is just too cute!
    I have a feeling that might be the first of many medals for your cute little guy, especially growing up with mom and dad runners. That or he will be one fast quarterback, LOL
    I didn’t even know Disney did this, that is just adorable on so many levels!
    Love it your son has me beat by nearly 6 years, my dad didn’t enter me in my first race until I was 7.

  14. omg the diaper dash is the most adorable thing. the kids races are the best deal-a shirt, a medallion and snacks?!!? so fun!

  15. MB Jackson says:

    That is super cute! How many kids competed in that? Let’s see I can’t remember my first dash but that sure is sweet! Love his medal too 🙂

  16. Such cute pics! I didnt even know they have diaper dash races! One day when I take my kids to Disney perhaps they will participate 🙂

  17. Pingback: Friday Five – Happy First Birthday to My Little Man! | From Dancing to Running

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