Holiday Gift Guide and Dick’s Gift Card Giveaway (Courtesy of XShadyside Pittsburgh Gyms)

Disclaimer: The prize for this giveaway is courtesy of XShadyside Pittsburgh Gyms.  As always, all opinions are my own.

Everyday it seems as though more and more holiday decorations are popping up.  Seeing the decorations has me thinking about what I would like to put on my Christmas Wish List this year.  And with me getting ready to train for my first full marathon, many of the items that I’m putting on my wish list this year are running related.  So what’s on my wish list this year?


1.  New pair of running shoes.  With me getting ready to start marathon training in early 2017, I know that I’ll be out logging more miles than I’m currently used to, and will need to replace my current running shoes at least once during the training cycle.  I’m a longtime fan of Mizuno Wave Inspires.

2.  CamelBak hydration vest.  I currently run with either a handheld water bottle, or with a hydration belt, but I know that as the distance of my long training runs increases that I’ll need to be able to carry more water with me.

3.  Wireless headphones.  Its about time that I stop running with the basic white Apple headphones and use headphones better suited for working out.

4.  New workout clothes.  Let’s be honest, is there any such thing as too many workout clothes?  Never!

5.  Race registration fee.  I love to run races as part of my training for my goal races.

Want to treat yourself this holiday season to something on your wish list?  Well you’re in luck!  XShadyside Pittsburgh Gyms is offering one From Dancing to Running reader a $25 gift card to Dick’s Sporting Goods.  Be sure to enter my Rafflecopter giveaway for your chance to win.  The giveaway ends at 11:59 p.m. EST on Tuesday, November 22, 2016.

And if you’re still in search of other gift ideas, be sure to check out the gift lists that I’ve previously shared here on the blog.

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QOTD: What is one fitness item on your holiday wish list?

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49 Responses to Holiday Gift Guide and Dick’s Gift Card Giveaway (Courtesy of XShadyside Pittsburgh Gyms)

  1. Tia says:

    I would like a fitbit and a running jacket with thumb holes! The weather in the morning is very chilly now and I really don’t like wearing gloves.

  2. I’d like another destination race! I’ve got a few on the calendar already…

  3. faithhoperun says:

    A vest,a sports bra, new shoes, and a new Garmin,

  4. You’ve got some great stuff on your list!

  5. Love your list! I want some new running shoes and running clothes!

  6. Emily S says:

    I would love some new Brooks for Christmas!!

  7. Amy Lauren says:

    I really want a new pair of Brooks Launch shoes.

  8. Lesley says:

    I just bought a second pair of shoes to get ready for my next training cycle. What I do need is a new pair of headphones, but I’m going to try to get everything out of these that I can.

  9. Jen A says:

    I have an apple watch on my list to help train for the star wars 10k!

  10. Wireless earbuds are something I really need! I’m still using the old school kind on my bike or on foot. And of course, that gets in the way or gets pulled out too much.

  11. I’m all about maternity stuff these days….

  12. A new pair of shoes! I mean, what runner wouldn’t want that? 🙂

  13. I could use a GPS watch with a longer battery power, that’s for sure!

  14. marywdw says:

    I would love some new running socks for Christmas as I seem to have misplaced some.

  15. I would love to have a good running jacket. Some are so expensive til I won’t buy one myself!

  16. I am really wanting a Fit bit this year.

  17. I’d like a better GPS watch…..suggestions? I don’t want a pricey one with 1,000,000,000 bells and whistles, though. I’m thinking of a TomTom (?)

  18. Great list! I don’t think there’s been a Christmas running shoes wasn’t on my wish list, LOL.

  19. I would really love a race registration or a Garmin 735XT. Fingers crossed! I’ve been a very good girl this year.

  20. i need new running shoes and maybe a new garmin 🙂

  21. Race registrations are a great idea! I have not even started thinking about mine yet

  22. Coco says:

    I’m still in search of the perfect running gloves. I’ve got several pair, but none are “just right.”
    P.S. I like my Nathan vest because the bladder is really easy to clean.

  23. AER says:

    I put new workout clothes and a medal rack on my list!

  24. I could always go for some more InknBurn 😀

  25. MCM Mama says:

    I’m in a pretty good place right now as far as stuff, so maybe a race entry would be a nice gift. I’ve also heard rumors of some new Skirt Sports patterns…

  26. SuzLyfe says:

    Just bought myself a new pair of shoes 😀 But maaaaybe I will ask for another 😀

  27. Great guide. I want gift cards so I can buy all my running gear and money towards my racecations.

  28. MB Jackson says:

    I want a pair of the wireless headphones too! and race $$$$ of course 🙂

  29. Jenny says:

    I need some new Inspires, too! Every run I think it might be my last one in the ones I have. So far I have gotten 50 miles more than I normally do. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  30. Danielle says:

    I would love new training shoes this year for Christmas! My current ones are starting to rip a bit and aren’t offering as much support as they used to!

  31. Julie Raye says:

    i’m looking to get new headphones!

  32. Sandra says:

    I would like an ipod for music when I run.

  33. Elena says:

    I need new running shoes

  34. jeremy mclaughlin says:

    Would like a fitbit.

  35. I need a new pair of running shoes and money to enter a race.

  36. Julie says:

    new shoes are on my list!

  37. Carly Williams says:

    New running shoes are on my list!

  38. Kelly D says:

    I have hand weights on my list.

  39. Elle says:

    I want a new pair of heavier running tights for winter.

  40. Chrissy says:

    I have a fitbit HR Charge on my list, new running shorts and a cute new running top (definitely a want not a need). 🙂

  41. moorek17 says:

    I am asking for resistance bands for stretching and strengthening!

  42. LeAnn Harbert says:

    I want some new jogging shoes.

  43. Lauren says:

    A fitbit is on my list.

  44. Denise L says:

    I’d love a new pair of running shoes.

  45. Michelle B says:

    I need new running shoes but I would also love a new running vest!

  46. Kyle says:

    I would love to get a hydration pack!

  47. I would love a treadmill (tabathia b on form)

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