What I’m Looking Forward to About Wine and Dine Weekend

I had originally planned to share my race costumes today that I’ll be wearing next weekend while I run the inaugural Lumiere’s Two Course Challenge, but I’m still awaiting the arrival of the last piece of one of my costumes.  USPS tracking says that its supposed to be delivered tomorrow, so hopefully you only have to wait until Friday for the big reveal.  So today, I decided to share a list of reasons why I’m very much looking forward to Wine and Dine Half Marathon weekend.

1.  We’ll be sharing the fun of this race weekend with my father-in-law.  Although he’s been to Disney World way more times than I have, this will be his first runDisney experience.  What started off as inviting him to join us for the trip so that he can watch little man during the half marathon on Sunday led to him also registering for the 10k on Saturday.  My husband and I are also looking forward to enjoying a trip to Disney with him and sharing the experience of Disney with him on a more intimate level since our summer trip involved the entire family.

The entire family during our trip in August

The entire family during our trip in August

2.  Little man will be “running” his first race next Saturday, as he will be participating in the diaper dash.  My original plan was for him to wear his Halloween costume during the dash, but looking at the weather forecast and considering that his costume is quite warm, I’m starting to consider a back up plan of what he’ll wear for his first race.

3.  Speaking of the weather, I’ve been starting to stalk the weather forecast for about a week now.  Can we discuss just how perfect this forecast is looking?  I really hope not much changes, and I can’t wait to pull the shorts and tank tops back out of my closet when I start packing this weekend.

This forecast could not be any more perfect!

This forecast could not be any more perfect!

4.  I can’t wait to experience the magic of Disney through little man’s eyes.  One of the things that I enjoyed most about our trip in August was being able to see how he reacted and responded to all things Disney, and I cannot wait to see his reaction this time around, especially when we take him to see Mickey Mouse.

Little man with Mickey when he met him back in August. His reaction to Mickey Mouse was just priceless!

Little man with Mickey when he met him back in August. His reaction to Mickey Mouse was just priceless!

5.  Little man will be getting his hair cut for the first time next Friday.  We’ve decided to take him to the Harmony Barber Shop on Main Street at Magic Kingdom for this exciting event.  His hair has grown quite a bit over the past couple of months and he’s in need of a trim.

6.  We’ll be taking little man for yet another first while we’re at Disney – to his first character meal.  Before we head to the expo on Thursday, we’ll be having breakfast at Cape May Cafe, which is also a restaurant that I’ve never eaten at before.

7.  I hope to be able to meet up with several other bloggers over the course of the race weekend.  While my focus for much of the weekend will be on spending quality time enjoying Disney with the family, I do hope to see bloggers at the races.  Its always fun to be able to meet up, even if its only briefly, with those who I’ve been able to connect with virtually.  I know that Lacey and Meranda, Dani, and Kimberley will be there.  Who else is running Wine and Dine?

8.  Next Sunday I’ll be running my 10th half marathon.  Although we originally registered for this race last year, and then had to defer it, I’m actually kind of glad that it worked out that for my 10th half marathon that I’ll be returning to the place where I ran my first half marathon.  It’ll make this trip, and more importantly this race weekend, extra special before I make the transition to focusing on preparing for my first marathon.

Crossing the finish line of my first half marathon in January 2014. Photo Credit: MarathonFoto

Crossing the finish line of my first half marathon in January 2014.
Photo Credit: MarathonFoto

QOTD: For those of you who are running Wine and Dine, what are you looking forward to about race weekend?

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31 Responses to What I’m Looking Forward to About Wine and Dine Weekend

  1. The face on that munchkin with Mickey is absolutely priceless! I hope his character brekkie is just as much fun for him. And yes, meet up we shall!

  2. Lesley says:

    I remember my first character breakfast. Sensory overload, and I couldn’t really eat. I don’t know how distracted Little Man gets, but I couldn’t sit still and kept running up to different characters.

  3. So fun! I can’t wait to see your costume! I hope your little guy wins the diaper derby!

  4. Sounds like it’s going to be a great time! “Diaper dash” – love it!

  5. That photo of your son with Mickey is priceless! So adorable. 🙂
    Also that is such a great finish line photo! Usually I look like I just stumbled out at war zone by the finish line.
    Good luck next weekend! Wine & Dine looks like a fun race.

  6. I hadn’t even looked at the weather yet, Glad it’s gonna be nice!

  7. Chaitali says:

    Sounds like a great weekend! The diaper dash is adorable and it sounds like this will be a trip of several great firsts:)

  8. Oh I hope USPS delivers on time! I hate waiting on stuff to be delivered.

  9. I can’t wait to see that little cutie running his race!

  10. Aw! I love all of this! Can’t wait to see your costumes!

    The temperatures are a little higher than I would love, but if the humidity is in the 60%s, that’s pretty nice! You’re going to have a blast!

  11. carmyy says:

    The little guy looks SO happy to see Mickey! I’m kind of jealous haha

  12. Sounds like you are going to have an awesome time while in Disney. I’ve never been a huge Disney person, but seeing Disney through the eyes of my kids has definitely made me love Disney so much more. Have a blast!

  13. I have never run a Disney race but have heard so many good things about them!

    OMG…loo at your son’s reaction to Minnie….too precious!

    Have a great time….I can’t wait to see the outfits!

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  15. Juliana says:

    im so excited as well for wine and dine! I will be there running all 3 races so hopefully I will “run” into you while there!

  16. laurenruns says:

    Sounds like a such a fun race experience! Good luck!!

  17. best of luck to you! my friend is running her first half marathon there, im sure it will be a blast!

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