Wine and Dine Half Marathon Training Log – Week 4

First of all, many thanks to all of those who have already started to support me in my journey to training for my first marathon.  While I won’t officially start marathon training until sometime in 2017, the excitement about Chicago most certainly fueled this past week of my Wine and Dine training.  It gave me the motivation to push myself just a tad further during my weekday runs, as I’m trying to start pushing myself to run four miles during my weekday runs instead of my usual 5k to help me make the transition to marathon training.  We had an unseasonably warm week (the high was in the 80s for much of the week), and since I much prefer being hot over cold it was very easy to push myself out the door to get my training runs in.

I loved being able to take advantage of the warm weather last week

I loved being able to take advantage of the warm weather last week

In addition to pushing myself to run further during the week, I also reached a major milestone with my stroller running.  On Saturday I took little man with me for my long run for the week, and for the first time since I started running with the BOB I managed a sub 10 minute/mile pace!

Yay for our fastest run together yet!

Yay for our fastest run together yet!

Not only was this past week exciting because of my big marathon announcement, but it was also exciting because we hit the two week countdown until we leave for Disney World.  I’m starting to work on our packing list (since all parents know that getting ready to travel with a baby is an adventure), and my hope is to get most of our packing done next weekend.  We’ll see how well that plan goes!

Its hard to believe that I’m in the final stretch of my preparation to run my tenth half marathon.  I’m putting the final pieces of my race costumes together and hope to share them with all of you soon!

Mon 10/17 – Rest day

Tues 10/18 – 4.00 mile run, 0.33 mile cool down walk, 15 minutes of strength training (upper body, lower body, abs)

Wed 10/19 – 35 minutes on the elliptical, 30 minutes of weight training (upper body, lower body, abs)

Thurs 10/20 – 4.00 mile run, 0.24 mile cool down walk

Fri 10/21 – Rest day

Sat 10/22 – 4.50 mile run, 0.22 mile cool down walk

Sun 10/23 – Rest day

Total Weekly Mileage – 16.40 miles (6.53 miles less than week 3)

Total Wine and Dine Mileage – 76.69 miles

QOTD: What was your source of motivation last week?

I’m linking up with Holly from HoHo Runs and Tricia from MissSippiPiddlin for the Weekly Wrap link up.  Be sure to check out their posts as well.


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55 Responses to Wine and Dine Half Marathon Training Log – Week 4

  1. joteach5 says:

    Great time of year for a Disney vacation. Our temperatures in Central Florida are finally becoming bearable. You should be able to spend the day at the parks feeling comfortable without dripping in sweat!

  2. Nice training week, my source of motivation were these extra pounds I am trying to drop as vain as that might sound its true. The baby is getting so big and very cute.

  3. Can’t wait to see your costumes!!!!

  4. My kids were older by the time I started running, so I can’t imagine having to push a heavy stroller when I run! Of course, those things weren’t even invented when my kids were little! 🙂

    Congrats on planning for your first marathon. It will be an adventure!

  5. Elle says:

    I would rather be hot than cold too. Hate running in the cold! So fun to be able to take your baby with you! He is so cute.

  6. Chaitali says:

    It sounds like a busy week! I look forward to seeing your costume for the Disney race 🙂 That’s smart to start upping your weekly runs now in preparation for marathon training.

  7. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets says:

    Great job! Love seeing those times get faster! I’ve never run with a costume so I look forward to seeing yours for Wine ‘N Dine so I can hopefully get some inspiration for Disney Princess weekend!

  8. Lesley says:

    Great job. I loved getting outside this week and actually negative split my run on Thursday. That felt good, so Saturday was a shorter, recovery run. My legs were heavy so I just wanted the miles done, no time goal.

  9. Karen :0) says:

    Great job with your fastest time on the BOB! Yay for Disney – 2 weeks will be here before you know it!

  10. Great week for you Kathryn, I’m not sure where my motivation was last week but it has left me this week. I’ve got to get my head out of the sand and out of the weekend to get ready for my race.

  11. acbrandt says:

    Nice job being speedy with the stroller!

  12. Coco says:

    I think the weather motivated me last week, although I’m still struggling with the dark mornings. You’ve got me thinking of Chicago now …

  13. LOL when you go to Disney with kids there is a lot more to pack indeed!

  14. I used to run with the stroller! While I didn’t love it, I loved the time with my little guy (whoever was riding in it at the time!). I tried a double jogger and it just about killed me…

  15. I did lots of walking with a stroller…and also with a double stroller…but never ran with with a kid (or kids) in tow. I would imagine it would throw off my balance (which is already pretty compromised LOL). Can’t wait to see the costumes!

  16. Amazing paces, lady!!!

  17. You are kicking butt!!!

    I am so excited for you and Chicago! That’s going to be incredible!

    And Wine & Dine is going to be great, too! I can’t wait to hear about it!

  18. I think that stroller running is really going to pay off for your marathon training! And I love that your little guy is smiling at the camera (or at least it looks like he is!). So jealous you’ll be in Disney in 2 weeks!

  19. Had to laugh I read the last line quick and my mind say “Week Mileage 76 and I was like holy crap she ran a lot, LOL Even my mind didn’t compute the adding up of the weekly stuff and automatically jumped to Wow:)
    Glad that race entry gave you great vibes! Love that you enjoy running in the heat, I do too. I never can figure out why, but I do:)
    Have a great week Kathryn!!!

  20. Good luck on your race! I am headed to Ny in two weeks, cannot wait! Maybe I’ll get to the wine and dine next year!

  21. I prefer to run in the heat as well. It’s unseasonably warm here in Colorado. We’ve had years where it’s snowed by now!
    I think you’ve inspired me to get out with the jogging stroller today and give it a whirl for the first time. Might as well see how it goes, right?

  22. jaycer123 says:

    Whoa! great pace! you’d totally kick my butt – I can only get 3 miles in by 37 minutes 😀

  23. MB Jackson says:

    great week of training! Did you say race costumes? Can’t wait for the pics!

  24. I probably say this every comment, but oh my gosh your little guy is so cute!! Congrats on a great week of training. 🙂

  25. HoHo Runs says:

    BOB training with the little one has got to be excellent training. I imagine you feel like you are flying without it! I ran in such horrific summer weather for over six months, now I feel extremely motivated because it is finally cooler. My body feels good enough to tackle another full marathon with a few halves thrown in for practice. How exciting you are so close to Wine and Dine and your Disney trip. I think I’ll be going this winter, my favorite time. Thanks for linking, Kathryn!

  26. Awesome job with the BOB! That is hard work.

  27. I’m doing the wine and dine half too!! It’s coming up!

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