2016 Goals Check In

It is mind boggling how quickly 2016 is going.  I know they say that time goes by faster as you get older, but is certainly feels like its flying!  Since we’re at the midpoint of the year, I wanted to check in on my yearly goals, partly to remind myself of my goals but to also evaluate my progress.

2016 Goals

1.  My first goal for this year is to get back to my pre-pregnancy shape.  When I set my goals, I elaborated that I didn’t just want to get my pre-pregnancy body back, but to also rebuild my pre-pregnancy running speed and endurance.  I’d say that with having set multiple PRs for myself already this year (my 5k PR back in April, my 10k PR back in May, and my half marathon PR last month) that I’ve gotten back to my pre-pregnancy running state.  I still have some work to do in terms of my pre-pregnancy body, especially when it comes to muscle tone, but I’m slowly but surely getting there.

Current Grade: B

I've come a long way since my first postpartum run back in January

I’ve come a long way since my first postpartum run back in January

2.  My second goal is to complete three half marathons.  Having completed Rock ‘n’ Roll DC back in March and ZOOMA Annapolis last month, I’m already two-thirds of the way to reaching this goal.  And with Rock ‘n’ Roll Philly and the Wine and Dine Half Marathon still on my calendar for the year, I shouldn’t have any issues reaching this goal.

Current Grade: A

After completing ZOOMA Annapolis last month

After completing ZOOMA Annapolis last month

3.  My third goal is being pickier with the races that I run this year.  So far in 2016 I’ve crossed the finish line of five races, which is significantly fewer than I’ve run at the halfway point of the past several years.  Last week I shared why I won’t be running one of my favorite races this year, which is proof of my progress towards reaching this goal.  I will continue to be picky for the remainder of 2016 since I’m trying to balance family time with running time, especially on the weekends.

Current Grade: A

All in all, I’d say that 2016 is going quite well so far.  In addition to continuing to work on my three big fitness goals, one of my other big goals is to live in the moment with little man.  He has grown so much over the past six months, and I want to cherish all of his milestones, both big and small.  Since returning to work at the end of March, my blogging has taken a back seat.  While I hope to be more consistent with my blogging this summer, I also want to enjoy my time with my little man.

Here’s to a great second half of 2016!

QOTD: How are you doing with your 2016 goals?

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40 Responses to 2016 Goals Check In

  1. Great job on reaching your goals Kathryn! I too am being Picky with racing. I am more on the thought of working my racing around my life and not working my life around racing. Like you mentioned, balance is key. I no longer have Fear of missing out so giving up a race here and there certainly doesn’t bother me.

    • I like your thinking. All too often we get caught up in the excitement of racing and work our life around it. Its important to remember that the majority of us aren’t professional runners and need to also live our lives.

  2. Your postpartum recovery has been incredible! As far as getting your pre-pregnancy body back, I didn’t get back to mine until I was done breastfeeding. For some reason, my body needed to hang onto those extra 10 pounds–both times! I must have needed that to make milk.

  3. Carla says:

    Girl, we are on the same wavelength today. And I’m going to say it 🙂 we are kicking ass and taking names.

  4. I feel like I’ve fallen off the “goals” for the month/year since my half marathon. Lots of time and effort put into training and only to have it feel like I failed (though I did finish the race). Sometimes you just have to have bad races. I need to get refocused on my goals – thanks for the reminder!

  5. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets says:

    You’re doing a great job with your goals for the year, congrats! And I honestly think you deserve an A for goal #1!

  6. Nice job with your goals so far. Um, I guess I should go take a look at what mine were to see how I’m doing 🙂

  7. carmyy says:

    Two A’s! You did a solid job sticking to your goals!

  8. You are crushing it! I know a lot of women struggle with staying fit after giving birth due to both losing fitness level and just being so busy with a new baby, but I think staying fit throughout your pregnancy really helped you nail these goals.

    • Staying active while pregnant had a lot of benefits. And I’ll admit, there are many days now when I’m exhausted from work and taking care of little man that I don’t want to exercise, but I’m so glad when I do finally convince myself to get out the door.

  9. I think you’ve done a great job being active and crushing your 2016 goals!

  10. Ana says:

    Way to go on crushing those goals!! Keep up the excellent work!

  11. Karen :0) says:

    Crazy this year is already halfway over! Great job on reaching your goals thus far! Can’t wait to hear about Wine & Dine! 🙂

  12. Chaitali says:

    Great progress toward your goals for the year! The one about being picker about races is definitely a hard one.

  13. It took me years to get my pre baby shape back! You are making great progress and you look amazing

  14. SuzLyfe says:

    I would totally say that you are killing your goals. Bodies take a while to get back to normal–but you have proven that your body is better than ever with your training!

  15. MB Jackson says:

    Look at those A’s ! You are whipping right into shape 🙂 So far so good this year, I just recorded a 5K PR and I am doing the happy dance!

  16. Way to go! I agree, this year is flying by. I just accomplished one of my big 2016 goals, so yeah — I’m plugging along there. 😀

  17. I think you’re doing great! You are SOOOO spot-on to focus on your time with that little sweetie….they are babies for such a short time 😉 You have many years of running ahead of you, but a very limited time of “babyhood.”

  18. Awesome job you are doing great bounced back so quickly it seems like you just got pregnant. My goals are coming along nicely as well.

  19. You’re doing awesome! I can’t believe you’ve already done 3 half marathons in 2016! I want to find one during late summer so I can do it as part of my long run and practice my fueling.

  20. NoSanchez says:

    I’d definitely grade you A++ for all your goals. I’m 9m pp and finally feeling like I’m close to my prepregnancy body and definitely at my prepregnancy running. The tummy toning is no joke but its coming along. I’m also breastfeeding and I’m glad the recent increase of running hasn’t affected my supply. I’m 5lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight and 10lbs from my goal weight. Though my weight doesn’t really matter as long as I meant my fitness goals and my clothes looks great 😆

    Awesome job again! You’re killing it

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