Change of Plans

Every summer for the past three years, I’ve spent the summer looking forward to Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach.  Not only have I loved closing out the summer at the beach, which is one of my favorite places in the entire world, but I’ve loved having a race to focus my summer fitness on preparing for.  And while I had every intention of running Virginia Beach for the fourth time this year, I’ve come to the realization that training for RnRVB this summer and traveling there over Labor Day weekend just isn’t in my family’s best interest this year.

After running RnRVB last year at 24 weeks pregnant

After running RnRVB last year at 24 weeks pregnant

This is something that has been on my mind for a couple of weeks now.  Its been three weeks since I ran ZOOMA Annapolis, and during these three weeks its been difficult for multiple reasons to get back into the training mode.  After 18 weeks of preparing for ZOOMA, I needed the mental and physical break from training.  And while I only initially intended for the break to be a week or two long, the longer that the break was, the more that I realized that my heart wasn’t into running Virginia Beach this year.  When I brought the topic up with Preston of not running Virginia Beach this year, he was actually relieved to hear about my change of heart about running it this year.

After running RnRVB in 2014

After running RnRVB in 2014

From a training standpoint, the logistics of fitting in my last long training run would be difficult.  We leave Disney World two weeks prior to the race, which ideally should be the weekend of my last long training run for a half marathon.  While I intend to run during the week that we’re at Disney, the reality is that trying to fit in a double digit run the weekend that we leave Disney is just unrealistic.  Plus, coming home for two weeks, getting settled back into a routine here at home, while also starting the 2016-2017 school year, to then travel again for a long weekend doesn’t seem like the smartest decision either.  And since we’ll be traveling again two weeks later up to Philly for Rock ‘n’ Roll Philly, we really just need to spend Labor Day weekend here at home.  And while the extra bling I’d earn from running DC, Virginia Beach, and Philly this year is tempting, I can’t base decisions for running solely on a medal.

Am I sad to not be running RnRVB this year?  Absolutely.  I know that I’m in the minority, but I love summer running, and I love even more being able to run at the beach.  Rock ‘n’ Roll puts on a great event at Virginia Beach, and its the race where I developed my liking for Rock ‘n’ Roll races.  Does this mean that I’ll never run RnRVB again?  Absolutely not.  But 2016 just isn’t the year for me to run this race.

I still have two other half marathons on the calendar for 2016.  I’ll be running Rock ‘n’ Roll Philly on September 18th, and then the Wine and Dine Half Marathon on November 6th.  Eliminating Virginia Beach from my calendar will also make Wine and Dine a bit sweeter too – it’ll be my 10th half marathon and I’ll get to celebrate this milestone by running at Disney World, the site of my first half marathon back in 2014!

QOTD: What tough decisions have you recently had to make in regards to your race calendar?

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44 Responses to Change of Plans

  1. I just made the decision not to run RnR Chicago this summer. My PF has not been making me happy and running in the heat of the summer doesn’t appeal to me either. I have mixed feelings about not running anything this summer (altho I have a 10k on the calendar this weekend).

  2. Coco says:

    It sounds like the right decision for you and your family and will let you fully enjoy your vacation. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I run for fun, and when it causes more stress than it relieves, it’s time to rethink the plan!

  3. I’ve made this exact same decision Kathryn! I have always love RnR VA Beach even though it has always been the hottest race ever!! I decided last year at the very last minute to forgo the race after the death of our dog just a few days prior. I really just wanted to be home with my family and didn’t want to take part it such a HOT race. And ya know what, I didn’t miss it! This year I will be forgoing it again because I have my eye on a race closer to home that I’ve always wanted to do but never did cus it was the same weekend as RnR. When you are a teacher traveling over Labor Day can be stressful cus you are just getting back into the swing of things. It’s a big adjustment. I totally get it!

  4. Lesley says:

    I wouldn’t be traveling, but as much as I want to sign up for a fall race right now, I have a few things in the air and I need to wait to see how they get resolved. I’m awful at waiting, but it’s the smart thing to do to delay, and if things get resolved, then I can sign up for something.

  5. Sounds like you made the right decision for you. I have never run RnR VA beach bc for me going away right before school starts is just to hectic and stressful. Plus you don’t want to feel pressure to have to get in long runs while you are on vacation. Always another race to do!

  6. Sounds like you made the right decision for your family, and you still have some awesome races coming up!

  7. Well at least you still have some other races. You made the right choice. I haven’t signed up for anything this summer but I have had to change plans on races in the past.

  8. haleyduke17 says:

    Oh my yes! I feel your pain mama. But I think you’ve made the right choice. It’s so tough with all the family plans and ordinating schedules.
    I was supposed to run another marathon this fall and I’m beyond thrilled to have my summers all to myself this year. We are planning an international trip next month now and I cannot imagine trying to stay with a marathon plan in a third world country. Running out of the country is scary to me.

  9. Those decisions can be really tough especially if it’s a race you’re looking forward to. But ultimately, sometimes other life plans trump our running plans.

  10. Choosing fewer races that fit with your schedule will make the ones you do get to even more special. I’ve made a decision that after the Disney Half in January that I’ll run with my family, I won’t be running any more races in the first half of 2017 because wedding planning combined with my job means I ultimately just won’t have the time. I like having a race to look forward to every few months, but I think it’s the right call.

  11. I think you’re smart to listen to what your instincts are telling you. You’ve been training hard for a while, most of the way through your pregnancy, with your only break being childbirth. Which is hardly a break. Taking both a physical and mental break from training will benefit you in the long run.

  12. It sounds like you made the right decision. It’s always hard to not run a race you were planning, but you have other awesome ones to look forward to, and this one will be there next year 🙂

  13. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets says:

    Totally agree that it sounds like you’ve made the best decision to not go ahead with Virginia Beach. Usually I end up changing plans with races because I’m injured, ugh! I’ll be running in Philly so it’ll be great to see you again!

  14. Pam says:

    I think you were smart to skip this one. While I love running in VA Beach, that race is particularly difficult in terms of heat and humidity and my coach really thinks it is a poor summer race for me. Maybe if I was younger, but let’s face it, the heat can affect anyone. You will have fun with your fall races and now don’t have to stress about getting in the training.

  15. Elle says:

    I love Summer running too…. would much rather run in the heat. But sometimes you have to make changes. I am sure you will make the best ones.

  16. It’s always hard to decide not to do a big race. A few summers ago I decided not to do my A race of the season because I was just SO tired after a lot of other races that year. It was sad but was definitely the best decision for me.

  17. It’s a hard decision and I love VB too, ran it 3 times, so,I know how hard it is. You made the right decision and VB wil be there next year!

  18. carmyy says:

    It can be a rough one but it seems like you made the right decision!

  19. Those choices are always difficult, but good for you for making the best decision for YOU.
    I decided to cut back on travel and race travel this year – it hasn’t been easy, but I know it was the right decision.

  20. what a great decision to make now when you still have time! the summer gets so busy that it is hard to get everything in. I was hoping to get in another half marathon PR attempt this summer but i dont think that will happen as I am currently working through a swollen knee issue. I am more concerned about healing that correctly with no leftover damage or pain which means I may have to give up the goal of getting a new half PR this year

  21. Sounds like you made a good choice to skip it, even if it was a hard decision to make. What fun to run your 10th half at Disney, too! I’m not doing any Disney races this year, which was hard for me to swallow since I’ve done at least one every year since I started running. It’s just not the best time with the new baby and goodness knows my running isn’t up to snuff yet. 😉 I am signed up for January 2017, so I’m excited about that! 🙂

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