My Goals for Saturday’s Jaguar 5k

Saturday morning I’ll be running my second race of the year, the Jaguar 5k.  This will be my fifth time running this race, making this the race that I’ve run the greatest number of times.

This race has a lot of special meaning to me.  Its an annual athletics fundraiser for the school that I worked at for the first five years of my teaching career.  Not only does running this race every year allow me to give back and assist with school athletics, but now that I teach at a different school participating in the race also gives me the chance to visit with old coworkers and some of the families whose students I taught.

I set my current 5k race PR last year at this race (30:33), and then a couple of weeks back during a training run set a new PR for myself (30:08).  Until two weeks ago, I had high hopes for possibly PRing on Saturday.  However, since I came down with a nasty cold a couple of weeks ago, my running pace hasn’t been what it was before I got sick.  This past Sunday night into Monday, I also came down with the stomach flu.  Although I ran last night, my pace was quite slow compared to what it was a couple of weeks ago.

My current 5k PR is from last year's Jaguar 5k. I loved being able to celebrate post race with a slice of pizza!

My current 5k PR is from last year’s Jaguar 5k.  I loved being able to celebrate post race with a slice of pizza!

I’ll still go out on Saturday and give this race my best, and will be happy with whatever I’m able to accomplish.

Goal A – PR and finish the race in under 30:08 (9:42 pace)

Goal B – Finish the race in under 30:33 (9:50 pace)

Goal C – Finish the race in under 31:00 (9:59 pace)

We’ll see what happens on Saturday!

QOTD: How often do you go into a race completely uncertain as to what you’ll be able to do on race day?

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48 Responses to My Goals for Saturday’s Jaguar 5k

  1. Jennifer says:

    I know how special this race is to you! It has been fun to see you PR there . Have a good race!

  2. I have no doubt that you’ll be able to kick into high gear on race day and break 30 minutes!!!!

    I’m usually uncertain of what will happen during every race I run..haha

  3. There are only a few times that I go into a race thinking I will get a PR. Those are the ones that I train really, really hard for. Sometimes though, for whatever reason, it’s just my day to PR. That’s nice. It’s a bonus really. I try not to have too many time goals because in the end I’m just super happy and proud to have achieved it. I hope your race is everything you want out of it and you hit your target!

  4. I feel like this whole year of running will be “unknown” and more of a celebration of completing distances without any pain. THAT pizza…after a race – worth it! ha ha.

  5. What a special race! I hope your sickness doesn’t interfere and you get that PR!

  6. I say stay hydrated, hopefully, this will help you recover from your stomach flu faster. But then even if you don’t PR, you’re running a meaningful race that’s close to your heart, so just enjoy it and have fun! xoxo

  7. Chaitali says:

    This does sound like a special race! I hope you enjoy 🙂 It looks like Saturday might be the one day without rain this week so that should be in your favor.

  8. Lesley says:

    That’s me for next weekend. I’ve trained, I’ve had PT and dry needling, but I don’t know exactly what my performance will be. You’ll do great on Saturday 🙂

  9. You’ve been kicking butt at your training so I have no doubt you will kill this race. Good luck!

  10. Oh man! I hope you’re feeling better. I think you’ll wake up Saturday feeling fab and you’ll crush it!

  11. This is how I’ve gone into just about all of my marathons, and all of my best races in general–opens up all the possibilities for greatness!

  12. Great goals, I usually just go out and try to do my best.

  13. I’ve sometimes been surprised by a good run after being sick- I think because we’re not putting so much pressure on ourselves .

    Good luck & feel better!

  14. Ana says:

    you are going to absolutely rock this 5K! you have been working so hard ! and even with the small set backs of being sick, you have put all the work in and will conquer this 5K! Have an awesome race!

  15. Every ride day for me in uncertain. It depends on the weather, the route, what I ate, how I slept….

  16. You never know what might happen! Good luck and have fun

  17. Carmyy says:

    You’ve been doing so well, I have a feeling you’re going to PR 🙂

  18. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets says:

    Oh no, a stomach bug too? I hope you feel better for the race. Rooting for you to get that PR! 🙂

  19. Karen :0) says:

    What a fun race for you! I am sorry you’ve been so sick but glad you’re feeling better! Hope all goes well with the race this weekend. I love that you have an A,B,and C goal just in case! That’s a great idea!!

  20. natrunsfar says:

    It’s so fun to go back to a race year after year! You will have a blast no matter what and I am so glad you are feeling better!! 🙂

  21. Pam says:

    Have a great race Kathryn. Being sick close to race day is never fun, but it can make you feel less pressure at meeting a time goal. Hopefully the PR will happen!

  22. best of luck this weekend-I know you are going to get that sub-30!!

  23. Good luck, sometimes life and illness gets I the way of our goals, glad you have 3 to look forward to!

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