April 2016 Monthly Goals

My fitness was definitely a huge focus for me during the month of March.  After not being cleared to exercise until the end of January, and then having weather obstacles and/or difficult days in February, this past month was the first month since having little man that with the exception of only a couple of days that I truly felt like I could exercise the way that I wanted to.  And I’m proud to report that I successfully met the majority of my four monthly goals!

March 2016 Monthly Goals

1.  Run, walk, and elliptical at least 65 miles.

Grade: A

Not only did I meet this goal, but I crushed it.  My March total was 84.9 miles.  If I had realized last night when I was at the gym just how close I was to 85 miles then I would have run or walk just a tad further.  Even though I still have yet to use the elliptical once since I was pregnant, I’m quite proud of all the miles that I ran and walked last month.  A lot of the miles that I walked were completed in the afternoon while outside with little man, pushing him in his stroller.

2.  Run a sub 33 minute 5k.

Grade: A

Just like in February, I met my 5k goal during the first half of the month (I ran 3.11 miles on March 8th in 32:46), and then continued to work on my speed for the remainder of the month.  Last week I ran 3.5 miles in 34:50, a 9:57 minute/mile pace.

My Garmin stats from my March 8th run when I met my sub 33 minute 5k goal

My Garmin stats from my March 8th run when I met my sub 33 minute 5k goal

3.  Strength train at least twice a week.

Grade: B

For the most part, I was able to consistently work on strength training this past month, and the visible evidence of my hard work is starting to show.  Last week I started to see the reappearance of definition in my arms for the first time since late in my pregnancy when I had to back off significantly from weight training.

Finally starting to see definition in my arms again for the first time since I had to cut back on weights towards the end of my pregnancy. Hard work pays off!

Finally starting to see definition in my arms again for the first time since I had to cut back on weights towards the end of my pregnancy. Hard work pays off!

4.  Cross train at least once a week.

Grade: A

Little man and I went for several walks each week in March, so there definitely wasn’t a shortage of cross training on my part.

After an extremely successful March, and my return to work from maternity leave on Monday, I’ll admit that I’m very worried about my ability to keep up with my goals this month.  Its already been a struggle this past week to find a balance of all the demands of my time, and the time that I’ve been able to devote to working out has taken a huge hit this week.  While I want to be optimistic that I’ll eventually feel more confident about my ability to fit everything in, I’m not feeling very optimistic right now.

That doesn’t mean that I want to forget about setting goals for myself though.  I’ve always had the mindset that its better to have goals to work towards, and to fail at reaching them, than to not have any goals at all.  So with that, I’ve set five goals for myself for the month of April.

apr 2016 goals

1.  Run, walk, and elliptical at least 85 miles.

Although my long training runs will be increasing in distance this month, I won’t have as much time for cross training as I did last month.  So instead of striving to increase my monthly mileage in April, I’d like to instead try to meet my March mileage total this month.

2.  Run a sub 31 minute 5k.

Since I successfully ran a sub 32 minute 5k in March, even though my goal was to run a sub 33 minute 5k, I want to strive to take another minute off of my 5k time.  Since I’m signed up for my first 5k of the year on April 30th, I know that I’ll really be pushing myself as hard as I can, especially during that race.

My starting point for the month after running 3.15 miles in 31:25 back on St. Patrick's Day

My starting point for the month after running 3.15 miles in 31:25 back on St. Patrick’s Day

3.  Strength train at least twice a week.

Even if I only have time for a short at home training session, I still need to make sure that I make strength training a priority in order to continue to make me stronger and to help prevent injury.

4.  Cross train at least once a week.

In addition to strength training, I think continuing to make cross training a priority will be one of my biggest challenges this month.  My time to work out is even more limited now that I’m back at work since I did the majority of my cross training in the afternoons during walks with little man.  But incorporating cross training is just as important as strength training is when it comes to becoming stronger and striving to prevent injury.

5.  Work on accepting my limits and that I can’t do everything.

The reality is that I’m only human and that I can’t get everything done on my to do list each day.  Not only do my own needs and desires need to be met, but little man’s do as well.  I’ve been having a very difficult time accepting the fact that I’m not a super human and can’t physically get everything done, especially housework, and so I want to try and work more on accepting this during the month of April.

QOTD: What are your goals for April?

As always, thank you to the DC Trifecta Bloggers (Courtney from Eat Pray Run DC, Mar from Mar on the Run, and Cynthia from You Signed Up For What?!) for hosting the weekly Friday Five Link Up.  Be sure to check out their posts as well!


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43 Responses to April 2016 Monthly Goals

  1. Pam says:

    You have really come back strong from your pregnancy and are already running well. I have no doubt you will reach your 5k goal in April and hopefully crush it. It must feel really good to know you are back doing what you love and improving so quickly too.

  2. Jennifer says:

    You have had a strong return to running. I love that you have set 5K goals the past couple of months, it will be neat for you to plot your progress at the end of the year. Hope you had a good return to work this week.

  3. You are doing amazing! Just don’t be too hard on yourself it you can’t get it all in. You’re doing great!

  4. Lesley says:

    I love 10-minute workout series because if I need to break up strength training, I can do 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there. There are some intense routines because it’s only 10 minutes, but I still feel like I had a good workout with 2 or 3 routines.

  5. You’re a badass – love seeing you succeed!

  6. You are doing great! I just wrote my goals post to go up on Monday! Doing my PT exercises for my hip is one that is on my list.

  7. Girl you are doing amazing!!!! SO much better than I did as a first time mom! I just barely survived and you are exercising and doing great!!! So proud of you!

  8. Way to crush your March goals. I like that you consistently make achievable goals for yourself.

  9. You got so much done in March. It sounds like returning to work will be a challenge, but like you said, better to set goals & fail then to try for nothing & obtain nothing. A little bit every day adds up & your 5K running improved so much in one month I’m sure you can keep that up in April!

  10. Congratulations on conquering your own version of March madness, you’re doing amazingly well!

  11. Brey says:

    I am so inspired by your goals and your accomplishments! So awesome! It makes me strive to add running back into my routine permanently!

  12. You have some awesome goals!!! Good luck! http://www.supersana.com

  13. Congrats on reaching your goals! I also want to improve my 5K time but I don’t have a 5k race on the calendar till September so I have some time..lol (but I suppose I should start working on it now..lol).

  14. Look at those guns!!! Great job lady! I don’t know how you get it all done with little man too, but you are so rocking it! April goals for me?? I have 3 half marathons, and 1 5k in April! I just want to survive! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  15. Amazing job with your March goals!! I love how your goals each month build on the next, it’s so smart and achievable!

  16. Way to go, hot mama! You’re goals are alway so great – I really need to start goal setting like this.

  17. Michelle @ Running with Attitude says:

    You are doing a great job! Way to crush your March goals! Hope April is even better for you!

  18. You are crushing your goals! Congrats on such a strong month of training.

  19. April goals…well, I have a 5K next weekend (Saturday) that I’d like to run a sub 26:00 (It’s been awhile), I have my Fight for Air Climb the next day (I’d like to finally place in the top 3 in my AG…I’ve been #4 and #5), and I have my first 13.1 of the season on May 1…so I’m hoping to continue upping my long runs in a pain-free fashion 😉 I’m on the Prom committee for our high school (I do the stage decs for the Presentation of Couples). Our younger daughter has dance recital April 29 & 30, as well as tennis meets/matches all month…so April is gonna be a little nutzo..

  20. natrunsfar says:

    Awesome job on your March goals!! I hope you have a great first day back to work and your arms are looking good!!! 🙂

  21. you have fabulous and realisitic goals as always! for me, I am been focusing on cross training and strength training and it definitely has helped!

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