My Updated 2016 Race Calendar

Back in January, I shared a very tentative plan for my races for this year.  With little man having just been born, I wasn’t in a place to focus much on putting my race calendar together.  Since then, I’ve been invited back to be a Rock ‘n’ Blogger again this year, as well as a race ambassador for the Fit Foodie 5k.  I’ve also been invited to be a ZOOMA ambassador this year.  My participation with each of these organizations has very heavily helped shape my race calendar for the year.

Like I said back in January, my focus this year will still be on choosing quality races.  Most of the races that I plan to run this year are repeat races, and ones that I’ve had a positive race experience at.

I still haven’t registered for the majority of these races, so this calendar is still very much a work in progress.  But this is what I’m currently thinking in terms of my 2016 race calendar:

March 12th – Rock ‘n’ Roll DC Half Marathon

I shared my race plan for this race yesterday and previously ran this race in 2014.  I’m excited to see a number of other bloggers at the race on Saturday, and to kick off my 2016 race season running in DC.

After crossing the finish line of RnRUSA, now called RnRDC, back in March 2014

After crossing the finish line of RnRUSA, now called RnRDC, back in March 2014

April 30th – Jaguar 5k

This is one of those local races that I’ll continue to run every year because of the personal connection that I have with this race.  This race is an annual athletics fundraiser for the high school that I worked at for the first five years of my teaching career.  Its also where I ran my current 5k PR last year.

May 21st – Fit Foodie 5k

I ran this race last year, and am looking forward to being able to fully enjoy the post race experience this year since I’m not pregnant.  Want to join me for this race?  Use discount code DANCINGTORUNNING to save 10% on your registration.

Before the start of last years race

Before the start of last year’s race

June 4th – ZOOMA Annapolis Half Marathon

I’ve been wanting to run a ZOOMA race for awhile now, and am very much looking forward to running a race in a city that I haven’t run in before.  Want to join me for this race, or want to run ZOOMA Cape Cod or ZOOMA Florida this year?  Use discount code KATHRYN16 to save 10% on your registration.

September 4th – Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon

Anybody that knows me well knows that I’m a huge fan of anything and everything that has to do with the beach.  For the past three years, Preston and I have closed out our summer in Virginia Beach.  In 2013 I ran the 5k and both in 2014 and last year I ran the half marathon.  I’m excited about the idea of once again ending the summer at a place that I thoroughly enjoy.  Want to join me for this race, or want to run another Rock ‘n’ Roll half or full marathon this year?  Use discount code DANCINGTORUNNING to save $15.


September 18th – Rock ‘n’ Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon

I ran this race for the first time last year at 32 weeks pregnant.  I thoroughly enjoyed the course and am looking forward to giving this race another try while not pregnant to see just how fast I can run this course.

Baby Thayer and I post race back in October

Baby Thayer and I post race back in October

October 9th – Army Ten Miler

I ran this race back in 2014 after volunteering in 2013.  I loved the course, as well as the crowd support, and am contemplating a return to this race this year.  Registration usually sells out the day that it opens, so I’ll have to make a decision later in the spring when registration opens.

October 30th – Marine Corps Marathon 10k

This race has been on my bucket list for awhile, and 6.2 miles would be a great last long run before I run Wine and Dine the following weekend.

November 5th – Wine and Dine Half Marathon

Preston and I have been looking forward to running this race since we registered last March.  Although it was sad that we had to defer the race to this year, we’re very excited about fully experiencing our next runDisney race.

So there you have it – my current thinking for the 2016 race season.  I’m sure some changes will be made, especially as my personal calendar evolves throughout the year.  But one thing is for certain: running will continue to be a big part of my life this year!

QOTD: What race(s) are you most looking forward to running this year?

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37 Responses to My Updated 2016 Race Calendar

  1. Army 10 miler is definitely high on my list since it’s one that Adam is really interested in too. I’m hoping that we might be able to easily get a spot since military registration opens up first. Looks like a good race calendar! I figured your surprise was signing up for NYCM lottery. Clearly I was way off!

  2. FitFoodie 5K and the MCM 10K are on my list too! I think you will enjoy the latter. Depending on when the Dulles Runway 5K/10K is, I may consider that one.

  3. I’m excited to see you run your first race this weekend! You haven’t skipped a beat!

  4. Like you, I am picking quality over quantity and hopefully doing a little less traveling for races this year. Because we didn’t do princess this year we are planning to do wine n dine too! We shall see how that turns out though! Good luck this weekend, I think your gonna have a blast for your first race back!

  5. That’s so exciting that you are already running RnR this weekend. Have an amazing time!

  6. Chaitali says:

    Sounds like some great races! I’m seriously thinking about the Army 10 miler too. I figure I’d probably have to do 10 miles around then for my November half marathon training anyway. I did the MCM 10k last year and it is such a great race!

  7. Lesley says:

    They all sound like great races. The MCM 10k is on my bucket list, so one day I’ll get out there.

  8. Sounds like a full schedule with a good combination of race distances and destinations. Good luck!

  9. You’ve got a great race calendar lined up. I’m mostly just focusing on my one marathon this year rather than running a ton of races.

  10. You have some awesome races on your list! I was hoping to do RNR Philly, but I’ll be on vacation that week. Hoping to do RNR Brooklyn instead!

  11. Have a great time at all of your races! I’m looking forward to the Fargo Marathon this year and possibly hitting up another marathon in the Fall 🙂 We’ll see!
    Amy @

  12. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets says:

    You have a great list of races on tap for the year! I hope to see you on Saturday (or Friday?). ZOOMA Annapolis was so nice last year, unfortunately I’ve got another race that same day.

  13. I’ll be cheering right before mile 12 Saturday. Look for me on the left hand side of the road! 🙂

  14. great calendar so far! I am hoping to do wine and dine as well especially with the rumored updates coming with challenges and a 10k-we shall see!

  15. Karen :0) says:

    What a fun race calendar! Can’t wait to read the recaps!! 🙂

  16. Looks like you’re in for a fun year! I’ve never run ZOOMA Annapolis, but I’ve heard the course is similar to the Annapolis Half. If that’s the case, prepare yourself for that Naval Academy Bridge! It is no joke! I’m taking quality over quantity this year too. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of signing up for ALL THE RACES! Best of luck this year!

  17. I hope I will be at wine and dine!

  18. Pingback: Friday Five – Five Things I Love About Spring | From Dancing to Running

  19. Ana says:

    That looks like an awesome race schedule!!

    Have an awesome Race Sunday! It’s going to be an awesome weekend!

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