I’ve Been Keeping a Secret – My 2016 Race Season Starts on Saturday!

I’m usually pretty bad at keeping secrets.  I only discussed the possibility of this idea with a few select people, partly to keep it a secret, and partly because I was afraid of the reaction that I’d get if I publicly discussed the debate that I had been having with myself.  I only put this plan into action last week and slowly started sharing this with others.  For a number of reasons, I opted to wait until the last minute to share.

You may recall that I’m a Rock ‘n’ Blogger.  This year as a Rock ‘n’ Blogger I received a complimentary global tour pass, which gives me the opportunity to run all of the Rock ‘n’ Roll series races in 2016 that I want to.  If only travel funds and time off from work were endless, because there are a lot of races that I’d like to run and a lot of cities that I’d like to travel to.

In our Rock ‘n’ Blog Facebook group a number of other bloggers shared their plans to run Rock ‘n’ Roll DC this coming weekend.  As more bloggers shared their plans, I started to get fear of missing out.  I know that I shouldn’t ever make decisions based on FOMO, but I’ll admit, that did play a small role in my decision for this coming weekend.

Then a couple of weeks ago Rock ‘n’ Roll revealed this medal – a challenge medal that participants who complete Rock ‘n’ Roll DC, Virginia Beach, and Philly will receive in September after completing the third of the three races in Philly.  You all know that I’m always up for a fun challenge!

Photo Credit: Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series

Photo Credit: Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series

That medal spurred my motivation even more.  I really badly wanted to do whatever I could to participate in Rock ‘n’ Roll DC.  I thought about running the 5k, but it starts in a completely different area of town than the half and full marathons do, so I’d miss out on meeting up with others prior to the start of the race.  Plus, I wouldn’t be eligible to earn the Eastern Odyssey medal if I ran the 5k.  Although I haven’t 100% committed to Virginia Beach or Philly yet, I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to earn this medal.

If by this point you haven’t already figured out my secret, its that I’ll be running/walking Rock ‘n’ Roll DC on Saturday (as long as my foot is cooperating).  My ZOOMA Annapolis training plan calls for a long run of 7-8 miles this weekend, so my game plan for Saturday is to run the first 7-8 miles and walk the remaining 5-6 miles of the half marathon.  If I could run/walk Rock ‘n’ Roll Philly back in October at 32 weeks pregnant (which I ran 3 miles of and walked the remaining 10), then I’m confident that I can run/walk DC this weekend.  I love running races as training runs, but I also don’t want to overdo it on Saturday, which is why I won’t push my postpartum fitness further than I should at this point and won’t attempt to run the entire race.

If you’re registered for DC and want the chance to earn the Eastern Odyssey medal, then its time to start thinking about registering for Virginia Beach and Philly.  And you can save $15 off of each of those races by using discount code DANCINGTORUNNING.


I last ran Rock ‘n’ Roll DC (then named USA) back in 2014, so I’m excited to revisit this race.  I love that the course takes runners past some of the monuments, but then also winds through DC neighborhoods that aren’t usually included in other DC races.  And the current weather forecast is looking great for this coming weekend, which has me even more excited to kick off my 2016 race season with RnRDC!  And many thanks to those of you who were my sounding board as I debated registering for this race, especially Krissy, Kathleen, and my husband, because if it weren’t for you guys then I may have not registered for this race.

QOTD: What was/is your first race of 2016?

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48 Responses to I’ve Been Keeping a Secret – My 2016 Race Season Starts on Saturday!

  1. What a surprise! I think you have an excellent plan and it is going to be such a nice weekend. Too bad Calvert Hill isn’t after the 7-8 mile mark 😉

  2. MCM Mama says:

    I’ll be at RNR DC this weekend. I plan to run the first 10 miles and then see where I am, since my training was close to non-existant. It should be a great weekend for a run!

  3. Pam says:

    Wow, this is very exciting news. You have been really diligent about going to the gym post childbirth, and with so many half marathons under your belt, your body is used to it. Have fun and hopefully enjoy some nice springtime weather.

  4. Melissa @ See Dav Run says:

    Have a great training run/race! I’ll do anything (almost) for a challenge medal 🙂

  5. Ana says:

    I’m running R&R DC too!! It’s my first race in DC and I’m super excited! I hope I can ask you ask you a question… Do they have bib pick up on Race day? I’m not able to get there until Saturday morning.
    I have been known for registering for races, and keeping it a secret until I absolutely have to tell… like when my fiancé wants to make plans for a future date, but I have registered for a race… !!

    I hope you have a great race!

  6. So excited for you Kathryn! You’re going to have so much fun! And that challenge medal is awesome!!!

  7. Chaitali says:

    Yay, that’s exciting 🙂 I’ll keep an eye out for you. It sounds like you have a good plan with running the amount in your training plan and just walking the rest. Plus, it has such a generous timing allowance that this should still allow you to finish in plenty of time.

  8. Woohoo for RnR DC! Have so much fun! Can’t wait to read about it 🙂

  9. Wow, fingers crossed that all goes well for you!

  10. Lesley says:

    Good luck, and it sounds like you’ve got a good plan. That darn bling :-p but it looks really nice.

  11. Sharon says:

    Sounds like you have a great plan! Have a great time! It’s so hard to resist, I’d do all the races too! 🙂

  12. SuzLyfe says:

    Get it lady! You might just get that 5k goal this weekend!

  13. Karen :0) says:

    So. Much. Fun!! I can’t wait to read your recap!!

  14. I love your secret!!!! Good luck Saturday, I think it’s awesome you’ll be running your first post pregnancy race and first race of the year:)

  15. wow, good for you! so… I’m registered for the half and considered dropping to the 5k but was considering running 10 and walking 3. I hadn’t run that by my coach yet but if I decide and you need a walking partner 🙂 let me know!

  16. So excited for you! My first race was on January 9, a local half marathon. I can’t wait to get my #RocknBlog season started though!

  17. nicole says:

    Sounds like a good plan. I am thinking about running the Philly Half. Maybe I will see you there?

  18. Steffany R. says:

    I’m so excited you decided to sign up!! I can’t wait to meet you there!!

  19. Congrats this is exciting news! Sound like you have a great plan!
    As you may recall, my first race of 2016 was the wdw marathon. Now i’m done for the year…lol. Just kidding. I did not apply for Rnr again this year cus honestly there weren’t many races that I wanted to travel for. I’ll leave that part up to my sister. I think she haas more energy than me anyway!

  20. what a surprise! i think your plan is going to work-cant wait to hear the recap!

  21. Run Away With Me says:

    This is awesome! I think you have a great plan in place. I could never say no to a medal like that – and I never say no to DC races! They have the best views. Good luck this weekend!

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  23. Carmyy says:

    I’d run for that medal too! My first race will be this coming Sunday! eek!

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  25. What an awesome goal! I ran RNR VA Beach back in, oh, I think 2009? It was a lot of fun, but HOT!

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