Let the Training for Half #7 Begin!

Even though I resumed running just under two weeks ago, its already time to start thinking about training for my first major post postpartum race, ZOOMA Annapolis.  As long as training goes well, I’ll be running the half marathon on June 4th, otherwise I’ll drop down to the 10k.


ZOOMA Women’s Race Series

For all six of the half marathons that I’ve run, I’ve followed a modified version of Jeff Galloway’s 18 week half marathon training plan.  His plans promote running only three times per week, as well as a slow increase in mileage.  Since it feels like I’ve been starting over with my running, a slow progression in mileage is exactly what I need right now.  An 18 week training plan also offers me plenty of flexibility when it comes to making necessary changes as needed without sacrificing the importance of completing all of my long training runs.  Whether its another blizzard that comes our way this winter, unforeseen circumstances with little man, or trouble balancing everything when I return to work from maternity leave, an 18 week training plan will give me more than ample time to feel more comfortable running again, even if I have to miss some of my planned runs.

Preston and I got to meet Jeff Galloway at the Disney World Marathon Weekend expo back in January 2014

Preston and I got to meet Jeff Galloway at the Disney World Marathon Weekend expo back in January 2014

I’m very excited about ZOOMA Annapolis.  Not only will I be running in a city that I’ve never run in before, but I’ll also be running as an ambassador for the ZOOMA race series.  You can join me in Annapolis, or sign up for one of the other ZOOMA races (Cape Cod or Ameila Island) and save 10 percent off your race registration using discount code KATHRYN16.

I’ll be kicking off my training tonight with a three mile run on the treadmill at the gym.  I’m excited to see what kind of progress I can make during the next 18 weeks.  My current thinking is that my main goal for ZOOMA Annapolis will be just to cross the finish line, but who knows, maybe training will go differently than I anticipate that it will and I’ll be able to push myself to a new half marathon PR (though I know that that’s probably unrealistic).  As I have with my past training cycles, I’ll be recapping my weekly training here on the blog, starting next Monday, as a measurement of holding myself accountable and staying on track with my training.

QOTD: What’s the next major race on your race calendar?

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57 Responses to Let the Training for Half #7 Begin!

  1. Yay! I’m very happy for you! I can’t wait to follow your training and join you in Nap Town.

  2. Sounds like a great plan! Slow mileage increases sounds like a great plan for this half marathon. No races on this girl’s calendar unless you count my comme ci-comme ca commitment to DL Paris! 🙂 Hope you have a great week!

  3. I love your restraint. You’re going to just great with this plan!

  4. Lisa Davis says:

    So exciting to have a race on the calendar!! I got your link off the For Two Fitness Facebook page. I love to follow my fellow runners. I’ll be particularly interested in how things go post baby! I didn’t log my runs after my first little one so I’m looking forward to my journey after this pregnancy. You should feel no pressure to have a time goal for this race, but I understand, as a runner, it’s hard for us not to have goals in mind. Good luck with training!

  5. Elle says:

    Great for you to be getting back at it so soon! I used an 18 week/3 times per week plan too, but did find that I really peaked at 16 weeks and the final 2 weeks were too much for me… I know you are a more seasoned runner than me with longer distances and I hope it goes well for you. Will be interested to read as you progress!

  6. Good for you for getting back out there so quickly, and being an inspiration to others while you’re at it!

  7. yahoo! I’m kicking into gear this week, as well, for half marathon #6!

  8. I think you have a pretty good plan! Good luck tonight with your three miles. My next race is an 11K at the beach. I don’t know how “major” that is but I think it will be fun!

  9. Love the start of new journeys. It’s fun and exciting and well, a lot to look forward to. Good luck!

  10. Chaitali says:

    I’m a fan of the long training plans too because I like the added flexibility 🙂 Good luck with the training!

  11. Lesley says:

    I have my post ready for tomorrow, but I’m also doing a modified Jeff Galloway plan for Tink. I knew I needed help with planning out my long runs, and then how much to do each week. I like what you mentioned, that it’s a slow building process and I hope to avoid injury.

  12. Good luck and have fun with your training!! I am running my 7th Half Marathon in April!

  13. Sounds like a smart plan! Enjoy your run tonight. Been nice to see your insta TM pics again 🙂

  14. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets says:

    Man I wish I was going to Annapolis to meet you and the other Ambassadors, I’ve got another race the same day! I look forward to following your training, I bet you’re going to do great! My next big race is Cherry Blossom in April, just started officially training last week!

  15. Very cool about being back to running and officially starting your half training!
    You’ll do awesome, I already know that about you!!!
    Wish I had a race to share but I am getting slowly back into running, I was given the okay to even start today. Which I plan, though I may have to hop on the treadmill, there is a winter storm blowing in. But that’s okay, I can’t go very far right now so 15 minutes on a treadmill won’t kill me, LOL

  16. I love your spirit and Zooma is a great goal race. I always love how they have the 2 options too bc well you just never know. I have no doubt you will get there!

  17. Have fun! I am running the Princess half in a couple weeks!

  18. Taking your training slow sounds like an amazing plan! Excited for you!!! My next major race is the Glass Slipper Challenge!!!!! 🙂

  19. You’ve got a lot on your plate but sounds like you have a great plan ahead of you! I start training for my half soon (June 19th) and am enjoying building my base right now.

  20. Galloway training plans have always been great for me. Like feeling like I have the time and flexibility to fit everything in, and his plans definitely offer that. Have so much fun in Annapolis. I have some biggies on the calendar, but the next one in my crosshairs is the Glass Slipper Challenge in less than three weeks.

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  22. thebarbella says:

    A disney race is definitely next on the bucket list. It may not be this year but certain in the next couple.

  23. sounds like a great plan! I also modify jeff galloway’s plan for all of races

  24. Jessica says:

    You can do it!! I definitely want to do a Disney half. I think thats the only half marathon I could finish!

  25. Zooma looks like a great race, I would love to do one eventually. Good for you for getting back to it!

  26. Good luck to you!! this one has actually been on my list as a maryland race since my mom want to run in as many states as possible.

  27. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    I think an 18 week training plan is definitely the way to go! I’m debating on the half or 10K. The half course during the summer is not really ideal, but we’ll see!

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