My Long Awaited 2016 Goals

I purposely didn’t set any goals for 2016 prior to now.  While I set my usual monthly goals at the beginning of January, I wanted to wait until after I was cleared by my OB to resume running and other forms of exercise to set my big picture goals for the year.

Last Wednesday when I completed my first postpartum run

Last Wednesday when I completed my first postpartum run

2016 will be all about rebuilding – rebuilding my strength, my stamina, and my overall fitness abilities.  While I was able to successfully remain active for much of my pregnancy, including continuing to run until I was 32 weeks pregnant, I of course had to make numerous adjustments to my exercise regimen, including slowing my pace down and reducing the amount of weight training that I was doing.  While I’m eager to get my pre-pregnancy body back and return to my pre-pregnancy abilities, I’m also realistic in that I know it will take time and work for that to happen.

Since being cleared by my OB a week ago today, I’ve been able to run once as well as start some strength training exercises.  While I would have liked to work out more than I have over the past week, a combination of this past weekend’s blizzard as well as the realities of being a mother to a five week old baby have prevented that from happening.  I’m also trying to not overdo it.

My focus for 2016 will be centered on three main goals:

2016 Goals

1.  Get back to my pre-pregnancy shape, not just my pre-pregnancy body shape but also my pre-pregnancy running pace and endurance.  Though I’m excited to be able to be physically active again, I also recognize the importance of pacing myself as I exercise and to not push myself too hard too quickly.

2.  Train for and run half marathons #7, 8, and 9.  In 2014 I completed three half marathons, and I completed another three in 2015, two of which were while I was pregnant.  It seems natural to set my sights on completing another three this year, two of which have already been chosen.  I plan to run ZOOMA Annapolis in June and Wine and Dine in November, so that leaves me with only one other half marathon to choose.

3.  Focus on running quality races this year.  Like I shared last week, I will not be focusing on completing a specified number of races this year.  Instead, I want to be pickier in the races that I choose to run.  This choice is for a number of reasons.  For one, my priorities have shifted, particularly when it comes to wanting to focus on quality family time over the weekends.  Much of my weekend time last spring and summer was spent on training for and/or running races, and I don’t want that to be the case in 2016.  While running will continue to be an important part of my life, I want to ensure that I’m finding a balance between working out and being a mom to my little man.  In the past I’ve gotten very wrapped up in the excitement of running lots of races, and I don’t want that to be the case this year.

So there you have it – my three fitness goals for 2016.  I’m excited to see what 2016 has in store for me, both personally as well as physically, and will continue to use my regular monthly goal setting to help me stay focused on making progress towards meeting these three goals.

QOTD: What is one of your goals for 2016?

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53 Responses to My Long Awaited 2016 Goals

  1. Pam says:

    This makes so much sense given your new role as mother to your precious little boy. Running will always be there, and spending time with your family is more important than any outside activity. I’ve also gotten away from tons of races and try to make each one a quality race. It’s also expensive to “run all the races”

  2. These sound like very good, attainable goals! I’ll be curious to see the other half marathon you select. I’m actually not setting any goals this year as part of my focus of self-improvement. 🙂 I’m hoping that it will give me the freedom to be more successful and not bound by some parameters I set for myself…sounds counterintuitive but it’s something my coach and I think is good for my personality type.

  3. I think your goals are very reasonable. As a mom, it’s all about finding balance. During your pregnancy, you did a great job pulling back when you needed to. I have no doubt you will continue your thoughtful fitness journey through motherhood!

  4. You are doing great Mama!!! I love that you still have goals but your number one priority is being a mom!

  5. Noel Paine says:

    Stay strong! I am a new running dad supporting a new mom who is trying to get back into shape after c-section. Sometimes not as much support/guidance on how to do so! Run on!

  6. One of my main goals was nothing fitness related. It was just to block off a few minutes every morning and every evening to self-reflect. (Which, in turn, has actually contributed to some fitness/nutrition gains!)

  7. Good luck to you in meeting all your goals, with your new training buddy to cheer you on!

  8. You’ve taken the first step of any goal and that is to become accountable to them. Great job and I agree with Wendy it is all about finding balance. 🙂

  9. Maureen says:

    Great goals! I still have to do my 2016 goals post…lots to think about!

  10. krissy m. murphy says:

    See you at Wine and Dine! ❤ Can't wait for our babies to meet.

  11. Great goals!
    I feel like I’m stepping back a bit with my goals and I’m totally fine with that! More quality over quantity this year as well.

  12. You are very ambitious with selecting 3 half marathons! I don’t know what my year will be like yet but I don’t have 3 halves that I want to do. Good luck with your goals and we will be cheering you on all the way!

  13. You are ambitious and hard working so I have NO doubts that you will reach your goals!

  14. I think those are great goals for this year! Your a smart runner getting back into things slowly and not over doing it.
    Honestly, I do have a few goals this year for running. But each time I mention my own online over the past 3 years it’s jinxed it, so I decided a few months back this time I am trying things different, I’ll mention them after and see if that makes a difference, LOL LOL

  15. I really like the idea of choosing quality!! You’re wise. Plus, you’ll be enjoying more quality time with your new wee one. ❤

  16. Lesley says:

    These sound like great goals, and good luck. Can’t wait to read your progress.

  17. Sounds like a solid plan. I’m amazed with how you’re fitting fitness right back into your lifestyle. Makes me think if I ever decided to have kids one day I could do it too.

  18. You did a great job of staying active while pregnant but don’t put too much pressure on yourself. This first year can be tough! You will get there but be patient with yourself. 🙂

  19. Ariana says:

    Those sound like excellent goals! You did such an amazing job at staying active while you were pregnant – I’m sure you’ll be back to your pre-pregnancy fitness in no time! One of my goals is to cut my triathlon time by 38 minutes!

  20. mkadens1 says:

    I’m excited for you and your fitness goals going forward as a mom. All the best working toward them with your new running buddy!

  21. Coco says:

    These are great goals. Make sure you give yourself time for that first goal, and longer if you’re nursing. You are looking great already.

  22. Run Away With Me says:

    Love your goals! Especially the one about prioritizing races instead of doing a ton. I’m thinking about doing the same thing too – I don’t need to run everything I find!

  23. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets says:

    You have great goals for the year, very balanced and realistic. I guess you’re not considering coming back to Philly for the Rock and Roll Half in September?

    • That’s one of the many races I’m considering Janelle, but there’s a lot of other factors that will play into our calendar this summer and fall that need to become a bit more concrete before I choose another half marathon for this year.

  24. great goals! I am excited to see how your goals progress

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