2016 Race Calendar

Unlike the past couple of years, 2016 will be unique for multiple reasons.  Not only will my postpartum recovery shape much of my fitness decision making during the first part of the year, but my priorities when it comes to my running, specifically racing, have also shifted.  In past years, I sought to complete 14 races in 2014 and 15 races in 2015.  I will not, however, be going after 16 races this year.

Instead, I want to focus on being pickier in the races that I choose to run this year.  I will be prioritizing quality over quantity when it comes to my 2016 races.  With priorities having shifted at home now that my little man is here, I don’t want my focus over numerous weekends during the spring, summer, and fall to be on running races.  However, because I use training for races as motivation to keep up with my fitness, I still want to train for and run races.

I currently only have one race on my race calendarWine and Dine Half Marathon in November, which Preston and I decided to defer from 2015 after finding out that we were pregnant.  I will also be running ZOOMA Annapolis in June, and though I intend to run the half marathon I may switch my plans to running the 10k depending on how my running is going once I’m cleared by my OB to start running again.  (And speaking of ZOOMA, you can save 10 percent on any ZOOMA Annapolis, Cape Cod or Florida race by using discount code KATHRYN16.)

I can't wait to run my next runDisney race in November! Photo Credit: runDisney

I can’t wait to run my next runDisney race in November!
Photo Credit: runDisney

Those are the only two races that are currently on my calendar.  Sure, there are plenty of other races that I’d like to consider adding to my race calendar, but there’s a number of variables that will affect the races that I choose to run this year, including how my return to running goes, as well as how balancing training with raising little man goes.  Its something that I’ll just have to play by ear, and I’m sure in the coming months that I’ll have a better idea of how to balance the two as well as a better idea of how many other races I might be able to register for this year.

QOTD: What races are you planning to run this year?

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59 Responses to 2016 Race Calendar

  1. I’ve only registered for two races so far (two half marathons in June/September). I used running as my way to get back to shape with both of my girls. It was hard at first because your body is so different and breastfeeding made it a little more challenging. However, if you want to do it, you figure out a way that works for you.

  2. Planning best of all to run the NYC Marathon in November! Before then, after last weekend in Florida, another half this Sunday and one in March, both local Road Runners races in NYC. Otherwise we shall see…

  3. Pam says:

    I also have quality over quantity this year as I did in 2015. My biggest races on the calendar are the London Marathon and the Disneyland Paris Half and 5k. Aren’t you glad you missed the splash and dash at Wine and Dine 2015? You picked the perfect year to defer!

  4. I ran the Wine and Dine last year which unfortunately due to weather did not go as planned. But the bf and I still had fun and the after party was very cool! I am sure you will have a great time.

  5. I think I’m taking the same approach as you are — I feel like my body has just had enough with the constant racing, and I think it’s time to focus on only a handful of races and really trying to improve as a runner. Whether or not that will actually happen is another story, but, that’s the plan for 2016. But as of now, I have NOTHING officially on the calendar! 😉

  6. Lesley says:

    I only have one 10k this year, and I’m going to see how I feel after that. I might do a 5k or two during training to break up the monotony, but I won’t sign up for anything more until after the 10k.

  7. I’ve definitely been a little more pickier about my races lately as well. I used to just race to race. But I feel like doing too many races has led me to injuries. So this fall I cut back on my racing and it seemed to help. But this is about to be my busy race season. So I’m hoping I can keep any injuries at bay. You are playing it smart by not running too many races right now. Becoming a mom is such a huge change in your life. I love that your are taking everything slow so you can adjust to your new life.

  8. I’m really hoping to do wine and dine, too!

  9. I certainly don’t blame you for cutting back on races this year. You have much better things to focus on!
    I too will be cutting back on racing and like you picking quality over quantity and hopefully doing ones closer to home. I have a few other things I want my focus to be on instead of running.

  10. That sounds like a great goal for the year. No need to overwhelm yourself with bigger race plans. The first year of a baby never goes as planned oh wait that’s all the years 🙂

  11. Wine & Dine is still on my bucket list! Let’s see… this year I have the Syracuse Half Marathon and the NYC Marathon for sure. Hopefully I’ll get into the Brooklyn Half if I sign up fast enough. I’m sure I’ll pepper in a few more, but like you, I’m going for quality this year 🙂

  12. I’ve only got 2 races on my list so far this year–Sarasota half in March and Big Sur Marathon in April. Have I talked much about Big Sur? 😛 After that we’ll see…

  13. Sarah Mears says:

    Smart 🙂 Why over commit when you know it’s not realistic. I feel like some moms make it look easy, but it was definitely a learning curve when my son was born figuring out how to balance/handle it all! Congrats on the little man too!

  14. MCM Mama says:

    I have a lot of races this spring. I may or may not actually get to do them as I’m waiting for my son’s soccer schedule. (Yeah, kids just keep making racing challenging, even when running itself gets easier to fit in…) The only thing set in stone is the New England Series in May. Everything else may be money thrown away (or never spent – I’m going with just paying the higher fees if I can actually run versus paying the lower rates and then not running.)

  15. I think that’s great! My calendar is pretty crazy with races right now. Participating in the local races ties in with my job, so it just sort of happens that way. Big ones include the Gate River Run, Glass Slipper Challenge, Space Coast Half Marathon, and the Publix Savannah Women’s Half.

    I always try to go for one a month, because it keeps my training on track.

  16. runsaltrun says:

    I have registered for exactly zero races yet, but I have at least 10 that I want to do. It’s all going to boil down to finances in the end.

  17. Jennifer says:

    I’m focusing on 5 and 10ks for the spring. Hopefully my first half in October (after 2015’s Wine and Dine disaster), and then running the Disney World Half Marathon as a charity runner in 2017.

  18. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    Quality over quantity sounds like a great idea. That is my plan for this year as well! I have only a few races on my calendar as well which is unusual. Usually I know my plan for the year so it feels a bit weird!

  19. NutriFitMama says:

    I don’t have any races on my calendar yet, but this post has motivated me to just do is! I did the Zooma one in FL last year and it was AMAZING! The Wine and Dine one sounds excellent as well!

  20. Kim Hatting says:

    Quality over quantity is key….not just for racing, but overall fitness (my opinion LOL). I have a 10K in March, and a 13.1 in September that are paid for…but many others on the calendar yet-to-be-registered. I have usually do a theme with the “year” numbers…but have not come up with a clever 16-theme yet for 2016. I did 14 distance events (greater than 10K) for 2014, and 15 new (to me) events in 2015…..any suggestions for 2016? 😉

  21. I haven’t signed up for any races this year, but I plan to run a bunch. I’m looking at ZOOMA Annapolis, because I love running in Annapolis so much! That Naval Academy bridge is a beast, but I was so proud of myself for getting over it without stopping! Best of luck to you in whichever races you decide to run this year!

  22. Coco says:

    I plan to do all the local 10 milers, but that’s only 5 I think. 😉

  23. jillconyers says:

    I started with 12 in 2012 and got through 14 in 2014. Can you believe I don’t have a 2016 race calendar? I doubt that will be the case for the whole year. Running has taken on a different meaning for me lately and I think I’m still trying to sort it all out. Find what feels right.

  24. Run Away With Me says:

    I’m totally with you on the quality vs quantity thing this year. I’ve got two big goal races tentatively planned right now (Philly in November and a half in the spring/early summer that I’m still thinking about) but I’m sure I’ll run a few little races throughout the year. My goal is to have fun at races this year and to do as many with other people as I can!

  25. I’ve only registered for one race so far, and will probably keep my schedule flexible with my husband deploying for a year! This year I’ll focus on strength training and things I can do more at home so I’m there for my kiddos!

  26. Karen :0) says:

    I have a similar post partum plan…I deferred princess and RnR NOLA, so those are the only two on my horizon (both for 2017)! 🙂

  27. I think you are smart not to plan to much right now. I am sure once you are back into things and you have your new mommy schedule going and life settles you will be able to find some awesome races that maybe you might not have tried before:) Just think, you now have a cute little guy that will be able to come cheer you on too:)

  28. Jennifer says:

    Quality over quantity sounds like a good plan. I’m planning on signing up for less races this year (will probably be more than the “average” person hehe) with a focus on getting ready for Berlin 🙂

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