Tips for Growing Your Blog

I shared in my 2015 Blogging Goals reflection that despite the fact that I wrote fewer posts in 2015 than I did in 2014 that my page views actually went up.  I didn’t share this statistic then, but the number of unique visitors to my blog also increased by just under 5,000 visitors.

My growth in 2015 wasn’t just by chance.  I spent a good part of 2015 focusing on taking specific actions that aided in growing my blog.  While I tried to consistently post five days a week last year, there were several weeks when that wasn’t possible, whether it was due to being busy at work, being on vacation, or simply being rundown from being pregnant.

What tips worked for me in 2015 that I plan to continue focusing on utilizing in 2016?

5 Tips for Growing Your Blog

1.  Focus on quality, not quantity

Fewer, well written posts are much more important to readers than writing a high number of poorly written posts.  My favorite blogs to read are those that I can reliably count on going to visit and finding great content to read.  I’d much rather read fewer blog posts each week that are of high quality as opposed to visiting a blog daily that just appears to be full of fluff in order to have had a post published each day.

2.  Network, network, network!

You will not be able to grow your blog by simply writing posts and hoping and praying that people will find your blog and read it.  It is much more effective to interact with other bloggers by reading their posts and commenting on their blogs.  Not only will this show other bloggers that you have an interest in what they have to say, but depending upon the commenting system that other bloggers utilize on their blogs, readers on other blogs will likely see your name/blog name and might potentially be directed to your own blog.

3.  Publish blog posts at a consistent time

Not only is writing on a consistent basis important, but publishing posts at a consistent time is also important.  That way, your readers will know when to expect that a new blog post will be ready for them to read.  When I first started blogging, I didn’t publish my posts at a consistent time.  I used to just write a post and then hit “publish” immediately.  Now, I schedule all of my posts to publish on my blog at 6:00 a.m. EST.

4.  Promote posts on social media

Each day that a new post is published, I have WordPress set to also publish a post to my blog Facebook page as well as to Twitter.  I also schedule a number of tweets throughout the day through Hootsuite to remind followers of the day’s post and to help drive traffic to my blog.  Though these social media posts are far from my most favorited or commented on social media posts, they do help in referring readers to my blog.

5.  Be true to yourself

I’ve shared this tip previously in other blogging tips posts, but I cannot emphasize this enough: you have to be true to yourself.  It will be very easy for readers to see straight through you, the blogger, when you’re trying to write about topics that clearly are of no interest to you, or have nothing to do with what you usually write about.  Your passion should easily come through your writing, and when you write about topics that have nothing to do with your blog’s main purpose or that you have zero passion for, it’ll likely push readers away from your blog.

For more blogging tips, be sure to check out my previous posts on this topic:

QOTD: What tip(s) do you have for growing a blog?

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18 Responses to Tips for Growing Your Blog

  1. I agree with all of the above! I’ve actually cut back to 3 days/week because I needed more balance in my life. If the Tuesdays on the Run peeps have a topic that really gets me going, I’ll post an extra day.

    For me, the most important thing for growing my blog was to interact with other bloggers. I love all the people I’ve met through blogging!

  2. Chaitali says:

    These are all great tips! I think the networking and interacting with other bloggers has been the biggest help for me. Plus, it’s fun! I have to get more methodical about using social media though.

  3. Amanda Nyx says:

    Excellent advice! I started doing most of these things as well this past year, after my first year as a newbie blogger was less organized – everything here WORKS! The networking and social media aspects are so huge, but it’s definitely overwhelming to try to keep up even once you’re a more seasoned writer!

  4. Karen :0) says:

    These are all great tips! I also like sharing my posts on Pinterest…I’ve seen a huge increase in numbers from simply doing that!

  5. All great tips, but #5 can’t be stressed enough. I like blogging because I get to share my life – running, recipes, and all the other stuff I do – and many strategies for growth involve a focus on just one thing. I’d rather have readers interested in what I enjoy blogging about, than more readers who only want recipes or running, because that wouldn’t be fun for me anymore.

  6. Yes yes yes to 2 and 5! I have read a lot of blogs that turn to random sponsored content and seem to have a lot of fluff, in the interest of making it a business. I get that people want to make income off the blog since they do take so much time but I really does interest when that happens. I’m also a big fan of buffer as a tool to schedule posts on social media.

  7. Great tips, thank you for sharing! I am hoping to improve my blog this year and will keep these things in mind. I love #4, I started posting at 5am last year and I think it definitely helped!

  8. Excellent tips and I agree 110% with everything you said above!
    Growing a blog can be a time consuming process, but it’s possible and can be a lot of fun at the same time.
    Those Grow Your Blog hops I host, I am always amazed at how many each time just don’t get it, they don’t understand the importance for networking, they are fine when it’s their turn to reap the rewards, but don’t get that it has to be a two way street when you are networking and trying to grow a blog. But then at the same time, there are many others that totally get it, and those are the ones that help create the “magic” of those things working.
    Every once in a while since I have my posts go live at midnight. I will make a mistake and put PM instead of AM, LOL But you are totally right on others expecting things at a certain time. Anytime I make this mistake I notice the mistake on the schedule time really does make a difference on the first day’s traffic.
    Great post!!!

    • Blogging is most certainly a time consuming, two way street. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed participating in both of the blog hops that you’ve hosted, but its certainly sad when some who do participate only choose to focus on how they’ll solely benefit instead of trying to help build a community.

  9. kristenk says:

    Great tips! I’m all about the blog commenting – it’s so much fun to read other blogs too!

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