Running Survey

Remember back in the 1990s when personal surveys went around by e-mail like wildfire?  It was such a fun way to get to know more about friends.  When I read the answers to a recent running survey that both Sue from This Mama Runs for Cupcakes and Christine from We Run Disney wrote, I had flashbacks to those e-mail surveys, and thought that answering the questions myself would be a fun way for you readers to get to know me just a little bit better.

1. Would you rather run along a beach path or on a mountain trail?

I am a die hard beach lover, so anytime that I get to be at the beach, whether it be running, walking, or lounging on a beach chair, I’ll take it.

When we were in St. Pete's Beach for our babymoon back in August, I enjoyed my daily walks on the beach

When we were in St. Pete’s Beach for our babymoon back in August, I enjoyed my daily walks on the beach

2. If you could choose the flavor of Gatorade at your next race’s aid stations, what would it be?

There’s something truly refreshing about drinking lemon-lime Gatorade or Powerade during a race.  Call me boring if you want, but it always seems to hit the spot.

3. If I gave you a $100 gift card to a running store, what would be the first thing that you would purchase with it?

A new pair of Mizuno Wave Inspires.  They are my go to running shoes, and have been since I was fit for shoes back in September 2013.

mizuno 1

4. Do you prefer to follow a training plan or wake up and decide then how far and fast you want to run?

I need routine and structure in my life, so I much prefer to follow a training plan as opposed to just deciding on a whim how far I’ll run each day.  I take time at the beginning of each major training cycle to sit down and plot out my training calendar.


Flashback to August 2013 when Preston and I mapped out our training plans for the 2014 Disney World Marathon Weekend

5. Would you rather start your run with the uphill and end on the downhill or start your run with the downhill and end on the uphill?

I’d much rather get the uphill out of the way.  Whether you look at it as taking the easy way out or knowing that I can conserve energy for the end, I much prefer to get the difficult parts of a training run or race out of the way so that I can slowly increase my pace as I near the end of the run or race.

6. When you can’t run, what type of cross training do you choose to do?

I usually turn to the elliptical or long walks with Riley for my cross training.  I also work hard to ensure that I incorporate weight training into my weekly training routine.

After a walk with Riley back in the fall

After a walk with Riley back in the fall

7. What’s your preference –> out and back or point to point or loop runs?

For races I prefer a point to point or loop course, though out and back courses do allow me to see other runners during the race.  Most of my training runs are an out and back, just because that’s what it is easiest and makes most sense in the area in which we live.

8. If you could recommend ANY running related item to a new runner, it would be a…?

I highly recommend that every new runner be properly fit for running shoes.  There are so many options out there, and so many different features.  Its so important to figure out what your individual needs are and to find the best shoe option based on how your feet are shaped and how your feet hit the ground when you run.

9.  Do you ever see any wild animals while out on your runs?

The only animals I’ve encountered while out on a run are cats, dogs, and birds.  I guess I live in a boring area.

10. Ever gotten lost while out on a run?

Nope.  I have a pretty good sense of geography and being able to figure out where I am.

11. If you could have one meal waiting and ready for you each time you got home from a run for the next 30 days, what would that meal be?

This is a hard question to answer, partly because my food cravings have been a bit all over the place during my pregnancy.  But you can never go wrong with a big bowl of ice cream.

12. Capris or shorts…what do you run in most often?

I usually run in capris, unless its hot in which case I’ll run in compression shorts.  I learned the hard way that loose athletic shorts are just not for me when I’m out running (I had major chafing issues during the Disney World Half Marathon back in 2014).

13. At what mile (or how many minutes) into your run does your body start to feel like it is warming up and ready to go?

It usually takes me a mile or two to really get into a groove during a training run or a race.

14. What do you do with your key when you run?

I usually tuck my key into the pocket of either my hydration belt or handheld water bottle.

15. If you could relive any race that you have done in the past, which one would it be?

This is a tie between two races: Disney World Half Marathon back in January 2014 and Shamrock Half Marathon this past March.  My first half marathon was an incredibly memorable experience that I’ll never forget, especially since I ran the entire race with Preston and got to hold his hand as we crossed the finish line.  Shamrock was one of those races that I trained hard for, and on race day went through an entire roller coaster of emotions, but crossed the finish line and PRed by almost 11 minutes.

Crossing the finish line of my first half marathon! Photo Credit: MarathonFoto

Crossing the finish line of my first half marathon!
Photo Credit: MarathonFoto

QOTD: Pick a question to answer!  I’d love to learn something new about you!

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39 Responses to Running Survey

  1. Maureen says:

    Oh my goodness! I remember these types of surveys…they were all over AOL. Please tell me I’m not that old to remember AOL! ha ha

  2. I love #5 b/c Bobby and I had a discussion about this the other day! On saturday my 5k started downhill then we turned around and ran straight uphill! Not fun.

  3. I loved those surveys and this one is great! I’m gonna steal this! 🙂

  4. I need to do one of these, I started having ALL my answers pop into my head!

  5. Wave Inspires are my shoes too and lemon lime gatorade. IT really is the best flavour.

  6. Lesley says:

    I’d get the uphill out of the way too. My leg are fresh at the start, and I keep thinking of the Disney course with the on ramp at mile 10. Who was cruel enough to do that to runners right before the last 5k of a half??

  7. I like to end with the uphill. There is a hill at the start to my run loop where I live and I’m always wishing it was at the end! I think the perfect place for the hill is right in the middle. When I run at my inlaws, I do an out and back, and there is a huge hill right smack in the middle. The top of the hill is the halfway point. That’s perfection 🙂

  8. I do love these types of posts, so much fun to learn more about others!
    FYI, I am a total lime gatorade girl too, I could just live with that flavor if I am going to drink it in a race:)

  9. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    I love reading these! I couldn’t remember for the life of me where I found these questions! I need to go back to my post and give Christine credit!

  10. Fun survey!!

    I prefer loop runs–I get bored with out and back, and I don’t like point-to-point bc I like to finish where I started. I’ve also never gotten lost on a run because I always plan my routes beforehand 🙂

  11. I love reading these, because I get to learn more about the bloggers I follow!

    And I’m all about that beach…

  12. I love this survey! I’m with you on the beach running 😉

  13. Super cool. I’d rather run in the mountains and just relax at the beach. I see deer a lot when I run these days. Being in a country area of Oregon it’s not hard to find deer. Haha

  14. kristenk says:

    I love these! And I love the first question – in Alaska we get to run along the beach right next to mountains, so I love that I get the best of both worlds!

  15. Fun way to get to know the runner behind the blog a little bit better. Mountain running for me. When given the choice wins every time 🙂

  16. What a fun survey! I definitely like to get the uphill out of the way at the beginning! Girl…reading this shows me that we have a lot in common! 🙂

  17. Karen :0) says:

    I’ve loved reading everyone’s responses to this survey! You’re right, it totally brings back memories of the 90’s! Hahha!

  18. omg i love that you linked them back to the old email surveys-i used to love those! I may have to do this survey soon too 🙂

    i run almost exclusively in shorts-i wore capris it if gets below 50 or so

  19. Fun survey! I’m jealous you’ve never gotten lost while running! 🙂

  20. Rachel says:

    I used to LOVE those surveys! And I love learning more about you!! Such a fun idea 🙂

  21. Fun questions! I remember when the survey thing was big too. LOL
    My first thought was beach as well on the first one. I would love a bit of both though for variety. 🙂
    And, on the schedule front… I also need structure, so a training plan is a must for me. I also like to have a goal I’m going for.

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