Wine and Dine is Officially Deferred

Ever since Preston and I found out that I was pregnant back in April, we knew that we’d have to defer Wine and Dine Half Marathon to next year.  On race day, which is on November 7th this year, I’ll be 33.5 weeks pregnant, which is right on the cusp of when my OB does not want me flying anymore.  More importantly than the travel logistics though, runDisney races are expensive.  And since I want both Preston and I to be able to fully enjoy our first Wine and Dine experience, we decided that it would be in our best interests to defer so that we can better enjoy the race next year.

Photo Credit: runDisney

Photo Credit: runDisney

runDisney opened up Wine and Dine deferrals on September 24th.  The automated e-mail that we received after pushing the deferral button said that we’d receive confirmation of the deferral within 4-6 weeks.  Yesterday, only 2.5 weeks after submitting the deferral form online, both Preston and I each received our confirmation e-mails from runDisney about deferring the race.  While we aren’t officially registered for the 2016 race (we have to complete that process in March when Wine and Dine registration opens for next year’s race), its nice to know that our deferral was granted and that we won’t have to worry about loosing out on an expensive registration fee.

We were so excited when we registered for Wine and Dine back in March, but know that deferring the race is our best choice right now

We were so excited when we registered for Wine and Dine back in March, but know that deferring the race is our best choice right now

While its disappointing to know that we won’t be running at Disney next month, we’re excited to know that we’ll be able to take our little guy to Disney with us next November for the race.  Deep down, we know that deferring the race was the right decision, and that we’ll have a much better time being able to run the race in 2016.

QOTD: Have you ever had to defer a major race?  Why did you have to defer it?

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48 Responses to Wine and Dine is Officially Deferred

  1. I had to defer Princess this year for the same reason! I doubt doing Glass Slipper Challeneg at 34 weeks would have been fun! I can’t wait to do it in 2016, though, and take our own little princess with us 🙂

  2. So glad runDisney has this option! It will be fun taking your little man with you next year!

  3. mkadens1 says:

    I’m glad you were able to defer it! I DNS’d 2 marathons back in 2011 and only wish I had the deferral option.

  4. Lesley says:

    I think you’ll have much more fun next year, and you can use W&D as your target race post-pregnancy. I’ve been to the EPCOT party the first year, which was fun but crowded. I know they took a lot of feedback to make things better.

  5. I’m really glad RunDisney worked with you on this. Last year I had to pull out of the Marathon due to injury and decided to do the half with a charity bib, and they were great about switching things around.

  6. such a bummer, I hate to be missing this one too. Next year!

  7. glad the deferral worked and just think-your little guy can do the diaper dash next year! so fun!

  8. Ange says:

    Most races I run don’t have a deferral option, but I have had to drop down and even DNS due to lack of training or injury. It sucks at the time, but it’s never worth it to potentially get injured or not have an enjoyable time.

  9. I’ve never had to defer a race…I have had a couple of DNS’s due to injury before the race. I’m glad you two (three!) will be able to enjoy the experience next year!

  10. Denise says:

    I would have done the same thing! Will baby do the Diaper Dash? I had to defer the 2014 GSC. My husband had a work trip plus I was tired and recovering from too many back to back races. When I ran it this year, my husband and son joined me for the vacation part and my son ran the Kids Race. I was happy to have waited, I bet you will be too 🙂

  11. Sorry you have to defer but I think next year will be SO much fun with your little guy!

  12. smart to defer. so fun to already have your first family disney trip scheduled!

  13. So many pregnant bloggers this year. 🙂 I’m so happy for all of you. Sounds like it was the right decision and you will only have an even better time next year at W&D.

  14. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    Bummer, but totally the right call. It will be there next year!

  15. I think your smart doing this, you’ll be able to enjoy it so much more next year, and 3 definitely won’t be a crowd when it comes to that family vacation:)

  16. I have never had to defer a race. This race sounds awesome and right up my alley- I need to look into it.

  17. Karen :0) says:

    I’m in almost the same boat as you for princess (I’ll be at 32 weeks and my OB says no promises which I completely understand). I’m thinking of only doing the 10K with my family but haven’t made up my mind yet. I’m currently registered for GSC but that is out of the question – I wonder if they will let me defer part of it and only participate in the 10K? Guess that’s a question for rD! Glad you were able to defer without any problems! I hear deferrals open up about a month prior to an event – is that true?

  18. So glad you were able to defer Kathryn. I have been wondering for the last few months if you would make the trip for Wine and Dine. Running a race is secondary to one of the most important things in your life. You can run W & D anytime and it will be far more fun when you are not in your third trimester! I have not deferred a race yet, but I did miss a 5k last year due to a move that happened two weeks later than planned. I was definitely disappointed.

  19. natrunsfar says:

    Smart decision to defer. Just think how much fun you’ll have taking your son to Disney!!! 🙂

  20. Elizabeth C. says:

    That’s great that they let you defer. Hope your pregnancy continues to go well!

  21. Jennifer says:

    You made a good decision to defer the race. You are going to have so much fun next year with the little guy! There is a race I am signed up for in April – I am thinking of deferring. Still thinking about it for the next month or so.

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