Rock ‘n’ Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon Training Log – Week 4

I am now halfway through my eight weeks of training for half marathon number six.  Its hard to believe that in just four short weeks I’ll be toeing the start line of my next half marathon, my second one while pregnant.

Just like my first week of RnRPhilly training, this past week was very uneventful when it came to my training.  After coming down with a cold last Sunday, and making a phone call to the on call OB Sunday afternoon since I had a fever, I’ve been battling one symptom after another.  By Wednesday I had gotten even sicker, and was put on antibiotics to battle an upper respiratory infection.  Definitely not fun under the best of circumstances, but even worse while pregnant.

The first thing to take a back seat while sick was of course working out.  Even though I wanted to work out, I physically couldn’t.  Its always a difficult battle when you’re mentally up for something that you just can’t physically do.  Thankfully by Saturday I felt well enough to head to the gym, and logged eight miles.  It felt so good to run a 5k and walk another five miles, and overall just sweat a bit.

3.10 mile run

After coming to the realization after last Saturday’s Clarendon Day 10k (which I know I still need to recap) that my body can’t handle running much more than three miles anymore, I headed to the gym on Saturday fully intending to run no more than a 5k.  And I’m so glad that I made that decision.  By the end of my run, my pregnant belly was very heavy and I had a lot of pressure from the baby.  During my almost two hours on the treadmill I had to take two bathroom breaks, which I’m sure is just a preview of the number of porta potty stops that I’ll be making in Philly on race day.

While I wish that my overall training mileage were higher than it currently is (I’ve only logged 37.95 miles over the past four weeks), I’m also just thankful to still be moving.  Now that I’ve entered the third trimester, I’m sure I’ll be slowing down even more, but as long as I can keep moving, no matter how far or for how long, I’ll be happy.

QOTD: When was the last time that you mentally were up for a challenge but your body just couldn’t cooperate?

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43 Responses to Rock ‘n’ Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon Training Log – Week 4

  1. I think you have to cut yourself some slack! You are doing more while pregnant than most people do in general! Just do your best. It’s all you can do.

  2. I’m struggling right now. I’m supposed to be in peak marathon training and I can’t stop coughing. I’m hopeful that I can get some sort of run in today and if it goes well get 16 tomorrow or Wednesday, but ugh, I’m so tired of coughing.

    Glad to hear you are feeling better. The start of the school year is so rough.

  3. You’re doing great little mama!!! Keep on listening to your body in regards to training. And I hope you feel better soon!

  4. You’re doing great! Keep moving as much as you can, but don’t push yourself. The most important thing is that you are healthy – even if that means lots of rest!

  5. Lesley says:

    I’ve been through that for the entirety of my injury. It was so frustrating too. I would do what I could, and if I couldn’t run, I’d bike, if not that, yoga. I just needed to do something because I’m not good at sitting still.

  6. Sorry to hear that you haven’t been feeling well. You have kept up with your training Regardless if it is running or walking. Either way you are doing it and that’s all that matters. I’m sure others use that as an excuse not to workout and do nothing during that time. Glad to hear by the end of the wk you were feeling much better and was able to get in 8 miles

  7. You’re doing awesome, and you know what you can handle which is most important!

    Yesterday, I was so ready to run my on-a-whim hometown half, but my body just would not cooperate. I hadn’t run more than 6/7 miles since Disneyland a month ago, and my stomach was very unhappy with me. So I had to walk a lot, enjoy the nice weather and fall foliage, and be content with that.

  8. Elle says:

    So glad you are feeling better and listening to your body!

  9. I hope you are feeling better this week. Realizing what your body can do each week is going to be key to staying healthy for you. You are doing great!

  10. Our bodies are incredible. Just think there is a little person growing in there. Of course there will be times when we don’t feel good with all that is going on. Inspired you keep at it even while pregnant so I believe you are doing phenomenally well! Congrats

  11. I was so mentally ready to run my half a few weeks ago but my body had a different plan (enter new injury). I’m looking forward to the next two weeks of races! You are doing awesome running while pregnant – be proud!

  12. Our bodies can do such amazing things. Just when we think we can’t do more we do more.

  13. Pat yourself on the back for moving and listening to your body. What a great example you already are for that little one!

  14. nicakins says:

    Injuries are never fun. Recovering from one myself! Take care and what a great way to pay attention to your body while training. Nic-

  15. natrunsfar says:

    I hope you feel better this week!! You are truly amazing with with all you are doing to stay fit and healthy. I wasn’t able to run during any of my pregnancies, so this is really wonderful to watch you!
    You are such a great role model for this baby!!

  16. You are so cute!!! It’s tough to find energy when pregnant! So a huge thumbs up from me. I can’t wait to read your recap. My race recaps are almost always super late lol it’s challenging to find the energy to even type after a hard effort! 😉

  17. Jennifer says:

    Oh no, sorry to hear about the respiratory infection. Hope you are feeling better and getting some more rest.

  18. Jessica says:

    Oh no feel better lady!! Proud of you for training so hard.

  19. being sick while pregnant is no fun! Have fun with your upcoming race, I ran quite a few races while pregnant with my second (including the goofy challenge in January).

  20. Carmy says:

    I’m usually the opposite. My body is good for a challenge but my mind is usually the one blocking me.

  21. You are doing AWESOME! Hope you’re feeling better!

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