October 2015 Monthly Goals

Its the first day of a new month, which means its time for another look at my monthly goals!  Like the past several months, September absolutely flew by.  Between the start of my eighth year of teaching, running my fifth half marathon, our baby shower, and life in general, I feel like I blinked and this month just blew right by me.

With how busy this past month was, I’m trying to not be too hard on myself for not meeting most of my monthly goals.  I put forth the best effort that I could, and I’m trying to remind myself that not every goal is meant to be reached, but rather meant to help serve as motivation for working towards something.


sept 2015 goals

1.  Run, walk, and elliptical at least 60 miles.

Grade: C

My September total wound up only coming to 46.9 miles.  Given that I had a week and a half this past month of zero working out (almost the entire week after Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach, as well as this entire week so far), I’m impressed that I logged as many miles as I did.  This was actually my lowest mileage month since last December, so I’m hopeful that September was just a fluke and that this isn’t a preview of what the remaining months of my pregnancy will look like.

2.  Continue to listen to my body.

Grade: A

This is the one goal that I can proudly say that I fully achieved.  When my body screamed for extra rest I took it, and not once did I let myself feel guilty about taking the extra rest.

3.  Weight train at least once a week.

Grade: B-

Just as I mentioned with my mileage goal reflection, I’ve had almost a week and a half this month of time when I couldn’t work out.  But the weeks that I could work out, I did fit in one weight training session each of those weeks.  Was it as much as I would have liked?  No.  But at this point I’ll take what I can get.

Now that I’m 28 weeks pregnant and in the third trimester, its hard to predict what my body will be up for each day in terms of physical activity.  Like always, I’ll continue to set monthly goals, but I’m also not going to beat myself up if I can’t reach my goals for some reason.

oct 2015 goals

That’s right, I’m going to give my September goals another try.  Its another month, and hopefully things will go a bit better this month, especially now that I’ll well into my school year routine.  I know it’ll be a slow start to the month since I’m currently sick.  Like I shared yesterday, I’ve been sick since Sunday.  What started as a cold and what I thought had turned into a sinus infection turns out to be worse than I thought.  I found out yesterday afternoon that I have an upper respiratory infection.  At 28 weeks pregnant.  Definitely not something fun to be dealing with.  But hopefully the antibiotics that I’m now on will start taking effect soon and I won’t feel couch ridden for too much longer.

I’m definitely eager to get out there and get moving, but also don’t want to get out there too soon and prolong being sick any longer than I have to be.  Thankfully, my OB settled my fear yesterday that being sick is putting the baby at risk, but I’m also looking forward to our scheduled ultrasound tomorrow afternoon just so that I can see our little guy moving on the screen and hear his little heartbeat.  Though trust me, he’s been kicking me enough lately to make his presence well known.  It feels like he’s been kicking me harder than usual over the past couple of days, almost as if he’s mad at me for all of the sneezing and coughing that I’ve been doing.

QOTD: What are your goals for October?

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37 Responses to October 2015 Monthly Goals

  1. Linz says:

    i want to keep improving my running and build my mileage!

  2. Turning the calendar to October is a big giant reset for me. I’ve had a ROUGH year and I didn’t take care of myself physically after a family loss. I’ve worked on getting some ducks in a row during September and now I feel AWAKE for October. Running goals, returning to CrossFit, and using the camera again for food photography. Those are things I used to love and I’m finally in a place, mentally, to return to them. I’m so excited about October!

  3. Karen :0) says:

    Oooh nooo! I sure hope you feel better soon! So sorry about the sickness! 😦

  4. Feel better soon Kathryn and I love your approach to working out while pregnant. You are very cautious which is smart. I have one simple goal for October, stay healthy so I can run the NYC Marathon feeling good…

  5. Lesley says:

    Oh yuck, I had one of those in high school, and it was awful. Take care of yourself. September also flew by for me. Like you, I blinked and we’re now in October, but I love October. I have a few fun things planned but I hope it doesn’t whiz by this round.

  6. Hope you feel better soon!!!

  7. Zainab says:

    hope you feel good soon. My goals are hopefully to see a loss soon in weight.
    And, to amp up my workouts.

  8. Congrats on listening to your body and taking the time to recover. Even if the coming months hover closer to 50 than 100, it’s because your little guy is going to be soaking up the extra energy I think 🙂

  9. Oh no! I hope you feel better! I think a goal re-do is totally ok. I’m having a goal re-do month, as well.

  10. mkadens1 says:

    I hope the worst is over with your cold! I think you aced the most important goal of listening to your body, so kudos!

  11. Feel better soon! Personally, my main goal is to stop coughing. Then perhaps I could actually turn to the goal of finishing the Marine Corps Marathon…

  12. I think you deserve an A++ for #2, because you are listening to your body, which is why #1 should be higher:) Your looking out for your own health safely and also your unborn child, and that deserves some major A’s:)
    I can only imagine how miserable it is to be so sick like that and pregnant. I hope you can get over both the sinus and upper respiratory problems soon! Take care of yourself my friend!

  13. I hope you feel better soon! Being sick is never fun. You still did a great job on your goals for September, hopefuly October will go well too!

  14. SharitaFit says:

    My goals are to log 4 runs a week and hit the weights more! I’ve definitely lost some strength since I started training for my marathon because I figure all that running is enough! 🙂 Thanks for sharing, and go October!!

  15. Great goals and great job listening to your body! My goals are to get in all my marathon training runs this month!

  16. My goal for this month is running my first half marathon. That’s it … it’s a big one so I feel like that’s enough haha

  17. I think it’s great that you’re re-evaluating your goals as you go along. My goal for this month is to make it through these final weeks of NYCM training in one piece, mentally and physically! 🙂

  18. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    You have been doing an awesome job of listening to your body!! It’s hard to do that!! My goal for October is to smoke MCM, lol.

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