Out of Commission

If you follow me on Twitter then you probably have seen that since Sunday I’ve been battling a cold that has since turned into a sinus infection.  Its definitely never any fun to deal with, especially while pregnant when you can’t take any decongestant to help relieve the symptoms.

Nonetheless, I’ve been feeling pretty miserable the last several days and while I had planned to share my Clarendon Day 10k recap with all of you today, I just haven’t had the energy to write it.  Nor have I had the energy to work out.  This week has just kept me out of commission.

But I at least wanted to pop in and remind everybody that today is the last day to enter the SmartyPants Vitamins giveaway.  You have until 11:59 pm EST to enter!

smartypants review

QOTD: Has the transitional fall weather taken you out of commission yet?  What do you do to try and avoid getting sick?

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20 Responses to Out of Commission

  1. Christine @ We Run Disney says:

    Hope you feel better!!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Feel better, Kathryn!

  3. sarahsmithstorm says:

    Feel better soon!!

  4. Ugh, sorry to hear…feel better!

  5. Lesley says:

    Luckily I’ve never had a sinus infection but my allergies and wreak havoc. I started using Flonase this summer so this’ll be the first fall I’m on it.

  6. No sickness here yet! Although I have been reading some other blogs where people said they had colds and sinus infections and ironically they are teachers too! Could be from all the germs in school? Get better soon!

  7. I am so sorry! Sinus infections are seriously the worst, I hate them even more than the flu because they can last a month if not taken care of right away.
    Being pregnant is likely even worse because of the medication dilema. I hope you can find some relief, or at least have the ability to stay in a dark room with a hot rag over the top of your face. I have also put heating pads over my nose and cheeks and forehead that seem to help a little. Feel better soon girl!

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  10. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    I have been taking zinc, echinacea, elderberry and using essential oils like it’s going out of style! I do NOT want to get sick before MCM!! HOpe you are feeling better!

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