Who Else Wants to Run Now, Drink Beer Later?

Disclaimer: As a Gone for a Run Ambassador, I received a complimentary virtual race entry.  I am not being compensated financially.  As always, all opinions are my own.

You all know how much I love using races as motivation to keep me moving.  There’s nothing more rewarding than earning a medal at the end of a run, especially at the end of a training run, to commemorate hard work.

sole sister virtual

After my last virtual race, the Sole Sister Virtual 7 Mile Race

I’m excited to share the details of the next race in the Gone for a Run Virtual Race Series.  The Run Now Beer Later Virtual 10k will take place from September 25th-27th.  This theme is a bit ironic for me since I’m currently pregnant and am abstaining from all alcohol while pregnant.  I can’t wait to run my 6.2 miles and then cash in on my earned beer after the baby is born.  I’ll be running the Clarendon Day 10k the same weekend as this virtual race, although Clarendon Day does not give out race medals, so it’ll be fun to earn my virtual race medal at the completion of my Clarendon Day race.

So what’s included in the $32 registration fee?

Photo Credit: Gone for a Run

Photo Credit: Gone for a Run

  • Race shirt (either a Women’s Everyday Tee or a Unisex Lifestyle Tee)
  • Finisher Medal, which includes a bottle cap opener
  • Real Bib

There are also fun add ons, including “Will Run for Beer” knee high socks, a “Will Run for Beer” car magnet, a “Run Done Beer Now” pint glass, and a “Run Now Beer Later” coaster (add ons are an additional fee).

As the wife of an Army veteran, this race will be more important to me than the past virtual races have been.  Part of the registration fee for this race will be donated to The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund.  Since it was established in 2000, the IFHF has provided more than $150 million in support to the families of military members who have lost their lives while serving our country, and for severely wounded military personnel and veterans.

So who wants to join me in not only earning a beer but also supporting IFHF?  Be sure to register by September 15th in order to receive your race packet in time?

QOTD: What is your favorite post run incentive to run for?

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43 Responses to Who Else Wants to Run Now, Drink Beer Later?

  1. fruitionfitness says:

    Love it! If there weren’t so many actual races where I live, I might have signed up for that!

  2. Karen :0) says:

    Have fun!! I won’t be participating in this one but look forward to reading everyone’s recaps! I love that they are giving back with these race entries…what an awesome cause!

  3. I opted out of this one since I’m not a beer drinker. Wouldn’t make sense for me to run for beer lol! How awesome that you will be doing a race that doesn’t give out medals..so you’ll get this one instead!

  4. Chaitali says:

    That’s great that the timing for this virtual run lines up with the Clarendon Day race! It will be nice to earn a medal for that one even though there aren’t official medals. My favorite post run incentives tend to be food related 🙂 I think thought of an iced chai were all that got me through my first 10 mile training run.

  5. Elle says:

    Looks like lots of fun. Hope you have a great time with it!

  6. There are so many virtual runs now it’s so tempting to just jump into all of them. I have the Skirt sports one this weekend.

  7. Such a great cause. One of my close friends husbands is currently deployed and I like to support however I can.

  8. My favorite incentive is a medal! But a good beer doesn’t hurt! Looks like another fun race!

  9. My favorite post-run incentive is definitely beer. And some sort of delicious food treat. I ran once race that had these amazing donuts afterward which were so good, haha.

  10. I read the title and was like, umm..isn’t she pregnant? Guess your beer will be delayed gratification!

  11. elenasonnino says:

    Have fun!! I keep hearing about this–and need to let my husband know about it as he is the beer drinker in the family.

  12. jillconyers says:

    Sounds like a fun race but I’m the runner that gives away the beer and food tickets after a race. My running friends love it 🙂

  13. That’s a fun themed virtual race! Love the medal!

  14. Beer. Oh, of course, I do love a good medal. Especially one with a bottle opener!

  15. I absolutely run for beer, and cookies, and pumpkin spice lattes 🙂

  16. That’s great, I am sure this will be awesome for many:) I am not a beer drinker so it’s really not my thing, I know odd I know:) But I am okay being odd!
    Sounds like an awesome race idea for others!

  17. Priya says:

    I find the whole concept very interesting. We don’t have anything like this here.

  18. Jessica says:

    Everyone is doing these fun runs and I am SO jealous! Ill run and you can drink my beer. For now. When this baby out I’ll be drinking it 😉

  19. I am seriously considering this bc I love the shirt and medal!

  20. Because... I'm cheap says:

    Hey there! Stopping by from the Sunday Blog Hop linky. Thanks for sharing this. Looks like a fun race. And an extra fun finish 😉

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