Sole Sister Run Virtual 7 Mile Race Recap

Disclaimer: As a Gone for a Run Ambassador, I received a complimentary virtual race entry.  I was not compensated financially for my participation in this virtual race.  As always, all opinions are my own.

This past weekend Gone for a Run hosted yet another virtual race, the Sole Sister Run Virtual 7 Mile Race.  When Gone for a Run first contacted me about this race and I looked at my training calendar, I thought the distance would be perfect for my last long run before this coming weekend’s half marathon.  And there’s nothing like a virtual race and a medal awaiting you at the finish line (in this case, at home), to help motivate you to push yourself as much as you can during a training run.

The swag for this race included a women's tank top, bib, shoe charm, and medal

The swag for this race included a women’s tank top, bib, shoe charm, and medal

On Saturday, I decided to head out to the trail nearby our house.  While the trail is fairly hilly, I wanted to challenge myself a bit after completing a number of runs on the treadmill recently.  I also found that while training for last summer’s half marathon that hill training paid off when I ran on a flat course, and since I’ll be running the same course again this coming Sunday, I wanted to squeeze in one last long run using hills.  And while running has been getting progressively more difficult as my pregnant belly continues to grow, I’m still up for challenging myself.

The first mile of my run was probably the hardest, as has been the case for most of my recent runs.  It seems like it takes my body quite awhile to get into a good running rhythm now, and for me to mentally be able to tell the difference between the baby readjusting himself while I’m running vs. actually needing to use the bathroom.

About a mile into my 7 mile run, I began to wonder whether I’d need to turn around in order to use the bathroom.  My belly felt really heavy for the entire first mile, and the baby was certainly pushing on my bladder.  This run seemed like it was going to be both a physical and a mental challenge.  However, I passed an extremely friendly runner on the trail at just the right moment, when I was highly doubting my ability to complete all 7 of my planned miles.  Unlike some of the other runners and gym patrons that I’ve encountered while pregnant, this woman was the complete opposite.  Not only did she have a huge smile on her face, but she also pointed at my shirt (I was wearing my “Running For Two” top), and gave me a thumbs up.  Her friendliness was just what I needed to help motivate me to keep going.

After I passed her, I felt like I was one cloud nine.  I felt so empowered and felt ready to conquer the world.  I pushed forward, and not once more during my 7 mile run did I doubt my ability to finish.  And when I got home I was rewarded with one of the best things that a runner can receive: a medal.

sole sister virtual

That fellow runner had no idea how much her silent encouragement meant to me on Saturday.  I normally try to focus on internal motivation, but her sole sister attitude towards me was just the external motivation I needed during my moments of self doubt.  And her demonstration of being a sole sister could not have come at a more perfect time, not only when I needed a bit of a pep talk, but of all times, while I was running a sole sister race.

QOTD: When was the last time that a fellow runner helped to motivate and/or support you?

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39 Responses to Sole Sister Run Virtual 7 Mile Race Recap

  1. Isn’t it amazing how a thumbs up or a smile can keep you moving through a tough run? Great job, sole sister!

  2. Chaitali says:

    That’s so awesome that the other runner gave you an encouraging smile and it was enough to keep you going 🙂 You never know when a smile can make all the difference to someone else’s day.

  3. Aww I love it! I always try to smile and say hello when passing another runner or walker! I love how the running community loves to support and encourage each other! Congrats on your race Kathryn! Great job persevering! You are going to do great this weekend!!!

  4. mkadens1 says:

    Way to get it done! I love that another runner was so encouraging at just the right time.

  5. Nice of the fellow runner to give you a nod/small. Small gestures like that go along way during a run.

  6. So glad you got that encouragement on the road! It is funny how just the slightest of things can be taken so deeply! I participated in this virtual run too, so jealous of you being an ambassador. It was my first Gone for a Run Virtual and I hope to do more!

  7. Jamie says:

    Awesome run! I love the running community 🙂

  8. I am truly impressed you can do these virtual runs. So cool!

  9. How awesome! I love being at races and seeing runners stop to help other, struggling runners out. For them, it’s not about a PR, it’s about the community.

  10. Definitely getting the nod or word of encouragement from a stranger is great movtivation. Virtual runs are fun-I am looking forward to the Skirt Sports one next week

  11. Lesley says:

    Nice job getting that run done. I think it came at a good time for your race this weekend. Maybe virtual runs can keep taper madness at bay.

  12. I love smiling and waving at other runners I see when I’m out. It really does make a big difference 🙂

  13. That running for two tank is adorable. When I was pregnant, I always found it interesting the comments or things people would say to me while running/working out. I remember I was visiting family for the holidays and was telling my dad we were going bowling and he said “are you sure you can do that in your condition?”. Haha, I was like “Um, dad, I just did a 5k a week ago, I’m pretty sure I can go bowling for fun.”

  14. Great race! Gone for a Run has some awesome virtual events.

    I think the running community is so amazing. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been struggling during a race and some kind fellow runner has come up and talked me through or given me some encouragement. I always try to pay it forward.

  15. Nicely done! Yeah for the smile and the thumbs up. I don’t really care about the medals from the virtual runs, but I’m totally digging the tank.

  16. Kelli says:

    I love it when races fit nicely into a training plan like that. Great job on the run!

  17. love this. i never underestimate the effect a smile or a kind word can have on someone else out there when i’m running!

  18. Way to go!! I love it when other runners are super supportive – I always find the friendlier runners are out when I do my morning runs.

  19. Priya says:

    You never know when a smile can make all the difference to someone else’s day. Great job. Thanks for the inspiration.

  20. I love the running community! Glad you got the encouragement you needed :). During my race on July 4th, I had someone comment on my #TeamrunDisney shirt at just the right time that I needed motivation. It put a pep in my step for sure!

  21. Great job on the run! I love when I get a nod or a smile or a wave, such a small gesture, but really keeps me going on the hard days.

  22. natrunsfar says:

    I love that! I think it is so wonderful you can continue to run during your pregnancy!! Such an inspiration! I love giving a nod, smile or thumbs up for runners – we have to support each other! 🙂

  23. It’s great that you are running while pregnant, I couldn’t do it. I def think a friendly wave or smile from another runner is great encouragement.

  24. That’s awesome you ran into a nice runner! I get motivated when I pass people who just ask me how far I’m running. They’ll see me with my fuel belt and ask how far I’m going then be liek OMG AWESOME!! That gives me a little boost.

    Also, I am running chicago which is flat. My area is hilly-ish. Nothing crazy but I do run on inclines regularly. My fear is that come race day my legs won’t be used to such a flat course?? idk!

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