Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon Training Log – Week 15

Thanks again for everybody’s support and suggestions after I shared about my calf pain in my last training update.  I’m so happy to report that by late in the week my calf pain was pretty much gone, which I’m attributing to taking it really easy for most of the week and trying to stay off of my feet as much as possible.

I was a bit worried that my 14 miler on Friday wouldn’t happen, or would be very difficult to complete, but thankfully that wasn’t the case.  In fact, when my alarm went off I was greeted with unusually cool weather for August in Northern Virginia.  It was only 55 degrees when I started, and 69 degrees when I finished.  I felt on top of the world when I finished, not only because I ran 14 miles at 21 weeks pregnant (and I only needed to make two bathroom stops during my run), but also because its now taper time!  Only 3 weeks until I’ll be running the streets of Virginia Beach!

14 miler

I moved my long run to Friday morning since we spent the weekend in New Jersey with Preston’s side of the family.  On Saturday, we celebrated the upcoming birth of our nephew at the parents’-to-be baby shower.  Our nephew is due only 8 weeks ahead of our baby!  We’re all very excited about how close in age the cousins will be.

Preston and I with his dad (aka Grandpop-to-be), his sister, and her husband

Preston and I with his dad (aka Grandpop-to-be), his sister, and her husband

Though I packed my running clothes with the intention of doing a short run Sunday morning, I went to bed Saturday night and woke up Sunday morning with very swollen feet.  Just one of the many wonderful things I get to deal with being pregnant during the summer.  Since I had already completed my long run for the week, I didn’t feel guilty whatsoever about skipping my run.

I’m definitely looking forward to my reduced training mileage in the coming weeks, especially as we get ready to leave Thursday evening for Florida for our babymoon and gender reveal!

Mon 8/10 – Rest day

Tues 8/11 – 3.10 mile run on the treadmill, 0.38 mile cool down walk, kettlebell squat swings, abs, arms, back, shoulders, glutes

Wed 8/12 – 35 minutes on the elliptical, 0.43 mile cool down walk, abs, chest, back, arms

Thurs 8/13 – Rest day

Fri 8/14 – 14.00 mile run, 0.67 mile cool down walk

Sat 8/15 – Rest day

Sun 8/16 – Rest day

Total Weekly Mileage – 21.70 miles (8.81 miles more than week 14)

Total RnRVB Mileage – 231.63 miles

QOTD: What do you look forward to most while tapering?

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45 Responses to Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon Training Log – Week 15

  1. Chaitali says:

    I’m glad your calf pain is feeling much better. That’s so cool that your baby will have a cousin so close in age! I loved having a cousin to play with that was about the same age as me. Have fun in Florida 🙂

  2. Lesley says:

    That’s great that your calf is feeling better. Good luck with tapering too. I love the feeling of being that much closer to the race.

  3. Jamie says:

    All the sleep! And being able to do household chores without having to get up earlier or stay up later than usual!

  4. Glad your pain is doing better, your really doing awesome with being pregnant and still running and training! So awesome!

  5. Another great week of training for you! I don’t mind the taper, if I can stay active. I like the thought of having fresh legs for my race!

  6. I am so jealous of 55 degrees! That’s like 40 degrees cooler than our early morning low. Nice job on your long run. Enjoy the taper, even though that’s hard sometimes. You earned a little pre-race rest. I’m glad your calf is feeling better.

  7. lazgirlruns says:

    I don’t really like taper weeks. I like to push myself while training I don’t do well with taking it easy. If I had to pick one thing that I enjoy it’s the reduction in mileage so that I’m not doing any long runs until the actual race.

    Kudos to you on running so much mileage while pregnant. I’ve never been pregnant myself but from friends experiences have heard that the first trimester is where you are the most exhausted so it’s good that you’re keeping active .

  8. Elle says:

    You are doing so well with your training. That family picture is just priceless! How fun to have cousins born so close together. Have another great week!

  9. So happy to hear your calf pain is gone!
    Favorite thing about tapering = more time on the weekends to just relax 🙂

  10. Yay for taper time!! Oh man, I would love some cooler weather! Currently hotter than fried hell here in MI 🙂

  11. Wow look at you running 14 miles! It was nice and cool last Friday but that certainly didn’t last did it?!

  12. Glad to hear the calf pain has passed. Woohoo, taper time!

  13. Definitely take those rest days, especially after a 14 mile run!

    Side note: I found that, later in my pregnancy, it actually helped to take at least a short walk every day to ward off the swollen ankles/feet (or reduce the swelling). As much as I didn’t want to walk even just once around our block some days, I sure paid for it if I didn’t!

  14. Awesome job with your training! I am inspired by you. I ran with both of my pregnancies but not that long or longer than a 10k race. Great job!

  15. mkadens1 says:

    55 degrees? Are you kidding me?? Say that again as it hasn’t even dipped below 70 overnight for days here. That is awesome and I’m so glad to hear your calf is behaving!

  16. jillconyers says:

    So happy your calf is feeling better. Enjoy the taper. Keep inspiring friend!

  17. Becki S says:

    Glad your calf is feeling better! Tapering was often a bit of a head game, I loved that I didn’t have long runs ahead but I usually started to second guess my training. Getting more time for cross training was always nice.

  18. One I’m glad I know what tapering is now but 14 miles while pregnant? You are my shero!!!! Very impressive and you definitely earned 2 days of rest. 😉 What part of Jersey? That’s where I’m from.

  19. Great job girl! And 14 miles while pregnant??? You are seriously amazing! I’m so proud of you!!! Can’t wait for the gender reveal!!! And I’m so glad your calf is better!!! Praises!!!

  20. Priya says:

    14 miles in pregnancy, is such a feat. Awesome, do take good care of yourself.

  21. Way to go on that 14 miler! You’re such an inspiration! I hope that whenever I am pregnant I am able to stay active and run throughout 🙂

  22. eliz frank says:

    Bravo on your successful run! Now that is what I call a gumption run… and only 2 bathroom breaks? Amazing. 🙂

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