Weight Watchers Ice Cream Review

Disclaimer: As an Influenster influencer, I received vouchers for complimentary Weight Watchers Ice Cream bars.  I was not compensated financially.  As always, all opinions are my own.

Like most others, I have a sweet tooth that I like to satisfy.  However, the problem with most sweets is that they are highly caloric, and very high in sugar.  So when I received the opportunity to try out products from the Weight Watchers Ice Cream line, I was very excited to see how these products were different from other ice cream products.

Once I received my vouchers for Weight Watchers Ice Cream, I headed straight to the grocery store.  I was excited to see the variety of flavors that Weight Watchers has created, and the variety of taste buds that each of these flavors can appeal to.  With Preston’s input, we decided to try out the Strawberry Smoothie Frozen Yogurt Bars and the Cookies and Cream Bars.

The selection of Weight Watchers Ice Cream at my local grocery store

The selection of Weight Watchers Ice Cream at my local grocery store

Upon taking the bars home, I was very excited to see on the nutrition labels that both bars were low in calories, total fat, and sugar, at least when compared to other ice cream products.  With as hot and humid as this summer has been, I’ve been eager to eat my fair share of ice cream.  And let’s be honest, what pregnant woman doesn’t enjoy ice cream treats every now and then?  However, as I’ve been enjoying these bars, I haven’t once felt guilty about eating too many calories, particularly calories from fat.  And if you’re on a Weight Watchers plan, the strawberry bars are only 2 points per serving, while the cookies and cream bars are only 3 points per serving.

ice cream bars

Of the two bars, I especially enjoyed the Strawberry Smoothie Frozen Yogurt Bars.  I’m a huge fan of anything strawberry, and these bars definitely satisfied that taste bud.  Of the two, Preston enjoyed the Cookies and Cream Bars more, but he’s also more of a chocolate fan than I am.

If you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth with some ice cream without over indulging, I highly recommend checking out the Weight Watchers ice cream line.  Most major grocery stores carry them in their freezer sections.

QOTD: What is your favorite sweet tooth indulgence?

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27 Responses to Weight Watchers Ice Cream Review

  1. This is a great alternative to those who love their ice cream in the summer ( or all year long). I’m not much of an ice cream fan but I do like candy, specifically sour patch kids..lol. I have vowed to stay away from them for the rest of the summer. Perhaps weight watchers can come out with a version of those…lol

  2. Oh I love Weight Watchers ice cream!!!

  3. Chaitali says:

    We get these a lot because Mike really enjoys being able to have an ice cream snack that isn’t too many calories. The salted caramel bar is really good.

  4. Jamie says:

    Thanks so much for the review! The sugar content… is it natural or added? I’d be interested to see what the ingredient list looks like : )

  5. I used to love the Strawberry Smoothie bars 🙂 Unfortunately there’s a little too much artificial sweetener in the WW ice creams for me (one of my many sensitivities in addition to multiple food allergies) but awesome that you found a guilt-free treat to enjoy. Especially with a little one on the way, I know it can be tricky to figure out the right balance of eats!

  6. Summer = Ice Cream, enough said:) I think its awesome Weight Watcher has an ice cream, I would totally love and go for those smoothie bars, yum!!!!

  7. I love Ben and Jerry’s and I cannot lie. There is no substitute!

  8. Becki S says:

    Ooo I love weight watchers ice cream. It doesn’t feel like you’re cutting any of the good stuff out but the label says so 😉 I really like yasso yogurt bars and anytime I can get some froyo I’m all about it.

  9. They look good, I have always liked there toffe chocolate ice cream.

  10. I can spell today their chocolate covered toffee Ice cream pops I mean.

  11. Yum. I haven’t tried this… BUT it looks tasty! 🙂

  12. I am a huge ice cream junkie. We don’t have a huge selection of WW ice cream here, though. Glad you found some items you loved!

  13. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    Oh ice cream is definitely high on my list!! My favorite ice cream is Breyers Mint chocolate chip.

  14. I had no idea they make WW bars – they look good. I’m torn… not sure which flavor I would like better. I guess I have to try both.

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