Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon Training Log – Week 10

This past week was another great week of training.  My weekly mileage is slowly increasing, as is the distance of my weekend long run, and I was able to get to the gym for one weight training session this past week.  As each week passes, I’m feeling more and more confident that I’ll be able to run all of Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach and won’t have to do extra walking beyond my planned run/walk intervals.

Part of why I’m feeling confident is because I’ve been focusing on running on hilly routes during my runs.  I used this same approach when I trained last summer for RnRVB.  Even though the race course is extremely flat, by training on hills it made me stronger and better prepared for race day.

Even with running a hilly route, I was able to maintain an 11:02 average pace during yesterday's long run!

Even with running a hilly route, I was able to maintain an 11:02 average pace during yesterday’s long run!

Of course, a lot can still happen in the next eight weeks before race day, but I’m hopeful and optimistic that I’ll still be able to run the entire race, even if I slow down a bit.  I’ve been focusing on staying hydrated, especially during my long runs.  For example, during yesterday’s 10 miler, I took a quick break at home for a few minutes about 6.4 miles into my run so that I could refill my water bottle, drink some Powerade, and use the bathroom (one of the many great things about pregnancy is the frequency at which nature calls).  I’m sure I’ll have to use a porta potty at least once mid-race, which will slow my race pace down, but I’m more than okay with that.

Hopefully the next eight weeks go as well as the last ten have and that I’ll arrive at the start line on September 6th feeling confident about running my fifth half marathon!

Mon 7/6 – Rest day

Tues 7/7 – 3.25 mile run, 0.40 mile cool down walk

Wed 7/8 – 30 minutes on the elliptical, kettlebell squat swings, abs, arms, back, shoulders, chest, glutes

Thurs 7/9 – Rest day

Fri 7/10 – 3.15 mile run, 0.52 mile cool down walk

Sat 7/11 – Rest day

Sun 7/12 – 10.06 mile run, 0.53 mile cool down walk

Total Weekly Mileage – 20.55 miles (5.45 miles more than week 9)

Total RnRVB Mileage – 147.59 miles

QOTD: How do you mentally and physically approach training for flat course races?

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46 Responses to Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon Training Log – Week 10

  1. Good job with your training. I feel that there really isn’t anything differently I would do to train for a flat course. Of course if it was hilly then there would be lots of hill running during training.

  2. I think I actually wasn’t able to prep all that well for my one and only “flat” race (the Disney Half Marathon). I always race in NYC pretty much, in Central Park, which is basically a big loop of up-and-down-and-up again. I think I would try to train more repeats of the same smaller loop to get used to the repetitiveness but there really is nowhere to run that doesn’t involve hills in Connecticut or really in the area of Manhattan where I live!

  3. That’s a great idea to train on a hilly course for a flat race. Makes race day that much easier 🙂

  4. Chaitali says:

    That’s awesome that you’re feeling so ready for this race 🙂 You’re training really backs it up. It makes sense to train on hilly routes so that race day is even easier.

  5. Elle says:

    Looks like you are right on track with your training – hope it all continues to go smoothly for you!

  6. Yey for good training weeks! I’ve been in a slump lately, but hoping a trip to Blogfest will give me the inspiration I need to get back to it.

  7. Jamie says:

    I never really thought I needed to prepare for a flat course, so when I ran Chicago last year (pancake flat) I noticed that my hips were getting more stiff than usual throughout the race. I would have probably focused on doing more speedwork on a track or treadmill, but still incorporated hills into my longer outdoor runs. Great week of training : )

    • Do you plan to do more speedwork for a future flat race?

      • Jamie says:

        I do. Especially on a track. I think for me personally my hip flexors got tight during the race because I’m used to varying terrain. So if I was to run Chicago again I’d probably incorporate some longer treadmill runs into my training and some track work instead of tempo runs.

  8. Great week of training! You’re going to rock it. I can’t really avoid hills in DC so I can’t say I train any differently for flat courses.

  9. Girl you are rocking it! I’m so amazed you’re doing so great while pregnant!!!

  10. oh yes you will quickly learn where all the rest rooms are everywhere! One of the many perks indeed

  11. Becki S says:

    I’m with you in training for flat races with hilly runs! I did this for my second half and PR’ed by over 9 minutes. Would definitely train that way again if I get back into running

  12. You’re doing so well with your training!
    I’m making a conscious effort to seek out hills for my runs. I live in a pretty flat city, so I really need to seek them out for my training.

  13. Great week of training!!!

  14. Your training schedule looks intense–good for you!!!

  15. I think hills are great training for any kind of race. They make you strong and strong makes you fast. Nice job on your training!

  16. I’m so impressed with your training! That baby is going to come out running!

  17. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    Awesome job! And yes, hydration is going to be KEY for you!! Keep at it!!

  18. ilkasblog says:

    Wow- I’m so impressed by your training. Wendy is right, that Baby will come out running.

  19. jillconyers says:

    You’re going to be so ready on Sept 6! Mentally and physically. Boom!

  20. Keep going! You are doing great!

  21. I have the same question about training for a flat race! My area is hilly so I’m thinking that it will help? But then again I keep reading about how reptitive a flat course is on the body so I’m like, should I try to do long runs somewhere totally flat??

    • I did a lot of hill training in preparation for last year’s RnRVB and I believe it paid off on race day. But doing a combination of both hill training and flat long runs should always help you to be prepared come race day.

  22. Flat course? Those exist? I have a knack for only running hilly courses LOL and I live in a hilly neighborhood, so I have never specifically trained with hills. They just come naturally as part of my route.

  23. GiselleR says:

    I’m not sure I could ever leave home again if I stopped off for a mid run bathroom break. Good for you! Hopefully your training stays on track 🙂

  24. haleyduke17 says:

    I wish I had hills to train on. It’s so flat here.

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