My Goals for Saturday’s Firecracker 5k

I’ve been going back and forth as to whether or not I should continue to set race goals for myself while I’m pregnant.  I’ve been having this debate with myself for a couple of weeks now.  However, last night I came to the realization that just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean that I can’t continue to push myself, especially on days or during weeks when I’m feeling great.

This week has been one of those weeks that I’ve been feeling energized.  The weather has been less humid and not as warm as it has been in previous weeks.  I’m optimistic that the weather will cooperate Saturday morning for the race, and that I shouldn’t face too many obstacles.

The other factor working in my favor for Saturday’s race is that I’ve run the Firecracker 5k the past two years.  I’m familiar with the course, which should assist me in better pacing myself for the full 3.1 miles.

Based on my running recently, my three goals for Saturday’s race are:

Goal A – Finish the race in under 31:04 (10:00 pace)

Goal B – Finish the race in under 31:51 (10:15 pace)

Goal C – Beat last year’s Firecracker 5k finish time and finish in under 32:35 (10:29 pace)

firecracker 5k finish line - Copy

After last year’s Firecracker 5k

My C Goal last year was to beat my 2013 Firecracker 5k finish time, so I’m hopeful that I can continue that trend this year.

QOTD: Will you be running a Fourth of July themed race as part of your Independence Day celebration?

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43 Responses to My Goals for Saturday’s Firecracker 5k

  1. You’re right, just because you’re pregnant doesn’t make you an invalid. 😉 just listen to your body’s cues and stay well hydrated. More than usual. I am racing a 10k this Sat. Like you, I would like to beat my course time also. I try not to think about a PR because I just can’t race as fast in the heat like I can in fall weather. Have fun with the race and good luck!!

  2. Pam says:

    You certainly can race the 5k and have fun Kathryn. It is always alot easier to race a familiar course too, so you should have an opportunity for meeting that A goal. No race for me this year, but I love the 4th races. Today I am playing a golf event where all the ladies are dressing up in red, white and blue though and that should be fun!

  3. I”m running a 10k on Sunday. It’s our town’s festival and they always have a 5k/10k run.

  4. No race for me. Lacey will be doing the Gone for a run 4th of July race. I think beating your last year’s time would be a fine goal and even if you don’t, you’ll still have fun no matter what your time!

  5. briwifruit says:

    Good luck at your race! I don’t think there’s anything wrong with setting race goals at any time if that helps to motivate you 🙂

  6. You are team RWB also??? Yay!! Me too!! Great goals I’m sure you will do great 😊

  7. mkadens1 says:

    All the best with your race! None for me this weekend as I’ll be across the pond!

  8. Good luck!! Just run your race and listen to your body – you’ll be fine! I thought about doing a July 4 race but I’ve done 5ks 2 weekends in a row so think I’m sleeping in 🙂

  9. No 4th of July race for me, but I have a 3-miler on tap. Have fun!

  10. Have an awesome race! Such a good idea for a theme – we have a Turkey Trot and a Run Like A Mother (‘s Day Race) in my hometown, but none for the Fourth!

    • Believe it or not, I only ran my first Turkey Trot this past Thanksgiving. Given that this year at Thanksgiving I’ll be 36 weeks pregnant I doubt I’ll be running another one this year.

      • But you’ll be looking forward to a lovely Christmas gift while you sit it out! My BFF is due the end of October, so her mission is to run our hometown Turkey Trot a month later to get back into it. She was an Olympic level athlete so somehow I’m sure she can do it.

  11. Definitely set goals for yourself! I actually had “pregnant PRs” for myself 🙂

    I’m running the Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta on Saturday. I can’t wait to run with 65,000 other runners!

  12. No racing for me yet but I know you’ll kill it!!

  13. Nothing wrong with setting goals and pushing yourself during your pregnancy! I say keep setting goals and pushing yourself until baby and body tell you to take it easy. Good luck with your race! I’m looking forward to reading the recap. 🙂

  14. Have fun! I’m not racing on the 4th, but I’ll be running 10 miles in my “American Runner” tank from Oiselle. 🙂

  15. Great goals! I am running my first 4th of July themed race this year and I have no goal at all, since its going to be so darn hot! I just want my watermelon and beer at the finish!

    Good luck!

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  17. jillconyers says:

    You’ve got this Kathryn! I’m not running a July 4th race but I will be cheering you on. Enjoy the run!

  18. Have fun this weekend! I am not racing… although I am participating in a ‘virtual’ 4 mile race. I am going to bust it out today because we are traveling this weekend.

  19. elenasonnino says:

    Have a great run and I love that you have multiple goals so that you can listen to your body! I am not racing this weekend though I do hope to get in a long run to start my marathon training and a hike.

  20. Take what your body gives you that day and, like the above comments said, stay hydrated and eat before and after! Have a great race and pregnancy definitely doesn’t make you invalid 🙂 Just make sure your inner competitor doesn’t sneak out too much and you push too hard – that’s my struggle in pregnancy :s

    No 4th race plans for me! My first race after having our second baby is the weekend after. Racing postpartum is similar to pregnancy – I want to have goals of some sort but need to listen to my body first! Happy fourth of July!
    Amy @

  21. carmyy says:

    I think pregnancy = pregnancy PBs. At least that’s what my friend calls them! So this will be a pb regardless right? 😉

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