Why Do You Run?

Happy National Running Day everybody!  Today is the day to celebrate why you run, and the fact that you’re physically able to run.

why i run

My purpose for running has evolved quite a bit since I first started running in March 2013.  I first started running as a way to challenge myself to try something new, and to push myself to prove to myself that I could in fact run.  The more miles that I ran, the more exhilarating that running became for me.  And now, I focus on running as a way to promote both physical and mental health.  Its amazing how on a bad day that something as simple as running can help turn my day around.

So how can you celebrate your passion for running?

  • Be sure to head to the National Running Day website to create your own “I Run Because” badge.
  • Take advantage of one day savings (up to $20 in select markets) that the Rock ‘n’ Roll series is offering on select races.  (And if you’re reading this post after June 3rd, use code DANCINGTORUNNING to save $15 on your race registration.  And be sure to check out Rock ‘n’ Roll’s recently published video about why running rocks.
  • Lace up your shoes and head out for a run, whether solo or as part of a group.

Today I also want to celebrate my 2015 running accomplishments thus far.  So far in 2015, I’ve run seven races, the highlight of which was running my fourth half marathon.  So far in 2015, I’ve run 275 miles.  And so far in 2015 I’ve reached new PRs in several race distances.

With my half marathon and Dolphin Challenge medals

Celebrating after PRing at Shamrock Half Marathon back in March

QOTD: Why do you run?

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48 Responses to Why Do You Run?

  1. So many reasons, and they’ve changed over the years…but mainly, I run because I can!

  2. For body, mind, and spirit – cliche but true!

  3. briwifruit says:

    I run for those same reasons! I don’t know what kind of person I’d be if I didn’t run… I’d probably be super depressed and/or crazy.

  4. You have had a great running year so far! Didn’t know about the badge I will check it out

  5. Lesley says:

    The main reason has been the same since high school: it’s my stress release, whether I was playing sports or whether I’m running. I can just run.

  6. runsaltrun says:

    There are few things in life that give me a greater feeling of accomplishment than knocking a running goal out of the park. Happy National Running Day!

  7. I run because to be the best version of myself! And congrats on all of your accomplishments so far this year!

  8. You’ve had a great “run” with running Kathryn!!! 😉

  9. Elle says:

    Congratulations on your great 2015 season so far!

  10. I run because it challenges me, keeps me healthy, and is an activity my whole family enjoys.

  11. katemovingforward1234 says:

    Running helps me feel my best physically and mentally! I started running in high school to lose some weight and I have just kept at it over the years. I’m proud to be a runner!

  12. Yey! Happy National Running Day! I run for my health and fitness and because it makes me feel free! Running is my me-time and a great way to explore the world around us!

  13. mkadens1 says:

    You’ve had a great year so far! I started running as a way to avoid our family history of heart disease, obesity, etc. but it’s become so much more.

  14. kristenk says:

    Whoa you are killing it this year! Congrats on the PRs and the high milage! Happy National Running Day!

  15. Stephanie says:

    I run because I can and it just makes me feel amazing! Congratulations on an awesome year of running so far!

  16. Lily Lau says:

    I run to make my body still amaze me 🙂

  17. I can’t wait to get back to running again! It’s killing me that I can’t participate in national running day! ( perhaps I should try to jog around the block)!

  18. 2015 is off to a great start for you!
    The reasons I run have definitely changed over the years, but I just keep on running 🙂

  19. Jennifer says:

    You’ve had a great 2015..and so much left in the year!

  20. 2015 is going well! I celebrating National Running Day by going for a short run yesterday afternoon in the sunshine. 🙂

  21. I mainly run for the me time. I love to have time to myself and doing something active-it really does give me so much energy. and also to rundisney-what better way to see the parks than to run through them?

  22. I loved National Running Day this year! I love the running community in general. I run because it’s a way for my mom and I to connect and catch up daily…and because it challenges me to continue to push myself and get better.

  23. I run because I can. I know that one day there might come a time when I cannot run let alone walk because I have multiple sclerosis. So, I get there and enjoy every moment that I am able to run.

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  25. I am trying to get back to loving the run just for that reason, because I enjoy it! I am putting down the watch and just getting out there instead of being so time focused.

  26. Wow! 7 races already this year, that is amazing! Congrats on all the mileage too! I’m hoping I can get back to running soon!

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