Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon Training Log – Week 1

Wow, what a week!  Although my focus this past week was less on starting half marathon training and more on other exciting things going on, it feels good to officially be back in half marathon training mode again.  I was able to complete all three of my planned runs, but there just wasn’t time for any other training.  So what kept me busy this week?

One highlight of the week was that on Wednesday afternoon the chiropractor released me from my post car accident treatment.  Its so nice to look at my calendar for the coming week and not see a single chiropractor or other doctor’s appointment on my schedule, which will of course leave me with more time to train and take care of chores around the house.

The more exciting part of the week was our 39 hour whirlwind trip to Illinois.  Although the weekend didn’t start off as planned (our flight to Chicago was delayed by almost four hours due to the airport here being closed midday for the WWII flyover in celebration of the 70th anniversary of V-E Day, followed by an emergency landing, followed by Chicago’s airport being closed due to lightning), I’m so glad that we were able to spend the weekend with family celebrating my sister’s college graduation and Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day weekend

Although it was great to spend the weekend with family, it also feels good to be home.  I’m looking forward to a quieter week and being able to put more time and energy into my training.

Mon 5/4 – 3.11 mile run around the neighborhood, 0.34 mile cool down walk

Tues 5/5 – Rest day

Wed 5/6 – Rest day

Thurs 5/7 – 3.15 mile run around the neighborhood, 0.32 mile cool down walk

Fri 5/8 – Rest day

Sat 5/9 – 3.59 mile run around the hotel neighborhood, 0.29 mile cool down walk, squats

Sun 5/10 – Rest day

Total Weekly Mileage – 10.80 miles

QOTD: What was the highlight of your weekend?

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49 Responses to Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon Training Log – Week 1

  1. Doesn’t that feel great, to not have all those appointments on the calendar! Congrats! It’s like you graduated too!

  2. NutriFitMama says:

    The highlight of my weekend was definitely spending time with the family yesterday for Mother’s Day. So fun!

  3. Great week Kathryn! Glad you got to spend Mother’s Day with family too!

  4. congrats to your sister. highlight was definitely spending time with my parents yesterday for mother’s day!

  5. Great Week! My highlight was just hanging with my family and having a relaxing Mother’s Day

  6. Mother’s Day dining over here!

  7. Lesley says:

    It was a lazy day for me yesterday but I Skyped with my parents for Mother’s Day.

  8. Nice that you recovered so well from your accident and pt. Sounds like you are back to normal and ready to take on the training for VA beach. You’ve had a ton of great races lately too so you must be doing something right!

  9. Hi! We finally had sun here so I went for a long walk on Saturday in shorts and a t-shirt. Heaven!

  10. Jennifer says:

    Congrats to your sister and yay for kicking off RnR VB Training. The highlight of the weekend was Sunday with mom of course!

  11. greak week and congrats to your sister on her graduation!!

    the highlight of my weekend was finishing the Pixie Dust challenge (10k and half) and it was a fabulous time!

  12. Congratulations on being released!
    I had a low-key weekend at home that was nice and much needed 🙂

  13. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    Wow, glad you finally made it out there! Those delays must have been so frustrating!! Glad you had a great weekend!

  14. Congrats to you sister and woohoo for half marathon training! The highlight of my weekend was getting to see my family and celebrating mother’s day and my mama’s bday!

  15. Yay for week one of training!! I love starting a new training schedule 🙂

  16. Good week for you (and busy!). I enjoyed some downtime this weekend. Weather is nice for eating on the screened-in porch now. Finally some spring.

  17. mkadens1 says:

    Congrats to your sis and yay for kicking off half training! Sorry O’Hare was a PIA as it often is. Our weather here leaves much to be desired.

  18. Spending time with family is always good! I stayed at my parents house this weekend and got to hang out with my siblings and spend time with my mom 🙂

  19. katemovingforward1234 says:

    I had an amazing weekend just relaxing with my family and visiting with my mama. I have a couple friends who graduated from Olivet Nazarene–our camp always recruits summer staff from there!

  20. Karen :0) says:

    Great job with your workouts! Glad you had a good weekend!! 🙂 The highlight of my weekend was Saturday morning’s race!

  21. jillconyers says:

    The highlight of my weekend was the extra time spent with my kids to celebrate mother’s day. I’m the luckiest mom ever 🙂

  22. elenasonnino says:

    The highlight of my week was running through a poppy field in southeastern Turkey. What an incredible rush to run through a field of flowers- like a child! Ooh and running 4 miles along the Bosphorus in Istanbul – quite a change from my normal running route.

  23. carmyy says:

    Great week! My highlight is probably my meal prep haha!

  24. Happy you got to spend time with your family for the weekend. We enjoyed a perfect Mother’s Day with fantastic weather!

  25. GiselleR says:

    I actually can’t remember what I did this weekend so it clearly wasn’t exciting lol Also, congrats to your sister!

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