Weekly Training Log – Week of April 6th

For many reasons, this past week of workouts didn’t go exactly as exactly planned.  My biggest obstacle was my schedule.  Between chiropractor and dentist appointments after work this week, Tuesday evening was the only day that I didn’t have an appointment after work.  Just to paint one picture for you of how this week went after work, my dentist appointment was Thursday after work.  Our dentist is near our old apartment, and it took me well over an hour to get home from the dentist.  By the time I finally made it home on Thursday, I had been out of the house for close to 13 hours.

One highlight of my week was the yoga class that I took at work on Monday.  One of our professional development options for the day was yoga, as a way to focus on destressing.  It was a great way to ease back into work after Spring Break.

The other highlight of this past week was running the Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run yesterday morning.  I’ll recap the race this week, but as I shared in my goals post, this wasn’t a goal race for me.  And I’m glad it wasn’t since the course had to be cut short due to a pedestrian that was hit prior to the start of the race on the race course.  According to my Garmin, I ran 9.49 miles during the race.  Despite the emergency, it was an absolutely perfect morning for a race, and I loved that the cherry blossoms were at peak bloom.


Mon 4/6 – 60 minutes of yoga, 1.83 mile walk around the neighborhood with Riley

Tues 4/7 – 3.10 mile run around the neighborhood, 0.27 mile cool down walk, abs

Wed 4/8 – Rest day

Thurs 4/9 – Rest day

Fri 4/10 – 3.10 mile run on the treadmill, 0.37 mile cool down walk, chest, back, arms, abs, glutes

Sat 4/11 – Rest day

Sun 4/12 – Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run (actual mileage: 9.49 miles)

Total Weekly Mileage – 18.16 miles

QOTD: Have you ever run a race where the course had to be cut short due to an emergency?

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54 Responses to Weekly Training Log – Week of April 6th

  1. the course was cut short due to an emergency? Crazy! No I haven’t had that happen!

  2. OH wow! I hope the pedestrian was ok! Fortunately all the races I’ve run have been the full course. Can’t wait to read your recap!

  3. I’d love to run through some cherry blossoms. I have been looking for something like tear here in Colorado, when I lived in Japan we watched the cherry blossoms every year. Keep up the great training.

  4. Looks like a great week of training. I’ve never run a race that was cut short. Yikes!

  5. Chaitali says:

    I had read about the pedestrian getting hit before the race 😦 I hope that the race was a better experience for you than last year in spite of the route change!

  6. Lesley says:

    Yikes! I haven’t had a course cut short, and I do hope the pedestrian is OK.

  7. Huh, I got 9.52. Wish they could’ve given us something more precise but of course there wasn’t much time.

  8. I always love CB-sorry to miss it this year. The weather was perfect though huh? Nice job

  9. Cherry Blossom 10 miler has always been on my to do list. The Blossoms are just GORGEOUS! I heard about the emergency…scary stuff :/

  10. Elle says:

    Our cherry blossoms are at their peak right now too. Pink and white ‘snow’ everywhere around the city! Great pictures!

  11. i was super impressed by how well the race organizers handled the last minute change. i would’ve barely noticed (aside from the mileage on my watch) if they hadn’t told us!

  12. This winter was so brutally cold that we had a half marathon cut down to half the distance run in 4km loops. It was about -40C and the course is fully exposed to the elements.

  13. Sam @ PancakeWarriors says:

    Great week of workouts! So glad to see those rest days – they are so important!! Yoga is seriously the highlight of my week as well! So glad I discovered how amazing it is for me mentally and physically!

  14. What an unfortunate start to the race, but it sounds like they handled it well.
    We all have those weeks where life gets in the way of training, and that’s totally okay.

  15. At least the cherry blossoms made this race one on a “scenic route!” One of the things DC has over NYC…

  16. Stephanie says:

    I can’t imagine how beautiful that race was, great job!

  17. Oh my goodness, that is awful that someone got hit by a car.

  18. That’s too bad about the person getting hit! I haven’t run a race where they have cut it short. I have run a few where they had to add a little extra to it, to go around bridges or area’s flooded over, but I have always been glad they added to them, instead of took miles away:)
    Glad that you had a perfect morning for a race, and really glad that they didn’t cancel it all together or something because of the accident.

  19. Wow that’s crazy! Did you see it happen? Were they a runner? Not sure how I’d feel if I had actually seen it as it happened.

  20. Larissa says:

    The blossoms were perfect this weekend. I bet the morning race was gorgeous. I’m surprised more people weren’t hit over the weekend it was that crazy down on the mall.

  21. I’ve had a few courses become “fun runs” due to heat and a couple of threats of closing course due to weather, but never any emergencies. Glad they were able to figure out a workaround, even if it meant less than 10 miles.

  22. I love that you get to take yoga as a professional development option!

  23. Cherry blossom run sounds like it would be so pretty!

  24. carmyy says:

    Oh no! So sorry to hear about the emergency… sad the run had to be cut short but that comes first. Is the race director doing anything to compensate for the shorter route though?

  25. jillconyers says:

    I’ve run a race when the course was cut short due to runners’ error. I thought it was so funny that everyone kind of following the pack ended up making a wrong turn. I didn’t even think to be frustrated haha!

  26. That is scary about the accident. Luckily the race directors acted fast even though it cut the race short.

  27. Using yoga as part of professional development is a huge step in the right direction! Love doing yoga when I’m stressed 🙂

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