Current Countdowns

Yesterday marked Snow Day #2 of the week, and with having President’s Day off on Monday, I’ve spent quite a bit of extra time at home this week.   Between the extra time at home and with so many blogging friends getting ready to head to Disney for Princess Half Marathon Weekend, it has me thinking about how excited I am for not only my upcoming races and other activities, but also our upcoming trip to Florida!

  • 4 days until I get to see Dad!  He’ll only be in DC for a couple of days this time around (he comes out here to meet with clients a couple of times each year), and Monday night was the only night that worked with both of our schedules.  I’m very much looking forward to seeing him after a very couple of very stressful weeks, even if it’ll only be for a couple of hours.
  • 10 days until I’ll be running my first two races of 2015.  I’ll be joining several other area bloggers for the St. Patrick’s Day Double (5k immediately followed by a 10k).  I’ll be taking the 5k super easy in hopes that I can PR during the 10k.


  • 29 days until Kathleen arrives, and then we’ll be headed to Virginia Beach for Shamrock Marathon Weekend.  She and I will both be completing the Dolphin Challenge, and going for PR attempts during the half marathon.  Kathleen is running Shamrock as part of her goal to run a half marathon in all 50 states (this will be her Virginia race), and I can’t wait to run my fourth half marathon!
  • 37 days until Preston and I leave for a week long vacation in Florida!  We’re headed to Florida for my Spring Break, and are looking forward to spending a couple of relaxing days at the beach, followed by a couple of days at Disney.  While in Florida, we’ll also be going to a Phillies Spring Training Game.  We can’t wait!
At our first Phillies Spring Training game in Clearwater in February 2011

At our first Phillies Spring Training game in Clearwater in February 2011

QOTD: What are you currently counting down to?

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37 Responses to Current Countdowns

  1. Right now? When I should leave to go into work…our client has a two hour delay so trying to figure out when I should go in so I can still get a parking spot. 🙂

    But in more exciting things, Princess weekend and Boston marathon weekend. We just got tickets to a Red Sox game for while we’re in town and I cannot wait!

  2. You have some great things coming up. Right now i’m just counting down till I can finally get on the plane to Florida. Lacey is already there but my flight is delayed!

  3. I’m counting down to my trip to Austin in two weeks 🙂

  4. I’m counting down to a trip to Vegas in March. Can’t wait!!! Spring training in Florida is the best. I love that we have so many teams training here.

  5. NutriFitMama says:

    Besides counting down until spring..I’m counting down until spring break! We are doing our first trip in our new (to us) RV and also have my next half marathon that week 🙂

  6. So many fun things to look forward to! I’m counting down to a personal training workshop, my birthday, and my first half marathon of the year, all in March!

  7. Lesley says:

    I’ve got 3 things coming up. I’ll be at a conference at the Swan&Dolphin with a free day – I’ll be going to EPCOT for that. Then my mom visits, then I’m headed to Napa.

  8. Pam says:

    While I am excited about Princess this week and having my sister and Christine as sidekicks, my big countdown at the moment is for the Boston Marathon and I can’t believe we are less than 9 weeks away.

  9. Sounds like you’ve got a couple of fun weeks coming up! I’m looking forward to racing again, too. I’ve been busting my butt since WDW Marathon Weekend trying to get back into “half” racing shape, so I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do in March — I’ve got a 10-miler for St. Patrick’s Day and then The Love Run in Philly!

  10. Karen G. says:

    Ooh.. I WISH I was counting down to a Florida trip too! 😉
    Other than Spring, (of course) I’m counting down to my first race of the season, a half marathon March 7, and my next full marathon on April 18th!

  11. I am counting down till my 2 half marathons in 2 days at the end of march…not feeling too cheery about it quite yet but we’ll see

  12. It sounds like you have some fun stuff lined up for the next little while. I’m looking forward to going to see U2 in Vancouver in May. It hasn’t really sunk in yet that I’m going.

  13. alsoranagain says:

    You have a lot of fun things to look forward to! Right now I’m counting down to when I get to run again (maybe 2 weeks?) and when my family and I travel to Washington, DC, for Spring Break! Woohoo!

  14. Jennifer says:

    Fun plans!! Looking fwd to seeing you at the Double and Shamrock! I think I will go for a 10K PR at the Pacers event. Will be fun 🙂

  15. marywdw says:

    I’m counting down until my next WDW trip in a few weeks and also to my next half marathon in less than two months!

  16. My mom and I have a goal of running a half marathon in each state too! Though we’ve only done like 3 states so far lol. I’m so jealous you get to go somewhere warm!

  17. I am currently counting down to the Boston Marathon… yikes! 🙂

  18. Let me know if you’ll be in south Florida at all!!

  19. Marcia says:

    What a great lineup you’ve got planned! So many great races in the DC area. Since this is the year of my first tri (June) I’m focusing more on swimming right now and getting a late start on racing. I think my first race is in early April, which is fine since our weather is the worst right now,

  20. You’ve got a lot of exciting things on the horizion! Escaping the cold weather for FLA will be amazing! Baby countdown: 55 days 🙂
    Karen @karenlovestorun

  21. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    Lots of fun stuff to look forward to! I’m counting down to Paris!!

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