Charity Miles Milestone: I’ve Reached 500 Miles!

Not only did I run my first 8k this past weekend, but I reached another milestone as well: I logged my 500th mile for charity!  Since I discovered the Charity Miles app last spring, I have been logging miles for charity each time I run outside.  (The app is only GPS enabled, which means that any miles I run or walk on the treadmill cannot count towards the fundraising efforts.)


So how does Charity Miles work?  Every mile logged allows you to raise $0.25 for the charity of your choice.  The majority of the money that I’ve raised has been for Team RWB, the veteran’s support organization that both Preston and I are members of.  In addition to Team RWB, I’ve also raised money for Achilles International, Feeding America, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Stand Up to Cancer, and the Wounded Warrior Project.

Simply by running and walking, activities that I already do on a regular basis, I’ve raised over $125, all without having to ask, beg, or plead for monetary donations from friends and loved ones.  Through my own sweat (and sometimes tears), I’ve helped raised funds for worthwhile organizations.

My most recently logged miles and funds raised on my Charity Miles app

My most recently logged miles and funds raised through Charity Miles

I cannot wait to continue raising funds for charity through the use of Charity Miles, and seeing how quickly I can log another 500 (or more) miles.

QOTD: Which charities do you prefer to raise money for?

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8 Responses to Charity Miles Milestone: I’ve Reached 500 Miles!

  1. That’s so awesome Kathryn!!!! Such a great app!

  2. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    Awesome! When I do use my charity miles I do it for Team RWB and Wounded warrior project. I should use it more but my battery on my phone drains so fast when I keep an app running for that long 😦

  3. kristenk says:

    Wow this is awesome! How does it work? Can I use my RunKeeper app to track my run still, or do I have to use Charity Miles to track it? I might start doing this in 2015 as a way to motivate me to run outside as much as possible! Congrats on running 500 miles on it!

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