Shamrock Half Marathon Training Log – Week 1

Although this past week was extremely busy, and at times a bit stressful, my first week of Shamrock training was a success.  Because of the stress (most of it work related), I opted to switch out my planned cross training days for two days of yoga.  The extra yoga practice definitely helped with the stress, as well as helping to stretch my sore legs.

The highlight of the week was my long run.  I had planned to run four miles, but two weekends ago I ran 4.28 miles, and since I was feeling good, I decided to run five miles instead.  It felt good to push myself to my furthest distance since last month’s Army Ten Miler, and after several very cold days this week I was very grateful that it was 50 degrees during the run Saturday afternoon.

5 mile run

Mon 11/17 – 3.10 mile run on the treadmill, 0.31 mile cool down walk, legs, glutes, abs, chest, back, arms

Tues 11/18 – Rest day

Wed 11/19 – 50 minutes of yoga

Thurs 11/20 – 3.10 mile run on the treadmill, 0.41 mile cool down walk

Fri 11/21 – 55 minutes of yoga

Sat 11/22 – 5.13 mile run around the neighborhood, 0.72 mile cool down walk

Sun 11/23 – Rest day

Total Weekly Mileage – 12.77 miles

Total Shamrock Training Mileage – 12.77 miles

Not only does the Holiday Season officially kick off this week, but its looking like it’ll be another crazy week.  On Wednesday, Preston and I will be headed to Illinois to spend Thanksgiving with my family.  Not only are we looking forward to spending time with my family, but we’re also looking forward to running our first Turkey Trot Thursday morning, as well as my high school reunion Saturday night.  We’re hoping to put up our Christmas tree before we leave (we had planned to this past weekend but ran out of time), in addition to taking care of a long list of other last minute chores and errands.

It’ll be a crazy week, but as you all know, I wouldn’t have it any other way!  And good thing the Holiday Sweat Challenge starts today.  I will definitely be using this challenge group as a way to help keep myself on track and hold myself accountable not only during my upcoming busy week, but throughout the holiday season.

Holiday Sweat Challenge 2014

QOTD: How much do you try to accomplish before you travel out of town?

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18 Responses to Shamrock Half Marathon Training Log – Week 1

  1. Jennifer says:

    Nice job on the 5 miler – it was so nice out this weekend. I hope to get a few miles in today with our “spring/summer like” weather. Hope the next few days are not too stressful at work.

  2. Pam says:

    Great job on your Saturday run. I always try to leave a clean house when I go away and also have the laundry basket close to empty. Makes it easier when we unpack those suitcases after returning home!

  3. Great week Kathryn! Great job on the 5 miler! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and weekend!!!

  4. Lesley says:

    Just traveling that day before Thanksgiving sounds hectic. I stay in Texas and go over to friends’. I need to do more yoga too and I think I found the perfect day to do it during the week.

  5. sarahdudek80 says:

    Congratulations on a strong week of training and a great long run. Good luck with your Turkey Trot. We are doing our first one too in the northern suburbs of Chicago.

  6. Great job on your five mile run. I am really looking forward to the holiday coming up this week. I will be going home to see family as well. Have a fantastic weekend visiting family in Illionois!

  7. I like to leave a clean house when traveling. Less to do when I get back!

  8. i have a LONG list of things to do before we leave for our honeymoon on dec 3rd. i’m trying my best to get it all done. good luck!

  9. kristenk says:

    Good luck with your training! And with putting up your tree. Priorities here 🙂

  10. Karen :0) says:

    Great job this week! Girl, I act like a mad woman if I’m about to go on a trip…I feel like I have to do EVERYTHING before I leave! Haha! Hope you have a great weekend, sounds like a ton of fun!! 🙂

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