How Will You Stay Motivated During the Holidays?

If you follow me on Instagram then you probably have noticed that I’m currently participating in a handful of challenges.  But the photo challenges aren’t the only ones that I’m participating in.  What challenges am I currently participating in?

Run Stretch Go’s Grateful Photo-A-Day Challenge


DC Trifecta’s “Gratitude” Challenge, sponsored by Eat Pray Run DCMar on the Run, and You Signed Up For What?!


MCM Mama’s #NovemberMileage Challenge (my goal is to run 50 miles, which is part of my larger November goal to log 70 miles altogether)


Holiday Sweat Challenge with Sweat Guru and Run to the Finish

Holiday Sweat Challenge 2014

Get Active! Challenge through work (where our goal as a team is to virtually walk from Amsterdam to Zakynthos, Greece)


Yes, I’m currently participating in five different challenges!  These five challenges are helping me to stay motivated as I kick off Shamrock Half Marathon training, as well as helping me to stay focused on being grateful for all of the wonderful things in my life.  Yes, it takes a little extra time out of my day to be involved in all five challenges, but its almost like a mini preparation for how busy the holidays will likely be.

In fact, since we’ll be out of town Thanksgiving weekend and the weekend after for the Christmas Town Dash 8k, we’re actually planning on putting our Christmas tree up this coming weekend.

Yes, I’m busy, and will continue to be busy during the height of the holiday season, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  And all of these challenges are keeping me motivated to stay on top of my half marathon training, despite how busy things will be during the holidays.

QOTD: How will you stay motivated during the holidays?  How far in advance of Christmas or any other holiday do you start decorating your house?

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16 Responses to How Will You Stay Motivated During the Holidays?

  1. I stay motivated throughout the holiday’s by catching up with people on Instagram, Twitter. I am not participating in any challenges but the challenge posts I see remind me to either stop and be thankful or to get outside and move even though it’s cold! The holidays are so busy it’s important to carve out a little time for yourself! 🙂
    Karen @karenlovestorun

  2. I have no idea when we will put the tree up. Our T’day weekend is completely up in the air and that’s when we usually do it. Thanks for joining my mileage challenge – hope your mileage is going better than mine LOL.

  3. Montana Ross says:

    I’m contemplating starting a piyo group. A friend of mine does beach body and with the cold I need something to keep me motivated, preferably something I can do inside! It helps that I have some races coming up in January, February and March too.

  4. jillconyers says:

    I’m up to my ears in challenges for the holidays haha! Tis the season 🙂

  5. You are one busy girl! Great way to stay motivated throughout the holidays!

  6. Lesley says:

    I’m getting back into a workout routine since being injured and have really enjoyed it. Christmas will be tougher than Thanksgiving because I’ll be out of town, but my parents have a small workout room on their place. I may not be able to run but I can bike.

  7. Chaitali says:

    I’m not doing any of the holiday challenges but I have signed up for several holiday races to keep me motivated and running during the holidays 🙂 Have fun with the challenges!

  8. Jennifer says:

    Very impressed with all the challenges you are participating in! I think I will try the Runners World Run Streak (Mindy’s run streak inspired me). My longest streak so far is 8 days… 30 days + we’ll see how it goes 🙂 I just ordered my Christmas tree from a local elementary school and they will deliver it to me the first week of December. I’ll probably start decorating after Thanksgiving – for some reason I am extra excited about the holidays this year.

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