Weekly Training Log – Week of November 10th

After last week not going as planned, I had planned to kick things into high gear this week, especially since it was my last week before I start half marathon training again.  My enthusiasm was high at the beginning of the week, and I didn’t take my first rest day of the week until Thursday.  I had planned to run on Friday, but errands after work took much longer than planned, and there just wasn’t any time on Saturday.  Three rest days in a row wasn’t the plan, but sometimes, that’s the way things go.

Mon 11/10 – 3.38 mile run around the neighborhood, 0.45 mile cool down walk

Tues 11/11 – 2.75 mile walk with Riley

Wed 11/12 – 35 minutes on the elliptical, kettlebell squat swings, abs, legs, chest, back, arms

Thurs 11/13 – Rest day

Fri 11/14 – Rest day

Sat 11/15 – Rest day

Sun 11/16 – 4.28 mile run around the neighborhood, 0.34 mile cool down walk

Total Weekly Mileage – 14.32 miles

What I am most proud of from this past week was that I pushed myself outside of my comfort zone.  Last fall and winter, I barely ran outside, but yesterday, I pushed myself to run outside, despite it being in the high 30s.  I don’t want to complete all of my long runs on the treadmill this coming winter, and in order to do that I have to push myself outside of my comfort zone.

Yesterday's run was my first colder run of the season.  Here's to more cold weather running!

Yesterday’s run was my first colder run of the season. Here’s to more cold weather running!

My big excitement for the coming week is that today kicks off Shamrock Half Marathon training!  The next 18 weeks will prepare me for half marathon no. 4!  Here goes nothing!

QOTD: Do you prefer to run outside when its cold, or inside on the treadmill?

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20 Responses to Weekly Training Log – Week of November 10th

  1. Life gets busy! I always have to remind myself to go with the flow.
    Running outside is an adjustment! It took me awhile before I knew how to dress, what to expect, etc. It’s great that you are getting used to it so that you won’t have to spend all the time on the treadmill. There are some great winter days (even when it’s cold) to run! 🙂
    Karen @karenlovestorun

  2. Jennifer says:

    Great week, Kathryn! I love it when I get several workouts under my belt for the week before my first rest day. Way to go on pushing yourself outside and embracing the cold weather. I think I tend to run faster in the cold… so I can finish quicker 🙂

  3. Pam says:

    It’s okay to take some extra rest days, but I am excited that you are going to get outside for more runs this winter. After racing in very cold weather Saturday, I realize that the training in all kinds of weather helps tremendously with fighting through the elements on race day. Be sure to find and add some great warm workout clothing to your Christmas list and hopefully Santa will oblige!

  4. Great job Kathryn! And yes…I LOVE running in the cold!!! Of course my cold is no where near what your cold is! But I love being all bundled up and running! 😉

  5. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    I would rather run 13 miles on a treadmill than run outside in under 20 degree weather 🙂 I’m with you!

  6. i hate the treadmill so i always run outside. the key is the right gear and being safe. there were a couple times last winter that it was just too awful (way below freezing – like in the single digits and freezing rain) even for me!

  7. Chaitali says:

    Great job on pushing past your comfort zone and running outside. Last Winter I did a mix of outside runs and treadmill runs and I’ll probably do the same this Winter. I’m planning on signing up with a training group again since I’m less likely to bail that way!

  8. jillconyers says:

    I’m tempted to run on the treadmill when I check the weather during the winter but more times than not I push myself and run outside. Unless there’s ice on the sidewalks and roads. That’s a deal breaker.

  9. Lesley says:

    I mainly use the treadmill during the winter because the wind cuts through so much of my winter gear. I ranted on my blog today because Texas winters just seem so much worse compared to up north, which seems crazy.

  10. Great job on your cold run. I am a wimp when it comes to running in the cold. Although it is always better than the treadmill. You always seem to go further and your paces always increases while running outside.

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