Weekly Training Log – Week of November 3rd

This past week of training didn’t go quite as planned.  Since I was battling a cold for a good part of the week, I decided to take it easy.  Even if I didn’t feel very run down, I knew that working out would likely delay getting over my cold.  It was definitely a mental battle this week, as I tried to not feel guilty about not working out.

feeling guilty

Thank goodness I allowed my body the extra rest it needed, as we spent the weekend out of town in Charlottesville with two good friends.  The four of us enjoyed a weekend of wine tasting and absolutely perfect fall weather.  It was great to get away and relax for a bit.

wine tasting

While away, I did complete one run on the treadmill at the hotel.  It was a bit of a frustrating run though, as the speed kept changing on the treadmill.  Even though it was frustrating, I kept reminding myself that it was better than not working out at all, especially after not being able to workout most of this past week.

Mon 11/3 – Rest day

Tues 11/4 – 30 minutes of yoga

Wed 11/5 – Rest day

Thurs 11/6 – 35 minutes on the elliptical, kettlebell squat swings, abs, glutes

Fri 11/7 – Rest day

Sat 11/8 – Rest day

Sun 11/9 – 3.10 mile treadmill run, 0.27 mile cool down walk

Total Weekly Mileage – 6.59 miles

QOTD: Does anybody else find it frustrating to workout while traveling, especially when you are trying to use poorly maintained gym equipment at hotels?

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17 Responses to Weekly Training Log – Week of November 3rd

  1. Jennifer says:

    I completely understand about poorly maintained gym equipment. Last summer I found myself not using them because it seemed like I would hurt myself (no cushioning at all). Glad you are feeling better and all your C-ville pics were so beautiful!

  2. Feel better soon Kathryn!!! And yes the rest was probably just what your body needed! Don’t feel guilty! 🙂

  3. I’ve learned to just accept the gym equipment at hotels with all the traveling I do. I always try to get outside to run when I can but weather and the location of hotel is always a factor. Glad you are feeling better. It’s so important to get the rest you need so you can perform at your best. Sounds like a great weekend at the winery!

  4. Chaitali says:

    I had a frustrating experience with a hotel gym this weekend too 😦 I’m still not sure how but the treadmill accidentally stopped in the middle of my run. At least it slowed to a stop so I didn’t go flying off or anything but it was still disorienting. I hope you’re feeling better!

  5. Lesley says:

    I always feel that way when I have a cold. For whatever reason, I’ve always thought a cold isn’t really being sick and I just need to keep chugging along. Only when I feel like I’ve been hit by a ton of bricks do I take a day off, which by then means that cold’s gone from bad to worse.

  6. glad you decided to rest a bit and yay for awesome cville weekends. it was a great weekend for wine tasting! i hate hotel gyms for running – i like them for strength training and that’s about it. i usually just run outside when traveling!

  7. So funny both you and Courtney were wine tasting throughout Charlottesville this weekend. If it’s not the dead of winter outside when I travel, that’s where my runs happen.

  8. runsaltrun says:

    Sometimes our bodies deserve a rest so definitely don’t beat yourself up! It sounds like a fun weekend (I love me some wine tasting!).

    And as far as bad hotel gyms are concerned? UGH THE WORST! It sounds like you made do the best you could though!

  9. We very rarely travel anymore unfortunately, but when we do I struggle big time in finding the time. Kids add in an entire different element!

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