November 2014 Monthly Goals

Happy Halloween everybody!  Preston and I are excited to experience another first as new homeowners tonight – passing out candy to trick or treaters.  We’re not sure how Riley is going to react to the constant opening and closing of the front door, so it’ll likely wind up being one of us passing out candy while the other person tries to keep him calm.

In honor of Halloween, here’s a little Flashback Friday for you.  This photo was taken back in 2010, when Preston and I were engaged.  Its hard to believe that that was four years ago!


In regards to my October goals, I successfully met two of them.

oct 2014 goals

1.  Run, walk, and elliptical a total of 60 miles.

Grade: A

Not only did I meet this goal, but I crushed it, logging a total of 69 miles.  I’m beyond amazed that I completed as many miles as I did.

oct 2014 mileage

Absolutely amazed by my October stats!

2.  Practice yoga at least once a week.

Grade: D

I kept up with the goal two out of the four weeks this past month.  Now that I’m not currently in training for a major race, not having time wasn’t the excuse.  However, I think I’ve discovered that part of the problem is that I’m bored with the DVD that I’ve been using.  I need to switch things up in order to be more motivated to practice yoga.

3.  Listen to my body.

Grade: A

When I was tired, I listened, and made those days my rest days, even if they were unplanned rest days.

After a fairly productive October, I’m setting the bar really high for November.  For the first time since August, I’m going to push myself a bit and strive for reaching five goals this coming month.

nov 2014 goals

1.  Run, walk, and elliptical a total of 70 miles.

For the first half of the month I plan to keep my training base up, and then once Shamrock training starts on November 17th I’ll slowly be increasing my long run mileage.  While this goal is only one mile more than my October mileage, October included both an eight mile training run and Army Ten Miler.  My longest run in November will likely be five miles.

2.  Keep up with my cross training once I start training for Shamrock.

While training for Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach I let my cross training go to the wayside.  I don’t want to let that happen during my upcoming training cycle.

3.  Weight train at least twice a week.

Weight training is so important while training for a half marathon.  I want to be sure that I’m making myself as strong as I possibly can for my next big race.

4.  Maintain my weight.

With the holiday season starting at the end of this month, I do want to let unhealthy habits creep in.  While its okay to splurge every once in a while, I don’t want to let all of my good habits get pushed to the side.

5.  Figure out how to rediscover my interest in yoga.

Yoga is super important for so many reasons, and the DVD that I’ve been using hasn’t been motivating me enough.  I need to figure out a way to respark my interest for yoga this month and make yoga a part of my weekly routine again.

QOTD: What are your goals for November?

As always, thank you to the DC Trifecta Bloggers (Courtney from Eat Pray Run DC, Mar from Mar on the Run, and Cynthia from You Signed Up For What?!) for hosting the weekly Friday Five Link Up.  Be sure to check out their posts as well!


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39 Responses to November 2014 Monthly Goals

  1. Great goals Kathryn!!!! I have been thinking about yoga a lot lately…I need to start it!

  2. Great picture! It is So important to keep cross training even between training cycles! I know I need to be more dedicated to that myself! Have a happy first halloween in your new place! -M

  3. Chaitali says:

    I love the throwback Halloween photo. Great job on meeting those 2 goals! I’m working on maintaining my weight in the Holiday season too. It seems like there are treats everywhere I look from Halloween to New Year’s.

  4. Cute picture of the two of you. I wish I could find my love for yoga too. Maybe now that it’s cooling off I will go to some classes. Happy Halloween. Enjoy your night!

  5. I love reading about people’s goals! Now that my goal half marathon is over, I also want to get back to yoga. I usually do short sessions of gentle/restorative yoga a few times a week, but I’d like to get back into Ashtanga at least once a week.

  6. Lesley says:

    Same with me and yoga. I have a few DVDs but I never want to put them in. I need to get back to yoga somehow.

  7. Pam says:

    Love your Halloween photo! Maybe you should try to attend a Yoga class at a studio nearby. This might get you motivated to practice it a little more. My goal for November is recover from MCM and work out a plan for Boston with my coach. Can’t believe that is the next marathon on my race calendar!

  8. slimsanity says:

    glad you did well on listening to your body. 🙂 so important!

  9. Great goals, Kathryn! And cute photo of you and Preston 🙂

    My November goals are to enjoy taper and then run a 26.2 PR…and then be a lazy bum. 🙂

  10. haleyduke17 says:

    I don’t know if you’re familiar with, but I would suggest trying that to spark your yoga interest. I love it and it allows me to focus on specific body parts and/or styles of yoga and even has tutorials to perfect certain postures or sequences. Definitely check it out to see for yourself. There’s a free trial period too!
    Good luck with your November goals.

  11. Great goals! and how exciting your first trick or treating experience as homeowners. so awesome!

  12. Great goals! My main goal this month – outside of fitness – is making time for meditation at least 3x per week.

  13. Jennifer says:

    Have a great time meeting new neighbors when the tricker treaters come by! I wonder are the popular costumes for kids nowadays – Frozen?

  14. Congrats on logging 69 miles! Impressive!! Have you ever heard of They have online classes in a variety of styles that range anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour. It’s 9.99 each month – I signed up a few months ago and really don’t use it as much as I should, but it’s great having it as an option! November is a weird month for me in that I normally have all my goals ready for the first of the month…but not this month! I need to sit down and take some time for that tomorrow.

  15. I don’t know if you have access to a yoga class, but I find those so much better than yoga DVDs. I get so distracted at home, and it’s so easy to just stop whenever. I do love my yoga classes, though!

  16. Lauren says:

    Great month of training, and I know you will be able to accomplish your goals for this month! Definitely try to get a new yoga DVD, I feel like out of all the exercise DVDs there are, yoga seems to get the most boring/repetitive if you are only using one DVD. I have an app for my iPhone called Yoga Studio that has numerous different videos and you can create your own sequences from the videos or they have set exercises. I really finds it comes in handy.

  17. jillconyers says:

    I enjoy reading goal recaps. It’s inspiring! Love what you’re going to accomplish in Nov.

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  19. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    My goals for November is to really cut back on the running and focus on strength training. It’s going to be hard for me because I hate the weight room at the gym, but it MUST happen.

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