2014 Army Ten Miler Review

Yesterday I shared my recap of the 2014 Army Ten Miler, but what I didn’t get to discuss yesterday were the pros and cons of this iconic race.  My recap started getting lengthy.  I also wanted to be sure that I shared my final thoughts on this race, without taking away from how significant and meaningful this race was for me.

As with any other race, there were both pros and cons.  Some of the pros included:

  • Low registration cost (I don’t remember the exact cost, but compared to other DC races its very reasonable)
  • Well manned water stops, with both members of the military and civilian volunteers
  • Plenty of volunteers all around
  • Plenty of porta potties in the start and finish line areas
  • Race started on time, and each corral started at the published time
  • Plenty of medical stops along the course
  • Very patriotic race which helps you appreciate what the military and our veterans have done for our country
This guy was so inspirational.  Somehow he had the energy to run and play patriotic music!

This guy was so inspirational. Somehow he had the energy to run and play patriotic music!

  • Great course (very scenic and takes you past some of DC’s prized landmarks, including the Lincoln Memorial and along Independence Avenue on the National Mall)
The energy running along  Independence Avenue was absolutely amazing!

The energy running along Independence Avenue was absolutely amazing!

  • Great crowd support, especially along Independence Avenue and at the finish line
  • Finisher coin instead of a more traditional medal (keeps with Army tradition)

finishers coin

  • The issues from last year involving the security checkpoint at the start line seemed to have been resolved, as there was no wait to get to the corrals

No race is perfect though.  Some of the cons included:

  • Several issues with the race shirts (they out of various sizes at the expo by mid afternoon on Saturday, despite having to select a size at registration, and the tech material was of very poor quality)
  • The expo is no frills, and there is very little variety when it comes to official merchandise
The sparse official merchandise area

The sparse official merchandise area

  • No easily accessible walkway to get to designated corrals (had to walk through corral 4 in order to get to corrals 1-3)
  • Corrals were not enforced
  • Bags get left at the start line and aren’t moved to the finish line, so you freeze as you either wait for the shuttle or walk back to the start
  • Not enough food for slower runners (partly resulted from runners being greedy)

For me, the pros outweighed the cons.  You can bet that when registration for the 2015 race opens up that I’ll be trying to secure my spot in next year’s race!

QOTD: If you ran the Army Ten Miler, what are your thoughts on the race?  Would you run ATM again?

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20 Responses to 2014 Army Ten Miler Review

  1. Coco says:

    Usually they do enforce the corrals, but honestly, people know the rules, if they break them I think it’s more on them than the race organizers — but it is annoying!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Always feel bad for the back of the pack runners b/c I use to be one of them (and for some races still part of that group). I suppose the volunteers are trained, but probably difficult for them to enforce? It would be nice if they packaged the goodies like MCM or Pacers. Wow the expo was really sparse! I remember one time it was larger. I wonder if fees were higher, or vendors are choosing MCM vs. ATM>

    • Often times, I am one of the back of the packers too. Luckily, I finished this race fast enough to get some food, but I feel so bad for those who didn’t have any food waiting for them at the finish line. It wouldn’t definitely be nice if the food was prepackaged.

  3. Katrina says:

    I hope to do this race one day – way to go girl!

  4. Sounds like a great race despite the cons. Hopefully they will fix those for the next year!

  5. True it was a long walk to the colored corrals but over all I felt a really well organized race. I love the crowd feeling. The course is not my favorite. I don’t like running on the highway at the end. I thought the shirt was ok for a free shirt

  6. Lesley says:

    As Jennifer said, post-race food should be packaged and then each runner gets one, and only one. I always make sure to take one of each food selection, and if there are enough choices, it’s enough to get me back to either my home or hotel room.

  7. I sooo want to do this race at some point. Every time I hear about it I think why didn’t I plan for that this year!! great overview too!

  8. Angela says:

    Great! No race is perfect and it sounds like they hit the most important things in my book!

  9. army 10 miler is still on my list. i think that outside of MCM the military race expos just are smaller. we experienced the same thing with navy air force.

  10. Sounds like a great race. Looking forward to runnning some of that course during MCM.

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