2014 Dulles Day 10k on the Runway Recap

This race was one of those experiences that I’ll never forget.

Photo Credit: Potomac River Running

Photo Credit: Potomac River Running

Last Saturday, Preston and I ran the Dulles Day 10k on the Runway.  After running the 5k last year, I was very excited when I found out that a 10k option was added this year.  After an unforgettable experience last year, this year didn’t disappoint.

In order to prevent race morning stress, we opted to pick up our packets the day before the race.  Packet pickup was held at a local hotel, and we were in and out of the hotel in less than five minutes.  This isn’t unusual for Potomac River Running races, which is one of the many reasons that we love running races that are hosted by this local running store.

The race utilized a different runway than last year’s race.  Last year the race started and ended on the north end of the airport, and we had to park in a remote parking lot near economy parking at the airport.  This led to major backups, and a delay in the start of the race.  This year, the race started and ended at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, which is on the south end of the airport.  Parking in the museum parking lot went very smoothly, and I hope that if they host this race again next year (this year was only the second year for the race), that they use the same course that they did this year.

After arriving at the museum and going through security, we quickly utilized the bathrooms in the museum lobby, and then made our way through the museum out towards the start line.  I’ve never been to this museum before, and was fascinated by the old airplanes that we got to see as we made our way outside.  It was a great way to set the scene for the race!


The 5k started ten minutes before the 10k did.  At 7:40 a.m., the 10k runners started the race, and within less than a mile we made our way onto the runway.  Because the majority of the race was on the runway, the course was extremely flat.  The course was an out and back course, and we spent the majority of our time running alongside the terminal.  This was one of the most fun races that I’ve run recently!


runway 2

Although I was sick, the adrenaline of running on an airport runway fueled me to run this race to the best of my ability.  I ran the first four miles on the conservative side, utilizing 3:1 run-walk intervals, enjoying the race and taking lots of pictures.  Since I was still feeling fairly good, I decided to increase my intervals to 4:1 for the last two miles of the race, and successfully met my B goal, just missing my A goal by nine seconds!  I finished the race in 1:08:11, PRing by more than two minutes!

As you can see, Preston and I both had a blast running on the runway! Photo Credit: Potomac River Running

As you can see, Preston and I both had a blast running on the runway!
Photo Credit: Potomac River Running

This race is one of those races that I’ll definitely be running again.  Between the flat course, the great race organization, and the scenic course, it was another memorable day and a race that definitely won’t be forgotten!

post race

dulles day 10k medal

QOTD: What unique race course have you recently run on?

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38 Responses to 2014 Dulles Day 10k on the Runway Recap

  1. Jennifer says:

    I love that picture of you flying!!! Congrats on the (what is now a legacy) PR 🙂 I haven’t been to the new Air & Space Museum so that would be a bonus before/after the run.

  2. Amy Lauren says:

    Congrats on your PR! I love how the bib and medal say PR even though I know that means Potomac Running, it is an appropriate acronym, hehe. The pic of you flying and the medal are really cool and the fact that it was near that museum so people could enjoy that after the race and make a day out of it. An out and back course that’s flat is a great way to PR too!

  3. Chaitali says:

    I love that they changed it this year to start at the museum! It sounds like such a fun race and it’s nice that they have both the 10k and 5k options. I hope they do this one again next year.

  4. What a fun race! And great pictures! Congrats on your PR!!!

  5. This race seems oddly intrigueing to me. Have always wanted to do this one

  6. Angela says:

    What fun!!! I’m bookmarking this for the future.
    I haven’t run anywhere too very exciting. I had a triathlon over the weekend that had kayaking so that was fun. I also did the ABS Bike-a-thon in South Jersey. It starts in Philly and you bike over the Ben Franklin Bridge to get to NJ. That was REALLY cool!

  7. MB says:

    That is super cool running on a runway! WOW! Can’t top that!

  8. Cute photos of you two! Sounds like a really fun and unique race. Congrats on a new PR as well! 🙂

  9. Kelly says:

    This makes me so jealous! SO happy you did a recap on this race. I was procastinating and didn’t decide to sign up until the Wed. before – by then it had sold out! What an awesome race course, so cool. Great job!

  10. I ran the Daytona beach half marathon last year, which had a unique course! You start in the Daytona race track, run around the whole thing, exit the track and run to the beach, then finish at the finish line of the track! They even had the food and post-race festivities in the infield of the track. It was really memorable and a fun race!

  11. What a neat course. I don’t think I have ran any unique courses. Great job! Cool medal!

  12. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    That looks really cool, although I would worry that I would get pretty bored. But it would be cool to run on the tarmac. Congrats on ANOTHER PR!!

  13. yeah, my concern is the same as sue’s — you didn’t get bored running there? i guess not, since you had a great race and seemed to love it!

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